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Look How Confussed I Am

Age. 31
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. White
Location Troy, PA
School. Other
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A Better One Of Me
Image Hosted by www.glowfoto.com Rock On Dear
Kevin, In My Favorite Shirt
Image Hosted by www.glowfoto.com I had that shirt...but it was too big for me :(. Btw, i stole the picture from Erika's webshots
Image Hosted by www.glowfoto.com just thought that this was a cute pic of him
Dave and A7x
Wednesday. 12.7.05 8:20 am
yeah, sitting in english class right now. I just got my 5 pages done...but i still have like 3 pages of my outline to type. Oh well, i got the points for the 2 checks. I think that im gonna try to finish my paper though because no one is turning anything in so she said that she'd read it through and check everything, so then i could fix everything and get a good grade. I probably will anyway though, english is always my highest grade. Yeah, anywho. i dont wanna be here today, Tara better be here, gym is kinda boring without her...except for yesterday, yesterday kicked ass and she missed it. i feel bad though, i almost pulled Ryans shorts off...not on purpose though. i was trying to grab the flags for flag football and i missed and my thumb got caught in the pocket on his shorts, and he just kept running. School starts too early, i with that it didnt start til like 10, then i would feel like doing stuff. Having gym in the morning is good though cuz it wakes me, but then it suckes because my hair is all screwed up from having to change and i cant do anything with it. not that it really matters i guess, i just put it up and it looks fine. Adam is gonna blackmail me with the russian thing, its not that i care about it but i dont want everyone to start calling me that again (if you dont know about the russian thing that makes no sense at all, but its nothing perverted or nething). yeah, im just writing random stuff in here today. so im gonna go and find something else to do.

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Sunday. 12.4.05 8:20 pm
yeah...its really fucking cold right now. i probably should be working on one of the papers i have due soon but..i just dont feel like it so its not gonna happen. yeah...im pretty pissed right now. there are a few people that i would like to go off and kill themselves because it would make my life a lot less dramatic. today is one of those days when you sit down and suddenly you have this HUGE urdge to scream, yeah...you know, life never used to be so fucking hard what the hell happened. i havent written in this thing in so long...o well, whatever i have better things to do then to take time and write my life down for the entire world to read. yeah...fuck this

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Monday. 9.12.05 9:15 am
Yeah here you go Stacy i'm writting a new entry. lol, im just to busy when i get home to bother with this anymore. Ok so lets think about whats happened lately. Went to Stacy's v-ball game and they kicked major ass, friday i cant remember what i did but i dont think anything and the weekend i was in Mansfield and Sayre...nothing too interesting. And i made cookies yesterday too. Nick almost pushed me down the stairs im gonna have yell at him some more. I feel like crap...i think that the chineese place in sayre made me sick. Joel said that him Brian and Erin went there once and they all got sick afterwards so i bet thats why i feel like crap. I have my midget bottles of coke back...they are SO cute..hehe. Amanda got her tongue pirced, im SOOO jealous i want mine done, and i have since i was like 13. anywho i dont know that else to write so im gonna go

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Ville Valo is hot...
Tuesday. 8.9.05 9:45 pm
i fucking hate my computer. And i hate having to use my parents computer because mine is fucked up. my dad said before i got out of school that he was going to fix it and it still sits in my room, not fixed. ok, it isnt broken but it wont let me connect to the internet so it might as well not work at all. i can not wait until monday...i finally get my money and i can smoke again. I think that i get pissed off a lot easier since i quit. anywho. I called that guy that i wrote about likeing a while ago, talked to him for a while, i dont think that i like him anymore. Not sure why....maybe because he was really boring today. blah. i dont like nutang, i dont know why i write in this stupid thing. i FINALLY got picture developed. The ones from my freshman year that joel wanted so bad. the one that i wanted REALLY bad didnt come out it was all black, joel must have forgotten to use the flash. And the one of joel flipping off the cops isnt great either, the car was too far away and you cant tell what it is unless you already knew. Some really good ones though, a lot of a certain guy that i would rather not have tons of pictures of, but oh well its not like i took them.

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Wild Monkeys??
Monday. 7.18.05 10:14 pm
yeah, havent writen in a while. And dont feel like writing now. Just thought that i would actually make a quick one. I cant remember if i wrote that Frankie was coming back...but she is. Not sure on that one...it could turn out bad, or it could turn out good. I guess we wait and see. And i've been talking to Nicole again. i didnt think that she'd ever talk to me again. But i guess that i was wrong. Anywho i really dont have anything to write about...no i was wrong again. Hehe, my birthday was fun, i wont go into that though. My flowers are dying already though :-( . They should make those damn things live longer. I think they make them die quick on purpose. Anywho...im gonna go now....

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Saturday. 7.2.05 8:42 pm
omg, im so sunburned, it hurts to move. the whole top of me...my shoulders, my neck, the tops of my arms, my back, my chest and the tops of my boobs too. It hurts so much. Greg's family keeps setting off firecrackers and fire works...its really annoying...they do it for like a month too. This part of the week is still lots better than the first though...

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