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Sunday. 12.30.07 3:30 am

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Hilarious Japanese prank (trust me)
Friday. 12.28.07 6:07 am

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Why Do All Good Things (come to an end) Video
Sunday. 11.11.07 9:27 am

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Thursday. 11.1.07 4:17 am

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Monday. 10.22.07 3:06 am

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John Stuart Quote of the Day
Thursday. 9.27.07 11:56 pm

"It's 130 degrees in Baghdad. Do you know where your parliament is?"

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Kaali Maata - Meaning and Significance
Thursday. 9.27.07 1:54 am
Kaali Maata - Meaning and Significance
Filed Under (Kaali) by Ashwin

Kaali is one of the best known, but poorly understood forms of the Hindu Goddess. She is dark destructive and terrible in image. She is allied to the forces of death and destruction. The most common image of Kaali shows her dancing on Shiva. This article aims to give an insight into Hinduism’s use of such mystic imagery.

Does Kaali actually have a seperate consciousness or is she just a represenatation of time as an unthinking scientific principle?

Hinduism personifies what to us are abstract spiritual truths as Gods and Goddesses. Spiritual ideas are clothed in concrete imagery, and approached as living beings. This does not reflect a lack of reasoned thinking, or attachment to form, but rather an experiential contact with the higher truths, as living forces. Hinduism creates a personal relationship between ourselves and the forces of the cosmos, and eventually leads us to realise that these forces are within us rather than separate. All forces of the universe are pervaded by consciousness, hence the reason as to why they are approached as living beings is because in reality, they are. The purpose of vivid imagery is that whilst meditating upon the image, our mind is shocked into thinking into the depths of the concept we are trying to understand and know, beyond our usual conditioned ideas.In that way we can really experience the truth of time as an awesome conscious force and understand how our existence relates to it.

Why Is She Dancing On Shiva?

Shiva, in the Shaivite tradition, is the all pervading eternal primeval consciousness of the universe and beyond, who is beyond motivation. Hence, He is commonly shown as meditating in tranquil. His action and motivation occur only prior to the final destruction and dissolution of this cycle of creation. Hence, when Shiva dances, it is considered to be the terrible awesome dance of destruction.

It is on the passive, ultimate reality of Shiva, that Kaali (time) does her dance, causing the constant cycles of creation, life and death of all things in the universe. Shiva is the substratum upon which Kaali acts. Hence, in this part of the Hindu spiritual traditions, the entire divine action and existence is represented by the dance of Kaali (time) upon the changeless all pervading consciousness, Shiva.

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