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General Discussion » The full moon can increase your intuitive abilities
KKama67 | The full moon can increase your intuitive abilities - Posted on 2006-11-05 23:33:14
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Myth states that the full moon is said to rule things like

1. feelings
2. intuition
3. cycles
4. psychic powers and more.

When a woman has her period her intuitive ability increases. She becomes more sensitive to hunches and peoples feelings.

What is your take on this myth??

Link to my blog:

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Katrina | Untitled - Posted on 2006-11-06 00:38:09
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Hey I had no idea there was such a myth.

KKama67 | The 12 Chinese moons - Posted on 2006-11-06 00:48:22
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Every culture seems to have a myth about the moon. This is what the chinese believe..
In ancient times, Chinese people believed that there were twelve Moons as there were twelve months in one year. Likewise, Chinese people believed there were ten Suns as there were ten days in the Chinese week. The mother of the twelve Moons was the same of that of the ten suns.

At the beginning of each month, the mother, Heng-O, washed her children in a lake at the extreme western side of the world. Then each Moon, one after the other would travel in a chariot for a month journey to reach the opposite east side of the world.

There, the Suns would begin their journey. It was believed that the Moons were made of water, and either a hare or a toad were living in their interior.

JMC | ikimashokie is on a roll to night She's got jokes! - Posted on 2006-11-06 00:49:24
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ROFL. period thread LOL. I think tampons already has that covered ikimashokie! How about that Hinduism myth though! "According to Hinduism, every part of the cosmos is seen as an action of a god" Wow that's deep thinking there! About as deep as the ocean! Wonder if kkama67 knows any more moon myths, or any one else, cause this is cool! I love moon stuff! Brings out the Baboon in me!

JMC | spooky! Must be the moon! - Posted on 2006-11-06 00:50:56
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I just asked if she had any more moon myths and right after I posted, wham kkama67 had already mooned us NuTangers! Now that's spooky!

KKama67 | Moon buzz.. - Posted on 2006-11-06 01:05:08
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I must be psychic or have some intuitive abiltites cuz I read your mind JMC!!

JMC | so The 12 Chinese moons are like American calendars? - Posted on 2006-11-06 02:03:55
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Julius Caesar Roman calendar where the months from an American calendar are named after gods?

KKama67 | so true - Posted on 2006-11-06 02:07:37
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That is so true. This is additional information about the greeks and the moon.
Artemis was the twin sister of the god Apollo. Her father and mother were Zeus and Latona.

Artemis and her brother Apollo had fierce tempers. According to a Greek legend, they killed most of the children of Niobe, who had insulted her mother Leto comparing favorably his children with the twins Artemis and Apollo.

Artemis was the goddess of the Moon. She was also known as the goddess of the hunt. Romans identified Artemis with the Greek goddess Diana.

JMC | I like that word moon buzz! - Posted on 2006-11-06 11:06:35
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"The history of the Moon's mythos is a labyrinthian tale. Every educated culture, from the cradle of civilization in Mesopotamia to the Greeks and Romans, has a different name and identity for the Moon as a deity representing femininity.

Diana, known as Artemis in Greek myth, was the goddess of the Moon and of the hunt. Her purity was such that no man was permitted to watch her bathe, which she often did during the Full Moon. Several stories delineate the consequences visited upon men who unexpectedly come upon her during one of these midnight swims."

So maybe these moon myths aren't really myths? I say this because with the moon and many Gods, rather Chinese or Greek, etc. there is alwyas Astronomy and astrology. Hence one could cally your moon myths, Moonlight Madness! Especially since The words 'lunacy," "lunatic," and "loony" are involved.

Perhaps you have opened Pandora's box, being Pandora is a small moon of Saturn. And the orbit of Pandora appears to be chaotic, as a consequence of a mean motion. And Pandora was the first woman, and was given to humankind by Zeus.

Ironically, this Saturn moon, Pandora is not round, but is more of a "potato-shaped" moon. As Pandora's box forged from the earth is believed to represent uterus or womb. Having been opened, release evil upon earth.

ryan444123 | Untitled - Posted on 2006-11-06 11:23:28
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ohhh. Its just a myth. By my record of things, I have gotten stupider during a full moon.

KKama67 | ryan - full moon - Posted on 2006-11-06 11:45:37
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Ryan I would not blame the full moon for that one. Just kidding... I have more myths on the moon still yet to come!!

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