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I want a BMW 3 Series!
Friday. 5.25.07 4:45 pm


Bid4prizes is a very unique site where you can bid for the prize that you want. It is a lot of fun. The object of the “game” is to have the lowest unique bid. The starting bid is one cent. The wining bid could be any price as long as it is unique. For example if you bid $1.03 and your bid is the lowest unique bid then you win.

The BEST part is that if you win the prize, you do not pay the amount of your bid. You get the prize for free! That is right. If your bid was $500.23 for a brand new BMW you win that BMW for FREE!!! Bid4prizes even pays the shipping!

I have my eye set on wining the RED BMW 3 series. I want a new car that is sporty and classy. The BMW 3 series will satisfy both needs. I am tired of driving the soccer mobile! I want STYLE!!

lowest bid

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Payperpost by Kirei
Friday. 2.23.07 4:54 pm
I read about payperpost from Kirei's blog. I became interested when I saw that you could earn money through this affiliate program. I am always looking for new ways to increase traffic to my blog as well as making some cold hard cash!

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If you give your boss a BRAIN...
Friday. 2.23.07 10:17 pm
Have any of you read the book, "If you give a pig a pancake" or the book "if you give a mouse a cookie"? Well, they are the same principle and that is what I want to blog about today.

My boss is soooo stupid. This is the reason why I HATE my job. She gives me MORE work when I ask for help and just does not make logical decisions. She creates more work for everyone involved. Just today she asked me to open my office when I am scheduled to be closed. She said because it is close to the deadline that I need to keep my office open. Well all the applications are ONLINE why would anyone be walking in the door on a day that we are ALWAYS scheduled to be closed?????? "IF YOU GIVE YOUR BOSS A BRAIN"

Then she comes parading into my office with 5 students telling me, with this huge smile on her face, Kahea, I brought you some students to apply for scholarships.. (ok, I am helping one student on the computer and one on the phone, I cant talk to you right now) I said, "ok, I will be right there, when I am done on the phone."

She then tells these rowdy student, "would you like a donut? We have donuts next door." Well, these donuts were purchased by some of us as a TREAT to all the office workers. It was a perk or benefit for the workers not for her to give away at her liberty. She didnt even buy them.

She then comes back with these donuts that she did not buy and says, "here you go, a donut AND a scholarship" Huh? You dont get a donut for applying for a scholarship. What about the 1200 other people that applied? You got a donut for them too??!! "IF YOU GIVE YOUR BOSS A BRAIN"

On top of that, one of the students came back and said, "Can I have another donut" You see what I mean.... "If you give a mouse a cookie"???

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Put your money where your mouth is
Thursday. 5.31.07 11:59 pm
PPP Direct has been launched.

PPP Direct

I recently got approved by pay per post. I have been trying for quite sometime and with Kirei’s help, it finally happened!!! Now PayperPost has launched PPP Direct. Similar programs like ReviewMe keeps up to half of your earnings. Unlike ReviewMe, PPP Direct only charges you a 10% fee. You are in control with how much you would like to charge for your blog. If the advertiser likes what they see, they will send you and email. At this point you can negotiate your price. With Payperpost there is a limit to the amount of opportunities made available to bloggers. With PPP Direct there is no such limit. You can get hired to do as many posts as you desire. I personally don’t feel that my blogging skills are quite up to par however, I am sure that I am not the bottom of the pool.

There are many advertisers out there that want to hire GOOD bloggers. Getting hired by advertisers mean you meet the high quality standard of blogging. I have been blogging for many years on myspace and for about 8 months on Nutang. I have been trying to find the right niche and style of blogging. Of course I will still maintain blogging about my personal life but I also want to improve the quality of my blogs for a small amount of money.

There are people who have hobbies and there are people who get paid to have fun. If you enjoy or have fun blogging , PPP Direct will pay you to have “fun”. I spend many hours on Nutang reading other blogs. I also visit other blogs on blogger.com. I joined Payperpost and PPP Direct because why should I get paid so little for blogging so much!?

To learn more about the program click HERE

get paid to blog

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PPP Love
Friday. 6.1.07 8:01 pm

I have been a member of PPP for only two weeks and I just totally LOVE it. I found out about it from Kirei on Nutang. I saw the potential to make a little extra income so I definitely wanted in!

My daughter is turning 17 on Tuesday and I was in need of some extra cash. I really wanted to make her birthday special so my bf and I bought her a brand new 7.2MP Panasonic Luminix camera with a 1GB SD memory card. That money I already had but I need money for the movies or something a little extra.

Since I joined PPP I have made a total of $28.00. That is perfect! That is exactly what I needed to add a little more fun to her special day! Thank you PayPerPost!!!

blog reviews

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