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World of Warcraft
Friday. 3.23.07 2:19 pm
Well, it would seem that a malicious bit of code has taken over my life. Known as the World of Warcraft MMORPG, it attempts to violently rip you from everything else you possibly care about on the computer. The only way to escape this undying nuisance is to secure yourself a computer that is uninfected with the "game" and hope that you don't reinstall it. Although I have succumbed to the temptation of reinstalling the life stealer (as it shall henceforth be known,) my computer is not yet powerful enough to handle the awesome 3D graphics and superior plot-line of the life stealer. Oh my, I seem to have been taken over for a second by the part of my brain which is directly controlled by the life stealer. I'm not sure how long I can last without my daily dose of this nuisance, but I will have to make it until the 30th of this month until I can upgrade my ram and graphics card.

The only thing I can say to my fellow nutangers is this: do not succumb to the dark forces at work in the life stealer. Be diligent and keep your distance from this unholy work of blizzard.

Okay, in other news, I started to really miss nutang lately. My last entry was from Japan, so I think I'll update on everything that has happened since then. When I got back from Japan, I got pretty depressed (I'm out of it now) because I know it'll be quite a while until I can go back. I'm working on getting into college very soon so I can be a part of the JET program. Being in the Jet program will allow me to go to Japan for one year and teach English to Japanese high schoolers. One of the requirements though is that you must hold at least a bachelors degree in any field. So I'll be off to four years of college soon, during which I'll minor in Japanese. Well, I know this isn't a very long entry, but I'll work on staying away from World of Warcraft, and getting on nutang more during my computer time.

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Why I am glad to not be a potato...
Friday. 3.23.07 3:42 pm
Well, I got to thinking the other day while I was cooking french fries at work. If I were a potato, life would suck. Right now I have it so much better than a potato.

A potato is brought into the world for the sole purpose of being eaten. But of course we cant keep it at that no... First we cut off the skin of the potato, and the eyes also come off in the process. After that a potato is washed in hot water, and cut into little pieces. And if that wasn't enough, we then freeze the little potatolets, put them in a bag with a bunch of other potatolets, and ship them all over the world. Still that is not enough to please our appetite for the destruction of the potatoes, we then boil them in 350 degree oil for nearly 3 minutes. Then we pour salt on them and eat them. (Often dipping them in a thick puree of their friend, the tomato.)

Well, I'm glad I'm not a potato.

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I'll think of a title later
Saturday. 8.4.07 3:26 pm
Yeah, I'm not quite sure what to write about. I'm just standing here writing about whatever comes to mind. I had my infected ingrown toenail removed the other day. I'm glad thats all over, it really hurt. I'm about to go eat some food I think. I finally got my Japanese lessons from the library the other day. I'll have to get some time to listen to them though. I'm still planning on going back to Japan, so I've gotta learn to speak sometime. Well, I've only got like 10 more minutes on break, so I'm going to go. Whoa, I just went back a page on accident, I'm so happy I didn't lose everything I typed.


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quickest redesign evAr!
Sunday. 3.25.07 3:16 pm
That was probably the quickest redesign that I've done yet. Thank Papagoya for templates. They saved my afternoon. Pretty much all I did was get the Icemelon template, change the links at the top to my pages (instead of le_battements) and re-align the text to the way I like it :D

I'm thinking about heading over to CSS Zen Garden and fixing it up for my page. I'll just have to toy around with it for a bit I suppose...

Well, other than that I have nothing else to write for the now. I'm just feeling kind of embarrassed, I looked at the length of my last entry, it was not too long, so I'm posting a supplementary post. :)

Well, I'll be back later :)

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The storms last night
Thursday. 3.29.07 2:40 pm
It was very stormy last night here in the Texas panhandle. There were also about 4 or 5 different tornadoes. Very scary when you live outside of town. Other than that not much has happened. I start my new job in 4 days. Or training for my new job rather. It should be fun nonetheless. I'm starting out at just under 8 dollars an hour, and I'll be working over 40 hours per week. Sure, it'll take away from my computer time, but I'll be making quite a bit of money, which I'll need later to get into college. Other than the storms and getting a new job in 4 days, nothing else has happened recently. So, I'll end this entry :D

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