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If only I had wings . . . by invisible @ NuTang.com
31 Days and Broken Bones
Tuesday. 1.31.12 6:56 pm
It has been 31 days since Tyler and I have smoked a cigarette. Granted we still use an electronic cigarette, we have cut down tremendously. I did fall into smoking Wine Black and Milds as a crutch from time to time but, I havn't in a while. And man, do I love me a Black and Mild. Tyler smokes a cigar occasionally, and by that I mean one every week or less. Yay for quitting :) blah blah blah.

Two weeks ago Khloe didn't want to take a nap. So, she decided to try and climb out of her crib. As far as how she fell and what exactly happend, only Khloe knows. Shortly after the traumatic fall, The family I and realized something was terribly wrong. After an ER trip, we discovered she broke the base of her humerus. In other words, her elbow. She needs to wear her pretty pink cast for 5 more days. Everyone one can't wait for it to come off as much as she does. I feel terrible for her because she doesn't understand the situation. We noticed she was becoming left hand dominant (which is AWSOME because left handed people are AWSOME!!), and she broke her left arm. So, she has become a typical terrible two about everything. She gets frustrated with everthing. When shes frusterated she starts throwing things and hitting things or people. In this case, Tyler and I are her targets. Things have been crazy. Either way I still love my little girl so much. This will all blow over soon.

February brings TAX TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which means MONEY!!!!!!!
February also brings MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! Which means PARTY!!!
Money + Birthday = AWSOME PARTY!!!!!!

This is going to be an awsome month :)

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Thursday. 1.12.12 12:34 pm
Its day 12 with no cigarettes. :) I'm feeling pretty good about that. Tyler and I are still using the e-cig, though. We are smoking them less and less so, I guess thats good.

Since I quit smoking, I've notice I can breathe better. I didn't realize how much smoking affected my breathing untill I quit. It's crazy madness. This has motivated me to start working out. Just start doing push ups and sit ups in the morning before khloe wakes up or at nap time. I have noticed in the past few days that I am starting to gain weight. Don't get my wrong I'm still reletively average in body type. However, I use to be very thin. Now, my arms and legs are a little thicker and my tummy is sticking out a bit. I don't want to be one of those moms that just let go after having kids and gains an excessive amount of weight. Plus, I still want to find a career path in the military. In the condition I'm in now, I couldn't survive boot camp. I want to start eating healthier too. I've noticed I have been snacking a lot more since I quit smoking. I've heard it's common for people to gain weight after they quit smoking. I don't want to be one pf those people. It's all about self control!

I can do this :)

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Day Three
Tuesday. 1.3.12 5:58 pm
Now I'm on a computer.

The third day is coming to a close and I still have not smoked a cigarette. I feel like im cheating because of the electronic cigarette but, it's not anywhere near like smoking a real one. The best part about quitting (other than the health benefits) is the fact that I feel accomplished. This is something I have wanted to do for a while. I've been scared because I never thought I would have the will power. However, With Tyler and I doing this together and helping eachother it's not so bad. Tylers attitude has changed drastically for the better. We are going to be saving money and not worrying about throwing change together to buy another pack. Our relationship even seems better. AND, with these "e-cigs" you can smoke them anywhere. I can sneek off in the bedroom and take a few hits and no one would know. They are odorless and smokeless. It's kinda cool. I need to set a date to get off the "e-cig" so I can be over everything for good. I'm kind of excited and proud of myself. :)

Quitting seems to have started a chain reaction of good things. Tyler told me hes going to drop some fancy stuff on our phone plan to drop the monthly bill. Our phone bill is almost $200 a month... for 2 phones.... it's ridiculous. Other than being sick and breaking my phone, this year is going pretty good. Tax return time is right around the corner and we should be getting a BIG chunk of money. That will help us kill some debt.

In other good things. Tyler is starting to put the money he makes right into the bank instead of holding onto it and spending it on the spot. . So much stress has been lifted off of Tyler's shoulders and he seems like a new person. We are both less stressed out in ways and I believe that is why our relationship has improved.

My son is crying... Untill next time.

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Trying to be a quitter
Sunday. 1.1.12 6:55 pm
So... my husband and I have made a new years resolution to quit smoking. A minute before midnight we lit our last cigarettes. i had a lot of confidence in myself. I know I can do it. tyler and I both got disposable electronic cigarettes to help quit once and for good. they friggen suck! They work a little but, its just not the same. Im going to try my best to stay clear of smoking and live a healthier life.

In other news, my entire family is sick. Tyler, the kids, and myself have come down with some kind of chest cold. Its horrible... Its bad enough when one of us is sick. Ugh..

In other other news, last night i accidentally dropped my phone and the screen shattered... yay... I currently have it held together with tape to avoid further damage. I ended the year shitty, and started the new year sick. Alright! I cant wait to see what the future brings...

