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From Women For Women
Tuesday. 11.28.06 12:46 pm
All women want to know the key to success. How do we define ourselves in society? Well, an article I read, written by Barbara Moss, answers such questions.

A survey was conducted. Included in this survey were accomplished, university-educated women in their late 30s to mid-50s. Some held senior positions in business, government and the not-for-profit and cultural sectors. Some had left marquee jobs to pursue a passion -- start a business, write or follow other personal interests. These were the top 5 answers.

1. Know yourself. This knowledge is the foundationf for making effective career and life decisions. If your job does not require your best skills or calls for you to act like someone you aren't, find another role.

2. Act on what is most important to you. Refuse to put on the back burner the things you care deeply about. Make a date with yourself at the end of each week and ask: What did I learn? Which of my values are being met? Looking to the future: How can I make my work a better fit with what I need? Don't drift. Make conscious decisions. Defend your personal time aggressively. Start thinking about the legacy you want to leave.

3. Maintain your integrity Stay firm on the issues that go to the core of what you believe in.

4. Distinguish between the big issues and the smaller ones Ask yourself, "Is this really important?" As tempting as it can be to let it rip, consider the consequences. Similarly, be open to influence.

5. Dont make work the centerpiece of your identity Many survey respondents regretted having put their work before their personal lives and having made too many sacrifices for their jobs. You can't cuddle or giggle with your job at the end of the day.

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Back to work
Friday. 5.4.07 4:25 pm
Well, my back is all healed and I am now ready to go back to war, I mean work! I am not too enthusiastic about it but I am ready. I have had a nice long break. I even began slacking on my school work as well. I guess I was so over worked that I was enjoying not doing anything at all.

So today, I am off to the dentist for two hours. I do not like going to the dentist therefore when I do go, they have to get everything done while I am in that chair, because once I get up, I am not coming back for another year!! ha ha!

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Put in my time
Saturday. 1.20.07 7:48 pm
watching: nutang homepage
listening to: traffic outside my window
mood: exausted

I have been working like a dog during my vacation and I still have work piling up! I was thinking of going in to work tomorrow (sunday) just to catch up. Of course nobody will know that I am there therefore I will not get paid for it but I will have peace of mind at work on monday.

Is this a bad idea? Will this bring down my value at my job? Will my boss take me for granted even more because I did work for free??

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Tuesday. 1.23.07 12:50 pm
I was out yesterday because I was so depressed. I was suppose to be in hawaii with my family. They called me to tell me that they missed me there and I was the only one in the family that didnt make it. I was trying to hide the fact that I was crying. So I said, Fuck work for a day because I need to cry this one out.

I ended up working for one hour at home just so that I would not have so much work to do when I get back. I get back today and people want to know why my office hours changed. It changed becuase they fired the person that was helping me. I cannot keep those hours and do the work of two people. This place is KILLING ME! I make sacrifices and work from home and now this. Oh it gets better! An old student worker of mine that I sold my sidekick 2 to that never paid me came in yesterday to talk to my boss complaining about the scholarship she put on the system and has not heard anything. I communicated with this person and even moved her file ahead of a pile of students in line ahead of her. She was here in front of me when I processed her file. Then she has her nerve to complain to my boss about me not processing her scholarship on time. WTF!!!


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Two steps forward, One step backward
Tuesday. 2.6.07 12:53 am
As you already know I am drowning at my job and I am doing the work of 2 people. Well anyhow, the deadline is getting near and I finally have someone to help me on a temporary basis and she is working out great. One day after she started helping me, the programmer accidently deleted 200 plus records from my database!!! It took him 2 hours to figure who they were just so that he could compile a list.

Well, my son is also sick with a 103 degree fever! I am freaking out. I need to stay in control here!

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I want a buff bod!
Wednesday. 2.7.07 5:41 pm

Weight Training 101

The Basics

If you're setting up your own program, you'll need to know some basic strength training principles. These principles will teach you how to make sure you're using enough weight, determine your sets and reps and insure you're always progressing in your workouts.

Overload: If you want to get stronger, you need to use more resistance than your muscles are used to. This is important because the more you do, the more your body is capable of doing, so you should increase your workload to avoid adaptation. In plain language, this means you should be lifting enough weight that you can ONLY complete the desired number of reps. You should be able to finish your last rep with difficulty but also with good form.
Progression. In order to avoid plateaus (or adaptation), you need to increase your intensity. With strength training, you can do this by increasing the amount of weight lifted, increasing the sets/reps, increasing or changing the exercises you're doing and/or change the rest intervals between sets. You can also change the order of your exercises. This means increasing your intensity every week.

Specificity. This principle states that the way your body adapts to exercise depends on the type of exercise you're doing. That means, if you want to increase your strength, your program should be designed around that goal. To gain strength and mass, you want to train with heavier weights closer to your 1 RM (1 rep max). If you want to build endurance and strength, you'll want to stick with lighter weights and a rep range of 8-12.
Rest and Recovery. Rest days are just as important as workout days. It is during these rest periods that your muscles grow and change, so make sure you're not working the same muscle groups 2 days in a row.

Before you get started on setting up your routine, keep a few key points in mind:

Always warm up before you start lifting weights. This helps get your muscles warm and prevent injury. You can warm up with light cardio or by doing a light set of each exercise before going to heavier weights.
Lift and lower your weights slowly. Don't use momentum to lift the weight. If you have to swing to get the weight up, chances are you're using too much weight.
Breathe. Don't hold your breath and make sure you're using full range of motion throughout the movement.

Stand up straight! If your mother could see you now, she'd probably slap a book on your head. Pay attention to your posture and keep everything straight. Engage your abs in every movement you're doing to keep your balance and protect your spine.

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What a kick ass day~
Monday. 2.12.07 4:27 pm
Today is the first day of the semester at the community college where I work. Parking is so super bad! You have students parking in staff spaces and blocking traffic on the street because they want to save money on parking.

I am in my office today by myself and I feel like I am tumbling in a washing machine. ha ha!

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The highlight of my day
Tuesday. 2.13.07 1:16 pm
You know how I have been saying that I am drowning in my work and how much I hate working under these conditions? Well, today I heard the BEST news. I heard from the Vice Presidents secretary that my boss made an ASS out of herself at the meeting while talking about my program. She made it very clear to ALL the deans on campus that she does not know anything about what I do or about how the program is run. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Sigh! What a great day!

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