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When it comes to being lucky he's cursed
Friday. 8.29.03 10:35 pm
I'm listening to Rod Stewart, and you know what that means! Yes, I am feeling optimistically heartbroken. Kind of an oxymoron, but it's how I feel.

I saw an ex love today, for the first time in a long while. Maybe thats not the most appropriate term... he was more of a friend with benefits I held a little candle for. In short- candle burned out when I realized I could do a whole lot better. I suppose knew I was going to have to face him at some point... (small suburbs do have the nasty habit of keeping you close to those you'd rather escape) but I didn't think things would go the way they did. We were both calm... which for me is completely unnerving because I am ALWAYS dramatic about everything.

Anyway, the whole occurance really made me realize how horribly wrong for each other we were, and still are. I had hoped we'd be able to go back to being friends, but I don't think he'd notice if I let it die... which makes me wary... bastard


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I'll never run away... I'll never tell you lies...
Monday. 10.27.03 9:58 pm
I'm listening to Robby Rivera, and not feeling cheery enough to go on with my usual bit. Far too depressed... My dear one can't make it back to WA for the holidays, which pretty much means I have no reason to go on living.

Don't worry, I'm too dumb to do anything stupid... It's just... I feel like all I want to do is cry and puke until Halloween- when i will put on a happy face for the little kids before going back to the whole misery lifestyle for a few more weeks.

Damn it... if only I had the courage to just hop on a Greyhound to Pennsylvania. I need to see a friendly face, that I do...

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The Vexing Ex
Saturday. 6.16.07 12:26 pm
Last weekend, a former romantic interest of mine messaged me on facebook. At first, I thought one of his friends must have hacked his account, because we've had very limited contact over the past three years (I'll save the mangled backstory for another time). But no, it was really him, and after a few polite internet exchanges, he decided to call me. At one in the morning. Who the fuck calls their high school ex at one in the morning??

Needless to say, I was pretty pissed. I hung up on his ass. Little did that deter him, however. He proceeded to text me, then instant message me, in an effort to convince me to come over and talk. He was "bored" you see. Does that NOT sound like a booty call?

Anyway, fast forward to last night. He instant messages me as soon as I sign on, around nine pm. I wish I saved the conversation, because it was so ridiculous. Basically, he had had breakfast with a mutual friend that morning and it made him want to say hi to me, but he didn't have time to talk because he was having a party that night and OH! if I wasn't busy later, "you know where I live."


Then, an hour later, he texts me, telling me how boring the party is and that I need to stop by. I thought about it, and this is what I came up with:

*It would be really inconvenient for me to drive to Tacoma just to go to a lame party.
*I'm bitter about all the times I inconvenienced myself for him in the past.
*I don't want to be a last ditch booty call.
*He got fat.
*All my friends hate him.
*I really want him to know how busy and important I am.

*I really want him to know how fabulous and out-of-his-league I am.

Well, I didn't go. Pretty much, if we're going to see each other again, it's going to be in a neutral location at a neutral time of day.

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There's only one girl in the world for you, but she probably lives in Tahiti
Saturday. 6.23.07 3:35 am
I am always surprised at how totally fine everything I worry about turns out. Wait... does that make sense? Should I diagram that sentence? I don't know how to diagram sentences... can someone show me?


You can tell I'm tired because I'm rambling...

After lunch, I had a staff inservice. If you never attend a staff inservice in your life (especially at a pool) you are very lucky. Wait... I know there are tense issues there... ignore them. Ahhh! See what writing tutoring does to you? I keep interrupting myself.

Well, I expected it to really such but it didn't... it was actually *gasp* enjoyable. Sort of. Ok, it was at least bearable. And I got to meet a lot of the new staff, which was good. And I found out that a co-worker of mine is obsessed with the IRI too. Wow. So cool.

Vexing ex's party went exceedingly well, too. Flakey best friend brought her boyfriend, so we talked most of the time, while she talked with all our other friends who like her better anyway. Vexing ex and I barely spoke, and he certainly didn't drag me off into any side room like I feared he would. Wow, I think I flatter myself too much.

Oh! And I got my head scratched! Yay! I love getting my head scratched.

Yay for life.


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