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11 September, 2009 07:53 PM: Web page's temporarily plain! I haven't had extra time to cuztomize a new one. Will be updated soon :)
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Down Moment
Monday. 5.4.09 8:48 pm
Everything doesn't seem to go smoothly lately.
& things are making me gasping.

Unusually bored and tired.
I don't know why.
Nearly to death.

Please. Don't give me anymore surprise.
I can't take it anymore.
Perhaps I need a real long rest.

Down moment.
I don't know what to say.

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That Is Life
Sunday. 2.8.09 1:46 am
After 12 hours of gathering, we're now home at 1.46. After taking a hot shower, I feel especially relax. I'm sitting on my bed at the moment and listening to the radio as well. I close up my eyes, I turn on the fan and I enjoy the radio at the same time. After working out hours of energy, it's time to take a long breath and I feel it really good. I love enjoying the cold silent night.

Once I close up my eyes, I turn out never forget many things -Friends I have ever met; Songs I have ever heard; Stuffs I have always been thirsty for as well as things I have ever gone through recently. While thinking deeper, life is just simple. Books, interests, jobs, marriage, family, travel around the world and finally pass away. Many of us had made things truly complicated, life can be really simple if we follow the life-rules.

Friend, be yourself and this is your world.

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I Love Mentholatum
Monday. 3.2.09 1:21 pm

I'm using

So fresh!

Feels good.

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English Club Dot Com
Monday. 3.2.09 5:20 pm
I accidentally found this extremely cool site!!!

For those who is weak in English and would like to improve it, this site is very helpful because it is specially designed for you.
Why do I like this English Club Dot Com so much?

I love English very much and I have always wanted to improve it. Though I am lazy to read English books during the free time. English Club gives me a lot of new knowledge which I think it is very useful and convenient for me to browse on the internet. It saves my time and causes me even love English deeper.

Reading on English Club Dot Com not only save my time, it is easy to browse too. When you click on the button, all the categories are listed on the web page obviously -Grammar, Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, etc. In addition, you will not feel boring while reading on web page because it is full of surprise on every category.

Trust me! You will like this!

Lol! I am so happy now.

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Switch Off Your Lights
Wednesday. 3.25.09 10:14 am
All living men outside the planet,
Yes, I'm talking to you.
No matter you are a business man, teacher, cook, students, unemployed, toilet lady, wealthy, impoverished.

Now, listen,
Our Mother Earth is no longer at peace
Have you noticed that?
Since about 50 years, people are not taking the issue seriously.
For lights, they switch them on when it is getting dark;
For aircorn, they turn them on although they don't feel hot;
For plastic bags, they use them as many as they could;
For vehicles, they drive them almost every day. etc.
It seems many things are a necessary, don't it?

Now, this is the time for us to protect our Mother Earth.

Saturday, March 28, 8:30-9:30pm
local time, wherever you live on planet earth.

Switch off your lights.

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So Hot
Friday. 4.17.09 8:32 pm
Hah! Guess what's so hot?
It's the weather actually.
God! It's been hot day this week.
Cold bath I've taken for times.
Fast fans I've opened all the time.
Curtains and windows I've opened until next morning - never close, in fact.
Cold drinks I've had.
I just left ice cream for my dessert.
OR you put ice inside my clothes, so that I could feel better.
I cover with sweat although I've taken the cold bath.
I think it's the time for my dad to install an air-conditioner in my house.
I'm hot, I'm hot! I'm super hot!
Ops, it sounds like a hot guy basking on a beach :D

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