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Ancient Chinese Secret
Tuesday. 3.13.07 10:51 am
If you went to the doctor with a pain in your leg and he told you the only option was to cut it off, would you get a second opinion? Heck yeah! I am not saying that my leg is to be cut off but when western medicine fails to work... I look to the East.

I have a back injury from 22 years ago. Every now and then, my back will slip out or some trauma will happen and I am not able to walk, sit, etc. The only thing that works for me is Accupuncture. I don't know how it works and I cannot begin to explain it. Maybe it is just some ancient Chinese secret.

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Reflect and Pray
Tuesday. 3.13.07 12:27 pm
The people at my job really drive me nuts! I just dont understand. (while I am out)I am laid out! I cant walk, sit or stand and these people come to my office, knowing nothing and give people the wrong information. So I see the acupunturist to cure me so that I can come back to work to deal with these "disney" characters and I just cant believe them. So I am here working and the secretary comes in and turns off the office lights as if nobody is here. HELLO!!! What the hell are you doing lady??! She said, "oh, sharon came by and said the light was on and nobody was in there." WTF!!?? So then after the secretary leaves, SHARON comes by and knocks on the door (the sign says open and the door is unlocked). I wheel my work chair out and say, "yes?" It took her 10 minutes to tell me that my boss is looking for me. I said, well, I have been here all morning. I only left once to use the bathroom.

Dear Lord,
Give me the strength to make it through this day at work. You know what I am dealing with and you know my present health condition. Please help me to accomplish all that I set out to do today with very little to no confrontation.

In the name of Jesus Christ,

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Dumb Responses I heard today
Tuesday. 3.13.07 6:57 pm
Today was such a Marvelous Day!!! I actually had some GREAT responses from College students. I thought that I MUST share them with you..

1. (student) Who do I ask for a letter of recommendation?
(worker) You can ask your teacher or counselor?
(student) Do I walk up to them and ASK them?

2. (student) I have a complaint and I want to speak with the Dean.
(worker) Ok, well let me make an appointment for you. What time can you come in?
(student) I dont know. I have to check with my mom to see when she is availiable.

3. (student) You said I need TWO letters of recommendation?
(me) YES.
(student) Well my sister wrote one. Who do I ask for the other one??

4. (me) I am sorry but I cannot accept your letter of recommendation.
(student) Why not??!
(me) Because, you cannot write a letter recommendation for yourself.

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Earthquake weather
Wednesday. 3.14.07 12:44 pm

Earthquake weather... they say there is no such thing. But I beg to differ. It was so hot yesterday like in the 90's and now today it is so cold and overcast.... it is only suppose to reach 76 degrees today.

I love it when it is cold. That is why I left that hot place, my homeland, my Hawaii. It is just too hot there.

We are due for an earthquake.... will it come soon? Will it come at all? Is the earth going through a major change?

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Mid-term tonight
Wednesday. 3.14.07 6:12 pm
I have a mid-term tonight and I didn't really study. I have been so sick that I just didnt find the time. I know I may just be lazy at this point but honestly... I hate cramming during the last minute.

Holy crap! I just realized that we have to do a brief presentation of a paper that we were suppose to write. I only have one hour to write this paper and do my presentation!!!

Pray for me!

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I got an upgrade
Wednesday. 3.14.07 10:35 pm
I went to tmobile today to get a new sim card for my son. While I was there I found out I was eligible for a phone upgrade. I saw this cute little nokia phone. I dont particullarly care for nokia since I have had my history of problems with them. I really like motorola but the new razor has not come out yet.

Anyhow, I should be getting the new phone in about a week. Luckily my sisters celphone just broke so I will send her my Razor once I get my new nokia...

What do you think??

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Accupuncture II
Friday. 3.16.07 3:29 pm
Ok, so I thought that one accupuncture treatment was going to be the end of all treatments. I was CURED!! So, at least I thought I was. I was swaying my hips and bending at the waist without any pain. However, there was this sharp pain in my right quadracep. That pain was causing me to limp like a veteran of war. I thought it would be ok for me to grit my teeth and bear the pain until it goes away.

I am not as tough as I thought I was. The pain was constant every day. It felt as if I were hit by a moving car right smack in the middle of my leg; or maybe even by a snowmobile on a downhill run. The only thing that worked was 3 excedrin every 4-6 hours. But now I was worried about burning a hole in my stomach lining from all that excedrin.

I finally gave in and called the accupunturist to schedule another appointment. I am glad that I did. It has only been 3 hours since I had seen her and I have not needed to take a single asprin or excedrin. I am even able to bend my knee. Wow! This stuff really works!

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Financial projection test
Saturday. 3.17.07 1:51 pm

Congratualtions! You are 1% ghetto

It looks like you keep yourself out of the ghetto and are living ghetto free. Also, you may be white.

How Ghetto Are You
Create Your Own Quiz

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