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General Discussion » The full moon can increase your intuitive abilities
KKama67 | The full moon can increase your intuitive abilities - Posted on 2006-11-05 23:33:14
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Myth states that the full moon is said to rule things like

1. feelings
2. intuition
3. cycles
4. psychic powers and more.

When a woman has her period her intuitive ability increases. She becomes more sensitive to hunches and peoples feelings.

What is your take on this myth??

Link to my blog:

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invisibleinkling | moon...my 2 cents - Posted on 2006-11-08 21:22:22
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my moods change by the moon...and if youre already intuitive to things youll notice it...i avoid certain things during full moons because it increases my emotions and sensativities to almost unbearable strength...ive spent years honing my perception of energies and the flow of the world around me....and if youre really aware or paying attention...you'll notice. :)

KKama67 | Testimony of the Moon - Posted on 2006-11-09 18:53:01
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I found this testimony on the web. A bunch of crock or the truth??

For the people who are talking about there being a lack of scientific studies, I'd like to ask, has there ever been a study that looks at people who have SAD (seasonal affective disorder) as a separate group from people who are not affected by it? I was never diagnosed with SAD but I definitely have it. I can't work in a place that has no windows and I am impacted greatly by the amount of sun I am exposed to. In the summer months where there is beating sun day after day I begin to feel nervous and jittery, that negative energy instead of a positive, relaxed energy. And in the winter when it is very cloudy I feel relaxed and when there are too many days of clouds and not enough sun I sink into depression. Interestingly, the way I feel around the full moon very closely mirrors how I feel in the summer after a string of very sunny days. I can't sleep, I feel anxious and nervous, and I can't relax. I have no doubt that the extra light/energy reflected onto the earth by the moon during the 6-7 days surrounding the full moon affects me just like the presence or lack of sunlight during the day. And for me personally, I almost always notice the inability to sleep, the anxiety and restlessness, and other symptoms before I even notice the moon is full.

invisibleinkling | they say - Posted on 2006-11-09 21:07:24
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a lot of kids who live on the west coast of the us who move to the east coast for college get that because were not used to noreastern winters. i never did, but im bipolar so my seratonin sucks anyway.

and i know im gonna get a lot of gruff for this...but im such a scientific age we forget that not everything is a scientific matter. sometimes it goes beyond that. no the moon may not affect us biologically, but it can still change our natural behaviours and rythms.

KKama67 | Biorythms and and the moon - Posted on 2006-11-11 17:55:12
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Our bodies respond "rhythmically to the regular cycles of the sun, MOON and seasons. Predictiable fluctuations in body function are known as biologic rythms. This is what is meant by our biological clock.

I dont use an alarm clock. I just wake up automatically. This can be my bodies effect to the enviroment, sun setting, moon rising, etc.

middaymoon | Untitled - Posted on 2006-11-11 18:14:00
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or, it could just be your "biological clock", the effect of your brain being a pretty acurate timer. this can't be according to the moon or sun because the effect laggs over changes in location, hence the term "jet lag" where someone's biological clock doesn't agree with the sun after a person's moved across the world quickly

middaymoon | Untitled - Posted on 2006-11-11 18:46:46
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in other words, your brain knows how long it usually sleeps and compares it to how long you've been sleeping. jet lag happens when you leave the US at say, 8 PM to go to china. say it's a 7 hour trip, so when you get to china it's only 5 pm. you want sleep, cause your brain thinks it's 3 in the morning. this is NOT accurate because i have no idea how long a trip would last or how far behind the US China is, but the idea is still the same

Zanzibar | Untitled - Posted on 2006-11-11 21:09:26
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I always wake up a couple of minutes before my alarm. I think it's because I hate the sound of my alarm so I always wake up so that I can turn it off before it goes off. I was thinking that if the moon shone into your window, it could make it hard to sleep, just because some people have a hard time sleeping when there is light in the room. I bet it could be fixed if you had really thick curtains.

middaymoon | Untitled - Posted on 2006-11-11 21:41:00
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haha, nothing really bothers me when im going to sleep, except loud and overly disruptive noise.

KKama67 | Goddess of the moon - Posted on 2006-11-12 04:15:45
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Many of the scientific facts we know today were not known to our ancestors. To explain everything that existed in their world, our ancestors created another world: a world of gods, goddesses and myths. They made up stories and tales about these gods and goddesses and told these tales to one another and to their children.
Almost every ancient civilization has some legend concerning the Moon: how it was created, why it appears when it does, why its appearance changes daily, etc. These myths vary from one culture to the next, but many of them are amazingly similar. And some of them were believed long after the civilization which created them had disappeared.


invisibleinkling | many traditions today - Posted on 2006-11-12 15:15:33
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still focus on the moon and sun cycles...
(besides the calendar hah)

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