Im typing on my broken phone and its not so easy. So, I take my leave.

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Wednesday. 12.14.11 8:47 pm
As usual, the kids and I were outside waving goodbye to Tyler as he left for work. It's a ruitine with KB atleast. However, today wasn't the same. As Tyler hit the gas and drove off, I heard a horrible crunching sound. I saw an odd looking lump in the grass and thought WTF is that? After hesitating for a moment, I took a few steps towards the object and learned it was a turtle! Well, what was left or a poor little turtle. He sought refuge under my car right next to the tire. I just stood there in horror for a few seconds. I wasn't quite sure what to do or how to react. His insides we all on the outside around his shell... It was gross. Poor little turtle.

I text Tyler shortly after and told him he murdered a turtle. He obviously didn't intend for it to happen. No one saw the turtle. But, I still had to give him crap for it lol.

In other news....


My family Christmas party is this upcoming Saturday. It will be the first Christmas gathering without my Grandmother..

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Hey There Winter! What's Shakin'?
Wednesday. 11.30.11 6:37 pm
So it's finally starting to get cooler here. Tyler and I acctually needs a light jacket this morning outside. Over all it was a beautiful day.

Tyler has a second job at some fancy restruant in some fancy hotel out on Disney property. A Wyndam Resort to be exact. And when I say fancy, I mean the polish the freakin' silverware. They bring you fresh squeezed orange juice and starbucks coffee when you sit down. And the breakfast buffet was awsome. Not a huge selection but, what they had was so yummy. After breakfast, Tye gave us a tour of the property. The pools and activities were awsome! I've never taken a tour around a 5 star resort. I felt like security was gonna come kick me out because I wasn't fancy enough to be there. Crazy madness.

In other pointless new about my life. I went to Disney yesterday with the little monsters and a friend. It was a blast. I drank my first alcoholic beverage at Disney (that I bought tee hee) It was a Bud Light. At the end of the night we went to Hollywoord Studios to see something called the Osbourne Lights. It was SO FLIPPEN COOL!! Over 5 million little lights pave a sigle street. The lights flicker and dance to Christmas music and its trippy and "magical". The best part is there are giant bubble machines on top of the building that blow foam down and it looks just like snow. Through all of my years going to Disney for the first time in a while I was completely amazed and entertained by something. I only saw the lights once when I was really little and didnt remember the experience. I can't wait to go back to see it again. Totally sweet. :)

Kaden is growing so fast. He's 4 months old and already wearing 9 month jammies. He gonna be so tall. However, I'm 6' and Tyler is 6'3" so it's not too shocking. He loves to babble and talk and smile. He's too cute!

Khloe turned 2 on Thanksgiving day. It's hard to believe I've been a Mommy for 2 years now. I love it! It's even harder to believe I'll be 22 soon. Crazy madness.

I'll write again. Later my fellow Nutangers!

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Where's Your Mother?!
Tuesday. 11.1.11 10:20 pm
My husband totally called the cops on a bunch of little kids today. Yes, that is harsh. However, I agreed with Tyler on this one. A couple of the little boys were kicking and choking our neighbors cat. Tyler ran outside and scared the shit out of them. After that, we noticed there was no adult in sight. There were about 8 children in all standing and laying down in the road. They all looked under the age of twelve. However, the reason Tyler called the cops was because one of the children looked less than 2 years old and no one was watching him. He was running around in the street and none of the other kids were paying any attention to his safety. At one point, this poor toddler was standing by himself infront of his house crying. All of the other children ran off and left him.

A cop showed up eventually and talked to the girl that was suppose to be watching them. The mom came home after someone alerted her the cops were at her house. I felt bad for her. She had to leave for something work related and put her oldest daughter in charge of her siblings. Obviously, the daughter had more important things to do...

Who the hell lets a 2 year old toddler run around in the street and not think twice about it??

People piss me off >.<

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Thursday. 10.20.11 5:19 pm
So... I went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios last night. It's tradition that a few good friends and I get together every year to attend this spooky event. I had a blast! I love getting together with the gang. or the first time this year I was too afraid to look at my surroundings in one of the scare houses. The theme was "The Thing". I have not seen the remake but, Tyler has. I'm already creeped out by what he's told me about the movie, and the house was just too much. Plus, who can forget the chainsaw guys that run about the streets causing chaos throughout the park. Gotta love those guys! I got home around 2am. The monster was with my mom and my little man was with Tyler. For the first time in a long time I felt like a teenager again. No husband or kids! Just my friends and I being ourselves and having a good time.

Moving on, Tyler got a second job at a fancy time share place in Disney. Its not Disney owned, so its a normal place to work... thank God! workng for Disney is madness! They remove your brain and stuff your skull with pixi dust. I'ts quite messy.

So yeah... that's about it for now. Later!

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