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Age. 34
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. A European Medley!
Location Radomyshl, Ukraine
School. Seattle Pacific Univ
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Ice Blue eeeeeeeyes
Thursday. 8.28.03 3:38 pm
I'm listening to my Rurouni Kenshin soundtrack... and you know what that means! Yes, I am indeed in full-on Anime mode!

Dude, I can hardly keep myself speaking english...

Anyway, I uploaded a new chapter to Guy's Weekend on Fanfiction.com so check that out if you please.


erg... must go print more Ken/Kao pictures for my notebook...

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Sunday. 8.24.03 6:08 pm
I'm listening to Sash... and you know what that means! I'm irrepressibly perky! No, no, you perverts not like that... -.- Well, I went school supply shopping today (only my absolute favorite form of shopping). I don't know what it is about new office supplies... but they're so much fun! Maybe it's the smell... hey... they make "new car smell" in a can... why not "new pencil smell" or "fresh paper smell"? Hmmm...

Now my job gets even more fun! I get to print all new Orlie and Kenshin pictures to paste on all my notebooks WOOOHOOO!!



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If this ain't love... why does it feel so good?
Saturday. 8.23.03 5:16 pm
I'm listening to DJ Spiller, and you know what that means! I'm feeling funkalicious. Oh yeah... Today I was in this ghetto Family Fun parade my city has every year before school starts. I got to dress up like a nerd and wave like Miss America! wooo fun fun... NOT... and THEN I *get* to walk all the way home... and let me tell you, it's not a beautiful day in my neighborhood... hee hee I forgot to tell you what happened yesterday... I went to Wild Waves! which ordinarily would suck like crazy (and it kinda did)... but my brother streaked! WOO hahaha... not like he really understands whats wrong with it, he has Downs Syndrome. But it was still funny as hell looking back... my mom screaming and running (or waddling rather) out of the wave pool to put a towel around him... ah good times ~much love

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You got the body now you want my soul?
Thursday. 8.21.03 6:30 pm
I'm listening to Hall and Oates! And you know what that means! I'm feeling smoooooth hahaha and corny too apparantly... well, I started a new fanfic today... Hooray for Rurouni Kenshin!

Kenshin- Why thank you!

Me- Oh no problem buddy... ahhh!! Kenshin! What are you doing in my inner most thoughts?

Kenshin- I live here remember?

Me- Oh right...

Kenshin- So you'll be wanting that massage now?

Me- Hold up a minute, I'm typing here...

Kenshin- ::wink::

Umm... I don't have a lot to say really... things haven't exactly been busy around here... My kit-kins is doing pretty good, I'm going to be in a parade on Saturday, um... and I might be adopting a doggy soon...

More as these stories develop!

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Damnit... I can't understand these people
Tuesday. 8.19.03 7:19 pm
I'm listing to Chicane! And you know what that means! Thats right! I'm in a state enlightened peace u_u ::ohms:: and for good reason... I've come to a very interesting part in my book AND I am currently making a huge step in my spiritual life.

I am, right here and right now, about to state what has been growing to a point in my mind for the past few years- I no longer see the Christian religion as the one true faith. In fact, I plan to leave my church for a period of study and meditation. Hopefully I shall, in this time, figure things out for myself completely.

::sigh:: Now I plan to lapse into the state of guilt and confusion which inevitably faces one who has been raised toward a certain ideaology and plans to abandon it.

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We'll crucify the insincere tonight...
Monday. 8.18.03 6:34 pm
I'm listening to Smashing Pumkins, and you know what that means! 9.9 or not... in any event I'm laid back.

I had to take my kitty Sugar to the vet today... I don't quite understand why, but everytime she has to go to the vet, I get all paranoid she's going to die. But it always turns out to be something menial... like a abscess that they can drain in 2 minutes flat.

Have you ever seen those cartoon strips where Jon is trying to get Garfield to the vet? Hide behind washer, cling to anything that will slow progress, scratch crap out of owner... Sugar is all that and wooorse. By the time we finally got there, I had more hair on me than Burt Reynolds. Of course she has to be white, so I walk in looking like the abominable snow man in flip-flops.

Then I have to deal with the damn vet. Vets can be so funny... I mean... I love animals and all (I have three cats that pretty much run my house)... but I'm not a complete freak about it. I swear my vet loaths me, because everytime I bring Suggie in, it's because she was in a fight. What can I say? I raise my femmes to be outright bitches! The little boy, however, is my prince. He gets Heidi luvin' like nobody's business.

Anyway, now that we've gone on that lovely tangent... vets: can't live with 'em, kitty's can't live without 'em. I return victorious once again.

Now, I must go and launder this shirt (it has kitty abscess juice all over it, yummy right? Sugar just had to have a post vet trauma cuddle). Thats my baby down there on my 9th b-day! (lol most recent pic of her I had)

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