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I'm So Grey
Friday, May 8, 2009
watching: A video from Travis's site singing Karma
listening to: Karma (Travis's version)
mood: happy, sad, retarded? I'm not sure

I'd like to open a post all of a sudden, without any reasons.
It's been days, and still, I can't exactly express a word how I feel.
Perhaps I can describe it in this way.
It's a fine day, no raining for some days.
Below the sky is a large, wide paddy field, surrrounded by green forest and cottages beside the field.
There's a far, long, yellow wooden bridge with all autumn leaves on it, sunset shows in the evening.
I'm sitting up the high hill,
watching the sunset falling,
feeling the breeze on my face.
The sky slowly changes from red to blue and the wind blows harder;
the weather turns stronger from the soft paddy and it's going to rain.
Everything's become so grey.
It's difficult for me to grope for a thing when I found myself in the grey.
Really difficult.
This is my current feeling? I'm not sure...

Did some nonsense quizzes today, guess how boring I was.

How Long Could You Survive Trapped In Your Own Home?

1,797,600How Many Germs Live On Your Keyboard?

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

24% Geek

But the results were pretty cool.
Anyway, doing the quizzes were just to pass the time of day.
Nothing much.
I really don't understand myself.
I'll be having my mid-term exam next week and still,
I haven't been doing any revisions yet.
Mid-term exam! It's the one which will be added in all the Form 4 syllibus.
I'm not really sure what I'm doing at the moment.
Why am I still sitting here when such an important exam's coming to me?
Haha! What a stupid question!
And so yes, I'm ready for all the papers to get a borderline.
I'll have to burn the midnight oil, perhaps.

I still have a moral project to be done.
It's almost done but I'm just too lazy to bother the rest.
I hope to get an A, of course.
However, my handwriting is suck, like the chicken claws.
My teacher says it's too small and he wants me to write it bigger.
I've tried but my friends says it does't look as tidy as the smaller one.
What can I do? It's still small on my project.

Additional Mathematics are driving me crazy, I must say.
The syllibus become harder and harder and I always get stuck on them.
God... I'm not sure if I can pass this paper.
Do you have a magic iodine or sort of magic spell to make my brain becomes more intelligent and let it think quikly?
I can no longer staying alive with add maths running in my brain,
as you can see, there are several nails slowly shoot in my brain and at last I die because too many rusty nails are shot into my brain.

Pimples has been becoming a serious issue on me recently.
Since the middle of March, it began to appear bunchly on my face.
At first, I thought it was just an as normal pimple as the others, which will dissapear after a few days.
Though, it wasn't and it keep popping out without any reasons.
Oh yes... I've eaten some bars of chocolates and some greasy foods.
But that doesn't make it keep poping out a lot, right? Only some bars I've taken.
My mum bought a packet of soap from the internet, about RM 80 something.
The website stated it's truly effective and many previous buyers wrote their testimonials there saying it's a good product, too.
So my mum said she wanted to give it a try and so I'm using it now as well.
Let me tell you, the effect after using it is astonishing.
The pores of my face contracted and the pimples are getting lesser.
I need a pimple cream now and
I'll probably go and buy it from the pharmacy in these few days, not sure.

I'm watching American Idol and fastly it come Top 3 now.
Danny Gokey, Kris Allen and Adam...
Can't remember his full name...
Personally I like Danny more than the other two because his vocal is incredible and his singing touches my heart.
Perhaps you'd prefer Adam because he's much more incredible when he's doing his performance on the stage.
Even the judges admitted so.
But his strange vocal just doesn't agree with me... :D
Really hope Danny can win this competition.

Alright, I'm about to finish now.
It took me a lot revision trying to say everything I wanted to say.
Really tired.
I'm so grey and exam's coming next week,
I'm not expecting to get a good progress,
but just don't make it fail.

As always, time to bed.


2:19 PM

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April Fool
Wednesday. 4.1.09 6:55 am
Oh... It was the first day of April today.
Did you notice what day is it today?
I actually forgot it was April fools' day.
Unexpectedly... I was cheated!


Guess what???

"Hey Kev... Your bag is unzip." Said a bad egg.

"You didn't zip up your pants." Whispered another bad egg.

Naturally, as a human I would certainly take a look to see if it was true.
They laughed at me.
It was so bad but I felt better after I did the same thing at my friends XD

"Hao, Mr. Azhar call you, you'd better go and see him right now."

