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Who will answer to the madness??
Tuesday. 11.21.06 10:06 am
Riots around the country were reported after the release of the ps3. Yes, it has been in the news everyday, on every headline and in every blog. But who is to blame? Sony only produced 400k units to be distributed. This caused mass mania. Some people waited in the rain. In one incident a man was trampled. Store employees could not handle the mobs of people rushing in. One store decided not to open and the police had to come in to control the crowd.

One city Mayor even said that he will definitely take this issue up with Sony. Sony knew what they were doing when they only released 400 thousand units during the holiday season.

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It's been over a year
Wednesday. 10.29.14 11:59 am
Well, it's been over a year since I have been on here. A lot has happened. I lost my job, my hula school, my boyfriend left and I was referred to a psychiatric hospital. All of this happened in a span of 4 weeks. Who would not be near a meltdown? I felt as if my whole world was destroyed. I sank into a deep depression and of course suicide was at the top of my list. It was sooooo difficult to find the positive things in life and needless to say I needed help.

As the walls came crashing in, one of the moms of my hula students decided to help me find another location to restart my hula school. Because she is retired, she was able to spend many hours with me, encouraging me and distracting me from this horrible mess. To make matters worse, my landlord shut the water to the building off for repairs without warning and we were without water for our showers. Other people have family living in this state so they have alternate places to shower. I do not have such a privilege. I asked the landlord where I am possibly supposed to shower?? She said, “You can get the water from the laundry room and transport it in bucket.” SERIOUSLY!! This was a sign that it was time to move, but with no job and no savings, how could I afford the move in fee and increased rent?

I was out of work for 9 months on administrative leave which meant that I had another chance to get my job back. My manager was a tyrant and micromanager that I knew there was no way on earth that she would allow me to come back. She painted a picture in the minds of HR that I was mentally and emotionally unstable and HR subjected me to an 8 hour evaluation and exam with a psychologist of their choice. I had to wait nearly one month for the results and the Dr. said that I am currently not fit for duty and that I need to be re-evaluated in 90 days.
During those 90 days I looked for other work, I filled out a minimum of 10 applications per day and they were all dead ends. I started reading books, doing meditation, and taking online intelligence assessment tests because I wanted to pass the next evaluation.

I went to spiritual healers, psychics and card readers because I wanted to find out, what was in store for me. I had absolutely nothing! NO job, no home, no friends, no money, no love relationship…. I received “light energy” and noticed a change right away. I received a spiritual healing and felt a lot of the pain and depression releasing. I know, it sounds strange. I continued to receive light energy 3 times a week and felt more positive. Things in my environment began to change. Negative people started disappearing. I found another location for my hula school that was only 1/3 the rent of where I was. I started getting students and earning a tiny income. I started to develop new friendships with the students and families that were coming to me for instruction. I continued to receive light energy and found a better place to live. I went from an apartment to renting a house. The owner is very nice and worked with me on the move in and deposit. My environment continued to become more and more positive. After receiving light energy for 2 months I decided to take the course to learn how to give light energy. After passing the 90 day re-evaluation with flying colors I was able to return to work and have my medical and dental benefits back. My manager fought it tooth and nail and said that she was concerned for the “safety of her workers if I returned to her office.” Oh please lady!! Once again it was in my favor. I am back at the same company working in a more positive environment with a boss that is against micromanaging. Nobody bothers me and I am making more money now then where I was before.

So here I am today… one year after my train wreck (so to speak) and I am back on track with a more positive attitude. My job is still great, my environment is still positive, negative people do not seem to linger and loiter around me and my hula school is full of positive, loving people. I continue to give and receive light 3 times per week and I am grateful for the way my life is today. Light energy is not a religion but a way of living the universal principles.
Now that I’m “back to normal”, I am hoping to visit NuTang at least once a week!


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From Women For Women
Tuesday. 11.28.06 12:46 pm
All women want to know the key to success. How do we define ourselves in society? Well, an article I read, written by Barbara Moss, answers such questions.

A survey was conducted. Included in this survey were accomplished, university-educated women in their late 30s to mid-50s. Some held senior positions in business, government and the not-for-profit and cultural sectors. Some had left marquee jobs to pursue a passion -- start a business, write or follow other personal interests. These were the top 5 answers.

1. Know yourself. This knowledge is the foundationf for making effective career and life decisions. If your job does not require your best skills or calls for you to act like someone you aren't, find another role.

2. Act on what is most important to you. Refuse to put on the back burner the things you care deeply about. Make a date with yourself at the end of each week and ask: What did I learn? Which of my values are being met? Looking to the future: How can I make my work a better fit with what I need? Don't drift. Make conscious decisions. Defend your personal time aggressively. Start thinking about the legacy you want to leave.

3. Maintain your integrity Stay firm on the issues that go to the core of what you believe in.

4. Distinguish between the big issues and the smaller ones Ask yourself, "Is this really important?" As tempting as it can be to let it rip, consider the consequences. Similarly, be open to influence.

5. Dont make work the centerpiece of your identity Many survey respondents regretted having put their work before their personal lives and having made too many sacrifices for their jobs. You can't cuddle or giggle with your job at the end of the day.

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Blind man sentenced to library course
Monday. 12.4.06 4:07 pm

Blind man sentenced to library course

A blind Turkish pensioner has been sentenced to a 26-day reading and writing course at his local public library after he failed to vote on time in an election for his village cooperative.

What does the 73 year old pensioner have to say about this?
"What am I going to do in a library? I can't see out of either of my eyes, and I can't read or write anyway."

The Governments response
In Turkey, people are obliged by law to vote in elections.

Canseven's son is going to appeal his fathers sentence. In brief, he had this to say, "My father can only find the bathroom by holding on to a piece of string we've tied to the (bathroom) wall."


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Do I look like that velasco chick?
Monday. 11.20.06 4:19 pm

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It finally happened!
Monday. 7.13.09 8:08 pm
Tony Romo finally dumped Jessica Simpson! This happened after she planned her "Barbie themed" birthday party. I mean she is 29 going on 30!! You still love Barbie??

I may be over reacting. What do you think?

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Sundance controversy
Tuesday. 1.23.07 11:34 am

Dakota Fanning movie controversy

Jan. 23 - Child star Dakota Fanning is at the centre of a controversy over her portrayal a girl who is raped in the film 'Hounddog'.

Child actress Dakota Fanning spoke to Reuters at the Sundance Film Festival about her role in the controversial film 'Hounddog', which features a scene in which her character is raped.

Critics have blasted the film, saying that children should not be subjected to engaging in "seamy portrayals" for commercial purposes.


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Watch the latest episode of 24 for FREE!!!
Wednesday. 1.24.07 5:27 pm

Fox On Demand

Beginning today, consumers can access previously-aired episodes from FOX's returning hits and new fall primetime series including Bones, Prison Break, Standoff, Vanished, Talk Show With Spike Feresten, 'Til Death, The Loop and Justice. Additional episodes of these and other FOX shows will be made available throughout October and November. On-air promotions during MLB broadcasts will push viewers to the sites to catch up on their favorite FOX shows through FOX on Demand.

Click here for the link!!!


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