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frostbitten/ can't stop the gods from engineering
Tuesday. 4.24.07 6:51 pm
...am so ashamed i dun haf much time for NuTang anymore.

Anyways, reality has been good to me. Except for the weekend that passed, which is, i can truly say, the worst week (by far) of my entire life. The details i will not delve into because i just don't want to talk about it anymore. Given the fact that it has also been kind of resolved. =)

I AM CURRENTLY PSYCHO ABOUT RENT. i Just discovered this musical-turned-movie last week and now i've been singing my ass off the soundtrack of the movie. i Wish i had known they went to Manila (a city in the Philippines) before but i guess i was prolly around 10 or something when they did sooooo i am soooooo into this RENT thing!!!

For more info, click here. To listen to some of their songs, click here.

So drama aside, all's been good. Still doin the paper on GAY MARRIAGE. Ideas and comments accepted! =) Lemme show you the outline i came up with for my essay:



I. Introduction

• Background info on same - sex marriage
o Who are involved? The gay and lesbian community
o What is same-sex marriage?
• Thesis: Same - sex marriages are beneficial to society, as well as the gay and lesbian community.

II. History

• Long struggle of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual) people for recognition of relationships, marriage, etc.
• Same - sex marriage as a civil rights issue, moral issue and a family policy issue
• Same - sex marriage in Canada (Bill C - 38, Civil Marriage Act)
o Anti-discrimination – prohibition of equal marriage violates s.15 of the Charter
• Same - sex marriage all over the world

III. Definition of Marriage

• Definition of marriage in society and redefinition of marriage in Canada and other countries permitting same-sex marriages
• Same-sex marriages are the same as heterosexual marriages - may encounter same problems (promiscuity, divorce, “blended” families, financial insecurities)
• Same-sex marriages are capable of responsible child-rearing/ adoption
- Emphasis on quality of parenting rather than sexual orientation
- Adoption by same-sex couple is legal even before legalization of same-sex marriage

IV. Benefits of Same-Sex Marriage to the Society

1. Public health measure against STD
• Encouragement of gay monogamy
• Emphasis on importance of commitments and long-lasting relationships

2. Prevention of more family issues
• Divorce, Single parenting, negative effects on children
• Reduce “closet gays” prevent “forced” heterosexual marriages which may affect the whole family in the future

3. Reaffirms marriage’s status as a norm
• Reduce “gay-inclusive alternatives to marriage”, which are also tempting to heterosexual couples, which may lead to the decline of marriage rates since heterosexual couples may also register for partnership (less expense and no strong commitments)

4. Promotion of equality
• Respect and acknowledgment for homosexuality (individual rights)
• Parallelism between same-sex marriages and interracial marriages
• Acquirement of full marriage benefits (employee benefit plans, joint income taxes, 100% inheritance of property)

V. Conclusion
• Restatement of thesis and arguments
• Closing statements

Will be adding the benefits in the workplace later and other stuff...
Adios! =)

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Resurrected! =P~
Tuesday. 4.17.07 7:46 pm
LoL @ me! =P
First of all, i Want to thank all those who commented on my prev post && forum topic on GAY MARRIAGES. Thank you very much! Your opinions have helped!
But i Still have to present the outline for it this Thursday, which is also the same day as my Unit Test for Chem. OH JOY.

Anihoo, been such a long-ish time since i logged in to NuTang!
i Am ever so sorry! LOL
Real life's been a bitch with all the hoe-work and ass-ignments... >=(
But all's well and almost done. =)
This week has been a great pain in my behind. And i'm hatin it but hei, this is life! =P~

Lotsa things been happenin...
need to finish my review for Chem...
just came here to say hello...
missin y'all! =P~

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Gay Marriage?
Thursday. 4.12.07 4:41 pm
Gay Marriage

i Want to know your opinion on Gay Marriage (civil or religious).
This is for my Anthropology essay. i Mean, BIG essay. =S

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i Want Me My Eggs! [updated]
Monday. 4.9.07 10:09 am
How come i Didn't get any easter eggs? Chocolate or whatever? =,(
Boo. i So don't feel it's easter here. =,(

And i'm Hating how my friend's boyfriend broke up with her because he is Nepalese and she is not.
How sad... And totally fukked up. >=(

Just random pics taken in the mall's washroom haha XD

i loves me my iced capp && my friends LOL


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"Papercut my heart in half and discard the evidence. x"

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