Haha! They believed!
How funny!
Do you know why?
Because I've never cheated any body,
I'm an honest person, hehe!

Happy April Fools' Day!!!

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Clinic Tan
Tuesday, June 2, 2009
What disease'd you think I'd get when you saw Clinic Tan the tittle?

Let me tell you, I did't get any diseases but I got Mr. Acne {I call him Mr. A} sitting on my face. Since then he stucks on my face and never wants to go away. He likes producing babies on my face and they grow up very fast in a day. Before they open their eyes, pus is running in there, and when they join together, their head explodes and blood bursts out. Volcano here it comes.

Acne Bursted

So tonight I had to stop the Volcano, I went to Clinic Tan to get some 'Mrs. As and Little Girl As' to plug their butt out of my face.

When I first got in to the Clinic Tan, with my mum, I thought it was scary. You know what? It's only a half room. There's no one in the clinic and only two lights near the front door were turned on. The only fan were not turned on, so I'd could hear every single sound when I approached that clinic. There'd got some oldie signboards hung up on a wall and there's also a piece of mirror on a wall below a signboard, I'd see some red-colored-names written on it. Imagine if you were me, walking into that clinic, it's just like a spooky haunted clinic. Lol! I've a good imagination.

So later I was called to the doctor. He saw my face and asked, 'What form are you in this year?' 'Form 5.' 'Since when have you got pimples?' 'About two or three years ago.' 'Your acne couldn't be treated if you came to see me two or three years ago.' I was thinking and laughing him in my heart secretly, 'Oh yes?' And then, he pulled my shirt up, back and front, to see if I'd got ance at my front and back. Fortunately, no. Next he touched about my arms, as soon as he did that, my mum said I couldn't grow fatter and I thought, 'Where're you touching? It's nothing to do my my arms, Mr. A's on my face!'. And then he said, 'It doesn't matter if you're thin or fat, your face is more important!'

So at the end he explained to me how his medicines worked, how many time I should take in a day, when, and some creams. He gave me two types of medicines which I need to take in this two weeks, looked like chocolates. And two types of creams, he named it cream A and cream B so that it's easier for me to remember. Also, he gave me a half-bottle liquid for the face-wash.

All the stuffs looked effective and now let me tell you how much they cost. RM 71 for the medicines (for ONLY two weeks), RM 10 for cream A, RM 15 for cream B and RM 10 for the face-wash, so RM 106 in total.


10:44 AM

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Boring Sunday
Sunday, May 17, 2009
mood: Boring
listening to: The Fray by The Fray

Sunday's so boring eh and I've always had nothing to do on this day. What can I do on Sunday? Um... I'll probably go

  • to my Account lesson
  • some music on MySpace
  • online blogging, you know where, just where I'm writing right now
  • YouTube
  • for a nap at noon
and I'm likely to grab some snacks while doing all that boring stuffs.

Yea, I'm doing boring things with boring mood on boring day.

Haha! You think I'm bored?

Well, you're bored, too. Because only bored reader's reading bored blogger saying boring stuffs.

Still thinking I'm bored? OK OK, just some seconds.

While reading this, how are you feeling?

Angry? Bored than anyone who's writing this entry? OR you're not feeling anything and you don't care what the blogger's saying?

But anyway... I'm don't care... because only bored reader will keep on reading until here, lol!

Hey! Hold on! Don't get angry, let me explain.

I'm bored and just want to write a boring entry for the bored readers.

OK OK OK! I'm bored!

You're deserved to watch this music video due to your patience to this blogger.

The Fray - You Found Me

Have a nice weekend XD

4:50 PM

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Sunday. 3.29.09 12:52 pm
Just downloaded the latest version of Live Messenger. It's wicked!
Latest Live have beautiful scenes, different types of sounds, categories, etc..
They added a Favorites tab, too.
You must update it!


I've been listening to Taylor Swift lately - her latest albumd, Fearless.
I like all the tracks, because most of them are written by her own. She's a fanstatic Country songwriter.

She's so beautiful!

I especially like Love Story the music video.
Don't you think the scenes are very beautiful? The sun shine, the palace and their clothes!
I think I love Country music more and more now. :D

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Sen Nin Fai Lok
Sunday. 1.25.09 10:34 pm

好快啊,又是2009年啦!今年是牛年,亦都是 --唔是我的年。唔知屬猴的我今年的運程好不好呢?



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