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May change often.
Saturday. 3.5.05 7:40 pm
Well, I got those root canals that they were talking about giving me. I almost fell asleep during them because I was so bored and it took so long. I probably would have fallen asleep if they wouldn't have had me hold my mouth open. I've been using paint shop pro a lot, it's really cool. I place my image that I made in the gallery. You should go look at it, it's really cool. I'm trying to make a new layout that will revolve around something sorta like that. I'm still trying to get a website again, the thought of having my own website is just to tempting to stop me. The only problem is getting a free host. Geocities is blocked, along with any other popular host. I'll try to get to one, and I'll tell you the name of the site when I get it all set up. I've been trying to learn psp7, so I got the librarian to buy psp7 for dummies for the school. She hasn't gotten it back yet from amazon, but it's supposed to be coming in the mail. It should be here in a couple of weeks. Here's the image Well, I've gotta go, ttyl

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Friday. 2.18.05 4:57 pm
Wow, it's finally friday!!!! I've waited all week for today, it's finally the weekend, and I can do pretty much anything I want to do. Well, now that it's finally here, I don't know what to do. I've been modifying my music list, I put on a new song in honor of it being friday, it's called come with me, by Special D. I love it!!! I've found a pretty cool program called JWPce, it's a japanese word processor, it lets you type in japanese even if you don't have japanese font on you computer, it's really cool. I found another one called Kanjigold to. It teaches Japanese Kanji without Japanese fonts either. I basically gave up (again) on trying to get a website besides this one, all hosting sites that I can find are blocked, and theres no way to get passed the filters. I've almost memorized the first chapter of my Japanese book, I'm halfway through it right now, and I'm typing up the first list of vocabulary. Well, that's about all of the interesting news, oh yeah, the two files on the music chooser, "Pinnacle" and "Crest of Nobility" are two of the songs my school band is playing at concert competion this year. Enjoy!

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Loaded Up! (with homework) :*(
Wednesday. 2.9.05 9:46 pm
Wow, I've been loaded up with homework, for my english 2 1st period, I have to write a full page report on a who/what I think the law is in some dudes short story, before the law. anyways, it would have only been a paragraph, but everyone decided they needed to complain about 5 sentences, so now we have 5 paragraphs that really sucks. I didn't get any home work second period tech systems, but I'm making a rocket in that class, it's pretty cool. In 3rd period, geometry, my teacher couldn't make it, and we had to have the principle as our substitute. 4th period Algebra 2, 2 chapter reviews on complex numbers to do. I got to watched about an hour of The Lord of the Rings in Band, it was pretty cool, we were supposed to listen to the music, but I just watched it. I am supposed to copy 4 pages of info over the different european countries. I've never even wanted to know that much info about europe, and they called these for pages a Quick Facts table that's like calling a giraffe short :) finally in 7th period, we had another chapter review, and then a foldable, those suck. Well, to add onto all of that, my bosses daughter asked me out, and when I said I'll think about it (She's a 7th grader, I'm 10th I was gonna tell her that I could be a really close friend a couple of days later), she told my boss that we were going out, so my boss told her other daughter whose five and want's to marry me the news, and she cried like all night. Add onto that the embarrasment of having your boss think you are going out with her daughter, and the anxiety of your moms court case which will determine the next 3 years of her life(it turned out good, she only got an extended probation period, and more fines), and you have my day in a nutshell. Well, I have to go, see ya later.

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what does the word (substitute big word here) mean
Monday. 2.7.05 9:32 pm
Anyways, I have some biology vocabulary home work, so this wont be very long. I've learned some more japanese. well, nevermind, I cant remember how to say it. It's really hard trying to learn 2 languages at once, especially two of the hardest languages in the world. I'm going through later, and allowing non-members to comment on my entries, but I will invite them to come join me and everyone else to join nutang. I learned in Biology that to much stress can lead to cancer, so I got a book from my library about Tai Chi, a method of excercising that reduces stress, I thought that was pretty cool, I'm gonna start practicing it some time this week, whenever I can make some time in my schedule. Well, I really don't have all that much to talk about, except for everything I shared here. I played James Bond Earlier, it was pretty cool. I was killing everyone with those Heat-Seeking Missiles, I rock at that game (compared to a chimpanzee :] ) Well, I'm gonna get this published so everyone can read it. See ya later.

