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frostbitten/ can't stop the gods from engineering
addicted again?
Friday. 7.6.07 10:56 pm
listening to: Kanimo Smooth Friction
Lol @ everyone's replies for the prev entry! XD
Gay Pride Parade was so much funnnnnn! :)
My sis actually got a give-away condom -_- (cough)
LMFAO Anihoo! i Didn't meet up w. my friend as i had planned but maybe this monday...i'll be meeting up with my other friends in Tdot again. Hopefully this will push through *sigh*
i Need to finds me a job :( Coz the job i was wanting hadn't called... yet(?) :(
So that's why i'm stuck at home, now slowly gettin addicted to ... (drumroll) GAIA! :OOOOO

Anihoo i'm bored out of my brains here lol && i juz wanted to reply back to those who replied:
randomjunk some parents just don't let their kids go to "that" stuff. :)
kirei when you go on vacation, that's the #1 thing you should do! :)~ well, besides shopping and all :)
nuttz you don't have anything gay there? that's kinda...sad. Gay ppl make the world colorful. :)
ShaShaBoo i actually changed my 1st song to a song in my dialect :)~ it actually translates to "For You" all these days, you're the one i desire...i cannot forget your beauty... But glad someone here likes reggaeton too! :)
dilated multiply's actually quite nifty :) also considering the fact that half my friends back home uses it too :) add me! lol
the-muffin-man you use multiply too!? :O add me! lol look who's talking about not being addicted as before... My family's very open about this whole gay thing especially due to the fact that my mom's best friend is a gay guy && we live with a gay couple. Wonderland is amazing! Jetscream, Top Gun, The Italian Job, Minebuster, The Beast is fricken amazing!!! And oh, btw, suffer alone. i Still have no job. :(

P.S. How do i change the word "recommend" into something else???

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First of Summer :)~
Thursday. 6.28.07 9:17 am
listening to: First of Summer Urbandub

i Haf to say i Haf never been any busier!!! These last few days haf been the BOMB!!!
First of all, we went to the Gay Pride Parade in Toronto last Sunday && boy did i LOVE it!!! My sister && i Had fun lookin @ the nekkied ppl and pickin up all sorts of stickers, Stag Shop tats and rainbow flags on the streets haha XD

i ♥ PRIDE! (actually, that's my sis lol)

Look at them go!

Butt fever...!

Girl Action!!! LMFAO

The pins we picked up on the streets && the beads they threw at the ppl Lol

My uncle has no shame. He took this one haha

Do you see what i see? i DO NOT believe THAT! O_O

Dontcha wish u girlfriend was hot like them? ;)

Whew! :)~ And then the next day, we went to Canada's Wonderland w. the friendships! :)~
i Haf to say, this was my best Wonderland trip yet. :D Not to mention the dizziest!!!

Group pic! :D

Is thatchu Cess?! Lol

Fun fun fun under the sun! :)

Awww how sweet, sharing a candy apple :)~


oh canada!

.passed out.

On the hill, after JetScream and soo dizzy. X_X

All that made me stay @ home for tuesday && wednesday when we were supposed to chillax @ Yorkdale Mall on Tues && @ Square One yesterday. But no. Did i mention i am so broke? And then today, after i Post this entry, i will be preparing myself coz i Hafta go to Tdot again to meet my friend, Ice, who's visiting here from NY and i haven't seen her for so long and so
Lol aaahhh the summer life...
Sucks when i hafta start working again :S
Oh but the MONEY! $$$ :)~~~

Adios, NuTang! ♥

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Ready to Get Hooked Again
Saturday. 6.23.07 10:49 am
listening to: Last Night P. Diddy feat. Keisha Cole

Lols Well, judging from prev entry's comments, looks like silver & dilated still remembers me lols
But guess what?! School's offically over!! :DDD (Last thursday but i was too busy chillin to go on the net haha)
And i'm back!!! Predicting that i will be addicted to nutang again. Oh lord.

Anyway, checked out some sites and found these at jellymuffin. :)

Myspace Layouts and Comments

Myspace Layouts and Flash Toys

Lil pretties eh? :)
Okay on with the NuTang surfing!!! ♥

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Passin By To Say Hi
Wednesday. 6.6.07 4:43 pm
LOLS Hi NuTang!
Been such a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time hahaha
Dun even know the new guys && all...dun even know if anyone remembers me lols
Anihoo hafta go... research && all's takin up soo much of my time..
and i've decided not to be so addicted to the internet anymore lolssss
Kk...i'll keep n touch though hehe ;)~

MSN me!
or Facebook! lols
****[email protected]****

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"Papercut my heart in half and discard the evidence. x"

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