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General Discussion » The full moon can increase your intuitive abilities
KKama67 | The full moon can increase your intuitive abilities - Posted on 2006-11-05 23:33:14
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Myth states that the full moon is said to rule things like

1. feelings
2. intuition
3. cycles
4. psychic powers and more.

When a woman has her period her intuitive ability increases. She becomes more sensitive to hunches and peoples feelings.

What is your take on this myth??

Link to my blog:

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ikimashokie | Untitled - Posted on 2006-11-05 23:35:49
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Wish this worked for me.

JMC | I'm a true believer in this myth! Personal Experiance! - Posted on 2006-11-05 23:48:49
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This is a great thread kkama67! Such a great idea of yours, maybe you could expand this thread to include other myths about the moon. Wow! Myths, moon NuTang Neataroo for you kkama67!

alexsedotcx | Mhmm. - Posted on 2006-11-05 23:55:57
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I've never really thought about it that way. I personally am no stranger to hunches that are correct.

But I'm not sure if they've anything to do with my period.

dave | Untitled - Posted on 2006-11-05 23:59:21
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Hmm, interesting myth.

Perhaps our dear friend middaymoon can offer some of his innate insight.

KKama67 | Other myths about the moon - Posted on 2006-11-06 00:03:05
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According to Hinduism, every part of the cosmos is seen as an action of a god. Time is the endless repetition of the same long cycle where gods, demons and heroes repeat their mythological actions. In Hindu mythology, Soma represents the god of the Moon. He rides through the sky in a chariot drawn by white horses. Soma was also the name of the elixir of immortality that only the gods can drink.

The Moon was thought to be the storehouse of the elixir. When the gods drink soma, it is said that the Moon wanes because the gods are drinking away some of its properties. Some people think that the Moon is inhabited by a hare. That is why all hares are viewed as incarnations of Soma.

JMC | LOL at dave in re to middaymoon! - Posted on 2006-11-06 00:09:16
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Now I have Moon songs in my aching head, but it's so worth it! Thanks again kkama67!

Moon River, wider than a mile,
I'm crossing you in style some day.
Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker,
wherever you're going I'm going your way.
Two drifters off to see the world.
There's such a lot of world to see.
We're after the same rainbow's end--
waiting 'round the bend,
my huckleberry friend,
Moon River and me.

Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)

Audrey Hepburn sing "Moon River"

ikimashokie | Untitled - Posted on 2006-11-06 00:17:23
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At the request of JMC, I will post that the full moon tells me when I need new glasses.

If I see one moon, my glasses are good.
If I see two moons, then I need new glasses.

JMC | RoFl LMAO - Posted on 2006-11-06 00:26:54
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ikimashokie that was so worth waiting on the answer!

Katrina | Untitled - Posted on 2006-11-06 00:32:26
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So is that why women tend to be more emotion when on their period? We become more sensitive towards people and their feelings. Maybe that's why I cried three times during the movie I saw yesterday when I normally wouldn't have...

I love that movie and song. I prefer it sung by Andy Williams though. While I do love to hear Audrey sing it something about how Andy does that just sends chills up my spine. :)

ikimashokie | Untitled - Posted on 2006-11-06 00:34:54
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Maybe we should expand the moon thread into a period thread? o.O

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