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Wednesday. 7.7.04 7:42 pm
Yeah that sux, when I screwed up my knee, I ended up really screwing it up. It's got a bunch of fluids in it, and it looks like I've got a second knee growing out of my first one. It really sux. I might have to go get surgery again on it, I hopw they don't have to replace it though. I know this one gut who got fired from his job because he got his knee replaced and couldn't do his job anymore. well, I'm going to go redisign my site some more, c-ya later

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Wow that Sux but everything else Rox sorta
Monday. 7.5.04 5:44 pm
Dang, that really sux. I was playing tag with a little kid in the park, and I tripped over him, and it dislocated my knee...again. I had fun though yesterday, we went to some concert thingie and watched the firecrackers for like 10 minutes. well I have to go, I'll make this longer later. Ok, I'm back, and can write again so heres what happened, I was at the park and one of the little kids came up to me and said "you're it!" So I started chasing him saying, "hey why not, it's the fourth of july, I'm out of school, I'm off of work tomorrow, why not have some fun." So I started chasing him, but when I got to the bottom of the hill I took a wrong step and twisted my knee out of place. Other than that, I've been having a pretty good time. I have to go to work tomorrow, but thats ok, because I get paid around $500 dollars a month, so thats pretty cool. Well I'll see ya'll later, and get this posted.

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I'm just chilling
Saturday. 7.3.04 9:31 pm
Happy third of july everyone!!! I want to say this now because I won't be able to write tomorrow, and I don't want to say happy fourth of July a day early cause that would be retarded. nothing much has happened since the other day, I've just been writing in this and working on batch files and stuff. Well see ya later

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Hey its me again
Friday. 7.2.04 8:46 pm
I just got back from church-camp, It was pretty cool. I had a lot of fun. I got a new bible it was the message remix. I thought it was pretty cool. We did a lot of stuff there. I got to hike to a waterfall, it was pretty nice, but i didn't stay for long. I swam all three days the pool was open, because I have to work on my scuba diving stuff. I hope everyone likes my new page I put some new background music in, and redid the background image. Well C-ya later

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null last entry
Tuesday. 6.22.04 9:40 pm
Well my other journal site got blocked by my stupid school admin, so I'll start writing in this one. I did a remake on my page, I hope you like it. I love the song I'm playing. I would tell you whats playing, but it involves a contest that I'm running on another site. I'll tell you once someone wins the contest. Well now back to our regularly scheduled programming. Yesterday, it rained like you wouldn't believe. We were in a tornado warning, but nothing happened :( It's a shame, I love rain and severe whether. Well it's getting time to go, so I'll see you nutangers later. watching: my computer screen listening to: This song mood: bLaH

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Tuesday. 2.10.04 6:24 pm
Well since I have another journal and i wont be writing in this one anyone can use this to comment on my modules!

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Monday. 2.2.04 8:26 am
watching: nothing
listening to: Ameno By Era
mood: Kinda Happy
You wanna look at my journal its Here. have fun!

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