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I've got you... under my skin
Saturday. 8.16.03 11:33 pm
I'm listening to Frank Sinatra... and you know what that means! Oh... maybe you don't yet... I'll tell you then. Sinatra means I'm feeling fanciful. Fanciful- like I could foxtrot to the moon with a modern day Fred Astaire! or... maybe not today...

Well I started another weblog, what else is new? Nothing... I'm bored as hell this summer... One cannot write haunt Fanfiction.net all day!

Maybe you'd like to read some of my work? Please?


Original Stuff

Thats why the lady... is a tramp...

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You got the body now you want my soul?
Thursday. 8.21.03 6:30 pm
I'm listening to Hall and Oates! And you know what that means! I'm feeling smoooooth hahaha and corny too apparantly... well, I started a new fanfic today... Hooray for Rurouni Kenshin!

Kenshin- Why thank you!

Me- Oh no problem buddy... ahhh!! Kenshin! What are you doing in my inner most thoughts?

Kenshin- I live here remember?

Me- Oh right...

Kenshin- So you'll be wanting that massage now?

Me- Hold up a minute, I'm typing here...

Kenshin- ::wink::

Umm... I don't have a lot to say really... things haven't exactly been busy around here... My kit-kins is doing pretty good, I'm going to be in a parade on Saturday, um... and I might be adopting a doggy soon...

More as these stories develop!

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Ice Blue eeeeeeeyes
Thursday. 8.28.03 3:38 pm
I'm listening to my Rurouni Kenshin soundtrack... and you know what that means! Yes, I am indeed in full-on Anime mode!

Dude, I can hardly keep myself speaking english...

Anyway, I uploaded a new chapter to Guy's Weekend on Fanfiction.com so check that out if you please.


erg... must go print more Ken/Kao pictures for my notebook...

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Sunday Bloody Sunday
Sunday. 11.9.03 3:42 pm
n_n I just finished reading The Catcher in the Rye, nd ya know what I found out? I'm a lot like the main chracter, Holden Caulfield. So, for the benefit of those who have not read the book (and the amusement of those who have), I shall write todays entry as if I am Holden! ...with slightly better grammar of course... ::ahem:: here goes-

Sunday is the worst day of the week. No kidding, I really hate Sundays. Sunday's the kind of day that makes you feel completely worthless, like you'll never be happy again. Weekend's all spent, and everything's quiet, all day. No kidding, no goddam person says a word all day. I can't help but think about everything I don't like to, because there's nothing else to do.

My parents make me go to this church with them, way the hell out in Des Moines. Boy it's a terrible place, really, I can't stand it at all. It's not that I'm not religious, because I am, really. But the whole place is filled with the worst phonies. There's all these ladies in stylish dresses and hats that act all pious while they gossip about so-and-so's problems with her son. Goddam it's terrible. Phonies like that just drive me up the wall.

Then every second Sunday of the month (like today) I have to work in the 3-year-old's nursery. Don't get me wrong, I love little kids to death, I really do, that's why I volunteered. But it's just depressing after a while, all these little girls whose mum's don't bother to iron their little dresses right and don't brush their cowlicks all out. Boy it's shit, no kidding. And these are the same mum's who've got these perfectly polished boots on and act phony with the other dames.

Today was even more depressing, because I had to tell the really tired lady who runs all this stuff that I can't work in the nursury anymore. My parents want to move us to a new church, seeing as they're beginning to catch on about all the phonies and stuff. Now that it comes time, I don't really want to go. It's like, I know everything about the place, and there's no where better. Same amount of phonies at every damn Cristian church.

Goddam, I need a drink

So thats it, thats me hating Sundays... like Holden... I should write a book...

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