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frostbitten/ can't stop the gods from engineering
2 Weeks of Happiness
Saturday. 12.9.06 10:57 am
I thought i would be happy for a longer time. I thought i would be happier now that i have my friends.

Guess what? My mom & dad met my friends...and they didn't like them.
*cracking heart in the background*

How sad could that get? I am so half-depressed right now. They're the closest things i've got in my ♥ ... And they won't even understand. They don't even know them...

Still, ima fight for them...Coz my friends aren't who my 'rents think they are. So there.

It doesn't help that i have to finish my friggin Homework.
*Goes on a killing spree & stabs teachers in the back with a ballpoint pen*

the-muffin-man : Lol well of course it would be weird..it's ur sister.. uh.. yeah..

LostSoul13 : Ugh snow is fun for like the 1st few weeks or sumthin. But then it gets too cold. :(

Praetorian : Yes my Singingbox is under construction. It sucks right now. :)

randomjunk : Hahaha I'm not vladivitch_736... O.o haha okei i am. :)

hellasamira : You have no idea how creepy!!!

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For Lack of A Better Title (Haven't I Heard of this Title Before?)
Sunday. 12.3.06 12:05 am
I am unusually bored tonight. Hmmm..
I've begun adding Nutangers in my Msn/Ym list Lol
If i haven't added u, feel free to leave ur SN. Or w/e. LOL XD

Oh yeah i forgot to mention that last Wednesday, this guy (who i accidentally knew liked me) freaked the gazoinks out of me. During 4th period, when i was peacefully tryin to figure out why I'm doing my Math assignment, he and his friends stopped by our open door and without even asking permission from our teacher (who was screaming her head off "Shut the door!"), started filming... ME. Ewww minus points for u, mister!!!!

Oh yeah it snowed today. :) *biiiiiiiiiiiiiig smile*


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Whatever Happened to...?
Wednesday. 11.29.06 5:18 pm
Whatever happened to...?

= my e-husband who i e-married here in Nutang who i e-divorced without notice?
= the verification codes for the comments?! O_O
= that amazingly awesome Nutanger who clicked on his/her page so much it caused a scandal?
= my flooble chatterbox?
= sank aka thaitanic?
= kuri and her oh-so-yummylicious bentos? ::drool::
= my uber-weird-slash-ecstatic blog entries? XD
= my EMO entries? (haha good riddance)
= the day smilies RULED Nutang?! O_O where almost every blog had =)!?
= the Nutang toolbar? aka Does anyone ever go to the Nutang chat room?
= the babboons? How come i don't see them that much? :(
= my promise of being a Nutang-olic? lol


(in no particular order):

1. plane tickets back home
2. A triple (Filipino-Peruvian-Canadian) citizenship status haha
3. $500
4. An HP DV2020CA Laptop
5. Final Fantasy XII
6. spicy chicken feet (yum!)
7. A pic of my Carlos ::drooooooL::
8. a plasma TV lol
9. a new home :(
10. World Peace. :) Bow.


I'm thinking of taking Co-operative Education. Do u think i should?
Co-operative Education is when students go to school only for a certain amount of days and then work the rest of the days :L Uh. Something like that.

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classroom evil >:D
Tuesday. 11.28.06 8:22 pm
Haha. In English class, those who didn't make their assignments or made only 25% of the work were ordered to go up front...

And then we (those who HAVE assignments) get to throw paperballs at them. Haha! >:DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

I loved it. Every single paper ball thrown. XD

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"Papercut my heart in half and discard the evidence. x"

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