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There has never been a sadness that can't be cured by breakfast foods.
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My life is a job fair
Sunday. 8.21.11 10:27 am
long month.

I've worked 8/9 hours everyday for the past 3 weeks. I'm exhausted. However, once that paycheck comes, hopefully it'll be enough to put me in a place where I won't be stressing so much over money, and I'll have money in my savings.

At the current moment, I work at Borders helping them close down the store (1), The Museum as Cashier (2) Gallery Host (3) Call Center (4) and Museum Store (5) and I am being interviewed on Thursday to join the Membership Team (6), ALong with being a Substitute Teacher (7 though that doesn't really begin until monday...) and I also just accepted a job at the local comic book store (8).

Obviously, I need to prioritize my life. It's gotten to the point where my feet constantly ache and I don't remember who my friends are. Ok, it's not that bad, but the sake of my sanity I think I need to quit at least one or two jobs. What I'm hoping is that I'll keep the new Comic Book Store job (7.25 an hour) and the Membership job (9.50 an hour) and then be able to Sub on my days off M-F (65 a day). It'll keep me busy, but the contacts I'll be able to make through the membership depart will help me advance (hopefully) and the Comic Store job is more or less what I'd actually want to do with my life. My dream job is to open a children's bookstore one day. (...sigh :)...) Substituting is simply an awesome job and It's extra money. If I can't open my bookstore then my plan is to get into Grad School so that I can become a librarian somewhere.

So good things are happening. I'm working off my federal loan from school, I have 3 very good jobs lined up, and I'm in my own apartment that I feel awesome in. I'm simply stressed out right now from trying to keep up so many jobs. Honestly, i'm only keeping Borders on the meny because I'm hiding a book or two from myself and if I can keep working there for two more weeks, I can purchase a 30.00$ book for 8.50$.

Ah, well. Such is life.

On the other hand, i'm making progress on my dad's birthday afghan. I hope he likes it. Though it won't be nearly as done as i'd like it to be by the 23.

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Borders Books and Music
Saturday. 8.6.11 8:52 am
I have a good feeling about today.

I woke up early, the sun was up, my cat was purring, and I have a lunch date at one. Worse things have happened.

I'm thinking that today I'll clean up around the house that way when I come home it'll be to a clean and organized home.

Working at Borders during the shut down has been crazy. On the one hand - 40 hours a week for the next month will help immensely. On the other hand the customers range anywhere from the honestly worried about us (some have even offered us jobs...) to the rude. I've heard everything from"Why can't you look up this book? You should know where everything is. You know...you're the reason that this store is closing." to "What do you mean I can't use my coupons anymore? Well, you know what? Tomorrow i'm still going to exist, and you won't have a job - so there." to having people literally scream at us from across the store about "how dare we close the store at 10 pm, I guess I'll just have to take my business elsewhere since we obviously don't know how to run a going out of business sale." On the other hand, I've really started to enjoy my job now that i'm out of Cafe. However, I'm not going to lie the management team is pretty much in the gutter. There's really only one or two who conduct themselves like real management. The rest all kinda bicker amongst themselves and make working there something to dread. Oh well, the experience can only help.

My Dad and Brother may be coming up for a visit. August 13th is a maybe. I'm excited. They haven't seen my new abode and I think they'd like it. We'll see if they really can come or not though.

Ok, I guess that's it.

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nothing intresting.
Thursday. 8.4.11 2:04 pm
Dad is having an aboslutely AWFUL time being fired. My brother isn't helping the situation. Only help i've been? Talking. I let my dad talk and don't say anything back but 'yes' and 'uh-huh' and that seems to help him.

I have a long list of knitting to accomplish before christmas time.
Pri: scarf (pink and brown)
Aldo: Celtic Knot Hat (green? brown?)
Emily: Baby Cabled Blanket (white?/yellow?/green?)
Chelsea: Wedding Garter (navy blue/lime green)
Dad: Sorry You've Lost You're Job Afghan (blue?/white?/black?/green?)
Jaden: Cat Mittens (blue) Cat Hat (blue)
Zanzibar: Scarf?/Hat?/Gloves? (no clue...)
aaaaahhhh! Lots o knitting!

Thiings to bake for Book Club meeting:
Root Beer Float Cupcake
Champagne and Berry Cupcake
Sausage and Potatoe Stew

Also, I've decided that the next time I actually can (when I have ya know....MONEY....) I'd like to take a vacation at the Georgia Aquarium. The largest in the contenital US. They have Whale Sharks and Belugas! (Belugas are my favorite!) I'm also in the market for a table. The kind that starts out seating 4 but you can add a leaf that will allow it to seat 6. That way there's always room for a game of Monopoly, or Pictionary. Because what's the point of living in an apartment by yourself if you don't have room to play Monopoly.

I don't know what to do about my job situation. I feel kinda lost. However, I start subbing on the 22nd so I will be really greateful for THAT paycheck.

Also, i'm watching House right now. The patient is basically exploding with blood. I can't stop watching because I need to know what happens...but i'm also incredibly disgusted.

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Midnight in Paris
Saturday. 7.30.11 12:48 am

Date night tonight. Almost felt like a first. Weird. Wonderful...but weird.

Saw the movie Midnight in Paris. EVERYONE should watch this movie. It's hilarious and the whole movie is a cultural bat in the face. It's awesome. Well...I thought it was money well spent in any case.

But, nothing in life is ever perfect, and tonight wasn't an exception. However, I suppose everyone is entitled to their opinions and there's simply no helping that.

Paris. The city's history and mystery, it's culture and atomosphere. *sigh* When I was young I always said I wanted to spend a year or two in France. Enough to always love it, but not so much that I would grow immune to it's charms. Somewhere between that little girl and the one who sits here wrighting this, that dream got put into a box and put on a shelf filled with memorbelia from my youth. Perhaps it doesn't have to be that way though. Perhaps it's time to look through that box and re-evaluate what really belongs in there or not. Perhaps things really aren't always as they seem.

Can't wait to start subbing. I guess mostly so that I can finally make enough money to get ahead of my bills. Once that happens...so many doors will open. I've thought about moving my degree over into publishing. I'm not sure where to begin there - but it sounds neat on paper. I'm starting to be ever so slightly hopeful. I've been psyching myself out because I'm not where I thought I would be. However, what's done is done, can't be undone and there's nowhere left to go but foward. I'm not dead and I feel I have alot of potential left in me. Well, maybe not alot but at least enough to get the important things that I want in life.

I love my little apartment. The living room is a teal called Peacock Feather and that's exactly what it resembles. I can't wait to get slip covers for my futon and a table to play games on. I may swing by Goodwill soon to see if they have anything in the table department. My bedroom thus far is still the plain ol' apartment beige and kind of plain. I think i'll paint it a really pretty jeweled purple. Green sheets for my bed. I want to paint my flea market dresser white. I want something on it though - i'm not sure what. I've thought of painting a saying on it - or perhaps pasting some pictures of places i'd like to go or something the like. I don't know.

I also have a smallish porch. It faces a busy street so it's not like I have a view or anything. But, it's a porch. I have two stools out there now. I want a blind that I can roll up and down, and maybe some hanging candles in colored jars. I already have some balcony planters and while it's almost going to be winter, perhaps there's still some time left to plant a little something. Spruce things up.

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