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Strawberry Chocolate
Sunday. 2.4.07 6:43 pm
The Strawberry Chocolate is now on sale on the Verizon website. As expected it is pink for Valentines Day. You can buy one today for $99.99 with a 2 year contract.

THIS PHONE IS SOOO CUTE! I want to wait till they sell the unlocked version on Ebay!!

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Stash or Trash??
Monday. 2.5.07 5:22 pm

Need Storage in a Small Space?

Who doesn’t need more storage space! Here’s a trick you can try:

Buy a big rubbermaid container that you can stick in a corner. Cut a round piece of plywood to cover a few inches larger than the top of the container, use this as the lid. Then cover with a tablecloth large enough to hide the container.

Set a lamp, a set of books or a pile of magazines on top and voila! Ready-made decorative table that’s full of room inside to store things in.

You can fill the container with an amazing amount of stuff.

Some ideas for uses:

Fabric piece storage (for crafters and sewers)
Extra linens and bedding
Seasonal clothes (winter coats, boots, sweaters)
Seasonal decorations
Accumulate items for donating

You can place your container table at the end of a hall, in the corner of a room, as a bedside nightstand, in a kitchen nook, anywhere you can find the space.

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Two steps forward, One step backward
Tuesday. 2.6.07 12:53 am
As you already know I am drowning at my job and I am doing the work of 2 people. Well anyhow, the deadline is getting near and I finally have someone to help me on a temporary basis and she is working out great. One day after she started helping me, the programmer accidently deleted 200 plus records from my database!!! It took him 2 hours to figure who they were just so that he could compile a list.

Well, my son is also sick with a 103 degree fever! I am freaking out. I need to stay in control here!

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How does Hoodia Gordonii work to supress your appetite?
Tuesday. 2.6.07 11:11 am

How does the Hoodia plant enable you to lose weight

There are many known species of Hoodia, but the Gordonii species is the only one that contains the powerful all-natural appetite suppressant properties. A molecule named P57 is the active ingredient in Hoodia; it acts on the hypothalamus (the area of the brain that controls appetite and hunger) to "trick" the brain into thinking that you have already eaten and that you are full.

When you eat, food is converted into glucose (sugar), which acts on the brain to trigger the "full" feeling. The P57 in Hoodia acts in the same way, but the difference is that it is about 10,000 times more powerful than glucose is, so even small amounts of P57 can fool the brain into thinking that you have eaten and that you are full. After taking Hoodia, people have reported feeling full more quickly when eating, a delay in the time after eating before feeling hungry again, a reduced interest in food and eating, and a general feeling of well-being; and all of this is without any known unwanted side effects.


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Son is sick
Tuesday. 2.6.07 12:05 pm
My son gets sick every now and then but his fever today is 103! His whole body is like a heat rock and his cheeks are rosey red. He is coughing and throwing up after he coughs.

I took him to the doctor yesterday and had such a hassle getting to see our regular physician. They said , "she leaves at 11:30 but we can squeeze you in at 11." Ok, we get there at 11 and waited until nearly 12 just to see her. Then we only see her for less than 5 min. and leave with no prescription because he only has a viral infection and not a bacterial one. It was a little frustrating but I do not trust any other doctor.

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My update
Wednesday. 2.7.07 2:03 am
My son is doing much better since his fever broke this afternoon. He seems a lot happier now that he is not burning up. Thank you everyone that expressed your concern. :)

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Banned Super bowl commercial
Wednesday. 2.7.07 11:10 am


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Skin numbing creams = DEATH
Wednesday. 2.7.07 11:36 am
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - People who use large amounts of skin-numbing creams and lotions, often in conjunction with cosmetic procedures, are at risk of irregular heartbeats, seizures and even death, U.S. health officials warned on Tuesday.

Food and Drug Administration, citing two deaths, said such topical anesthetics can be applied in amounts so large that a lethal dose of the chemicals can enter the bloodstream.

A 22-year-old woman and a 25-year-old woman who applied numbing creams after laser hair removal on their legs later died, the agency said

After the procedure, "these women then wrapped their legs in plastic wrap, as they were instructed, to increase the creams' numbing effect. Both women had seizures, fell into comas, and subsequently died from the toxic effects of the anesthetic drugs," the FDA said.

Numbing creams and lotions, available both by prescription and over the counter, are approved to soothe burning or itching skin as well as pain before, during and after various procedures. They contain numbing drugs that can include lidocaine, tetracaine, benzocaine and prilocaine.

But the FDA said consumers should be cautious about using them without medical supervision.

Leaving the creams on the skin for long periods of time or on large portions of their bodies can increase the risk, officials have said. Small children and people with heart or severe liver disease are also at higher risk.

People considering skin-related cosmetic or medical procedures should talk to their doctors about whether they need numbing creams, the agency said. If so, they should use one that is FDA-approved and contains the lowest amount of anesthetic possible.

"You should also discuss with your doctor whether there are other ways to reduce the pain you may feel during the procedure," it added.

In December, the FDA also warned five pharmaci

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