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frostbitten/ can't stop the gods from engineering
picture day EDITED!!!
Thursday. 9.14.06 3:55 pm
It was picture day today. Hmm..i think i looked ok. Lol i think? Haha

I'm too lazy to bLog so let's just say today was another good day. :D

Probably because i was wearing my lucky g-string. Bwhahahaha

Wazzup Nutang-ers?! :D Ima comment on ur bLogs uh X hours from now. :D


My e-husband who doesn't know he's my e-husband e-talked to me! :DDDD

Oh my lucky lucky g-string... ♥

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pLayin with fire UPD8D!
Wednesday. 9.13.06 5:09 pm
It's funny how i met my first pinoy friend in Aquinas:

I was in the library, going emo and all that, remembering my friends and all the illegal things we used to do during lunch time (haha!:D)

When all of a sudden, the whole building was like, WHOooooOOOOooOOooOoowwhhHHhhOOOooOOOoooO!!!! Omigawd, i was frantically grabbing my stuff and asked the person nearest to me, who miraculously was a Pinay, and asked, "HEi what's happening!?!"

And her reply was, "Oh! Hi, i'm Rose. This is a fire drill. You can follow me. :)"

So i did follow her and we made the introductions and all. (See, she was surprised i was from the Philippines!) And then when we got out of the building, i was hesitant to still follow her coz i was thinking what if she was part of that snobby group I was dreading to face but...she wasn't. Whew! And then she introduced me to another Pinoy and 2 other indians [One was from one of my classes and the other one was new to Canada too! :)]

:D If u've followed my blog, u probably know that i'm happy as hell right now. :D

And maybe, just maybe, things will change...



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Okei......................... O_o

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police police police!!!
Tuesday. 9.12.06 3:03 pm
Okay, we had assembly today...all about the school uniform and all that crap about bullying, stealing, assault...*Sheesh... we're talking serious here...*

What, is this still a school?!

See, there was a policeman present in the assembly. And starting tomorrow, he'll be roving around the school!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!??!?! O_O

I'm like. Whoa. This is it. I mean, this is a policeman. Not a friggin security guard anymore. Tsk.



Okei, i'm freaking out!!!! [breathes in]
Ok, i'm not. relax. relax. relax....

guess what?! I was browsing my Multiply...and then I discovered my teachers had accounts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I soooo cannot cross-post my entries to Multiply anymore. Tsk3. Whooooo....!

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~not ur ordinary emo entry~
Monday. 9.11.06 2:45 pm

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watching: pics of mah bff's...scattered all over the world.
listening to: see right through you - mobile
mood: sentimental
ok, i was browsing the net & stumbled upon some picS of my friendships there...[breathes in] this is NOT an EMO entry!

my musicbff...*sniff* we sooo love the same music...[rockers til death!\m/]
Currently in Manila - capital of Pinas...She's the cutie one in the right side (last) :)

this is my ever-understanding seatmate in the phils. She is in NY! :D my personal psychiatrist!XD

the one on the left...my closest "literally" friend here in Canada...we have never met here in canada but i am sooo looking forward to meeting her! XD we were just emailing & i already feel close to her. :D

princess! (the human lol) one of my bff's...i feel closer to her now that i'm here... [she's in california. ;d]

and to all the others i've been missing ever since i breathed canadian air. :O
You know who you are.

Gawd,it makes me miss u guys even more...*sob*


if u didn't read my note ;p

silver-dot: i think i already replied to u..lol

etheracide: i dneirf-ed you! :D

Le_Jes: i know. :( sad how some people think it's like the last resort...
*suddenly thinking of paparoach's last resort* XDDD

hikarixgaki: lol don't worry abt the accent! lol i'll give u lessons! bwahahha (btw, i'm not tagalog. lol i'm from cebu. :D)
The suicidal thing? sucks! i hope that guy died. Wasting everybody else's time. Esp MY TIME! Phht..!

The-Muffin-Man: we can be as brutal as we want to! >:O we soooo have all the rights in the world! i know i'm being evil again too, but deep inside, i'm hoping that guy dies...ok, too evil...let him suffer for thinking that. Just wouldn't do any good. He wasn't even that old! Like, he's in his mid-30s or something..!
Abt the Phils. comment, :D, it's so true! My dad was thinking the same thing! But he added shooting the guy before pushing him! XD
I respect ur faith in not having faith...uh..ok that was confusing.. :/
Honeymoon?! O_o LMFAO! XDDDDDDD


====updated my "archives" page. click here!

====checked www.EverydayVids.com ;P

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"Papercut my heart in half and discard the evidence. x"

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