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Saturday. 2.5.05 5:48 pm
Well, the superbowl is tomorrow, I don't really want to watch it, so I'll try to get on the computer, or I'll watch all of the funny comercials and read during the game or something. Nothing has really happend lately, I've been listening to guns and roses for a while. I just got off of work, and I got word that I'm going to be a tour guide. I thought that was pretty cool. I just noticed something really weird. About every five minutes my Symantec Anti-Virus quick pick in the tasc bar says that auto protect is disabled, then I go to click on it to activate it, and it tells me that it's already activated. That's really weird. Well, I've just about given up on having any other website besides this, I've tried to find free hosting that isn't web sensed, but the only ones I can find are ones that allow only a few megabytes of content, nowhere near enough to host the site that I want to host. I can't think of any way to get a site. Oh yeah, I found a book in my library that teaches how to speak japanese, so I'm happy, because I've also found sites that let you learn how to write japanese. I'm running out of time now, but I'll try to write again soon. See ya later.

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Sunday. 1.30.05 1:27 pm
Yes!! I finally found a web template that I can modify and still have it look really nice. As of right now, I'm updating all the pages. I haven't loaded it to the internet yet, but I hope to have it done in a couple of days. I can't go to get my fish today because it's snowing, I'm not able to go to town when the roads are icey. Oh well I really just wanted to get my site up and running today anyways. Well, other than getting my site up, nothing has happened. I'm trying to find a program that will allow me to put an image gallery on my page. All searches have found nothing, but I've not been looking very hard. Yeah, I just got back from lunch, I had crackers and easy-cheese, it was pretty good. I had waffles to, but they weren't as good as easy-cheese, I could eat easy-cheese all day. The only things I have to find for my site is an FTP program, and a script to make an image gallery for all my pictures. I can find an ftp program easy, the only thing i need help with is a script. Well, I've got to go. C-ya later.

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that was short
Saturday. 1.29.05 10:05 pm
That was short. As I stated in the last entry, I was downloading firefox, but I finally ended up deleting it off of my system, because first, it was too big, my access to the C drive allows only 100mb of space. Second, it was entirely to slow, I still like internet explorer better, and I probably will untill I find a faster one. Well, that's about all. Now onto more pressing matters. I've been listening to In the hall of the mountain king for like 30 minutes in a row, I like it, but I'm addicted to it...Badly. I also just got back from church, it was great. The Pat Brown Worship Band came out just for us, and this huge guy named "Stuff" came as the guest speaker. It was great. I almost cried when he told us about when his mom died. it was really sad, because her doctors told her that her seizures wouldn't kill her, but she had a seizure once in the bathroom and as she was falling hit her head in, and died. Well, that's enough for today. C-ya later.

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firefox and other stuff
Friday. 1.28.05 4:32 pm
Yeah, I'm downloading firefox right now, I've been hearing a lot about it lately, and decided I wanted to try it out. Well anyways, I've tried mozilla, that was a mistake, it was really slow on my computer, I'm used to speed, and mozilla worked on my computer like the first version of internet explorer would. Well, now that that's over with, I went to talk to my network admin the other day to see if they would install some fonts that have japanese display capabilities, but they said they were to busy, I'm trying to learn japanese, but since I can only install a few types of programs on my computer, I have to learn japanese online, but most of the graphics are blocked because of lightspeed websystems filtering abilities, so I have to learn by using internet sites that display characters instead of pictures, but I can't because I don't have the font files I need. So anyways, to summarize the story, I can't learn japanese untill my admins clear up their other problems on the network. Nothing much else happened lately, I've been reading up on John Titor lately, most of the stuff about him seems unbeliveable, but a lot of the things he's predicted have come true. I'm also going to a church camp type deal tonight, and all day tomorrow I'll be there to. Well, I have to go. C-ya later

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