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Tiger's SMS Hotline... Malaysia
Tigers' Life in the Mother Earth
Updated 16 Feb 09

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The tiger is our national animal. Our heritage. But today only less than 500 of them
remain in the wild. As Malaysians, we need to stand up and protect our heritage.
Speak to your children. Speak to your leaders. Everyone of us can make a difference.
For further information, please visit MYCAT (www.malayantiger.net), WWF Malaysia
(www.wwf.org.my) and Department of Wildlife & National Parks (www.wildlife.gov.my)


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An Amur tiger and cub at Edinburgh Zoo. Photograph: David Cheskin/PA

There are now just a few thousand tigers left. Seven hundred mountain gorillas. A hundred Iberian lynx. Can we do anything to help them? Emine Saner looks at 10 animals we just have to save - and how you can get involved ....
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Source : The Guardian

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Tambun during the day~ Fisherman boat~
Monday. 4.6.09 9:54 pm
Dear Diary,

After Qing Ming, my dad suggested we had lunch over Tambun, which they served cheap and yummy delicious seafood (however, the shop that we frequent only open at 3pm, so we go to the neighbour.... which the foods turned out bad haha and SLOW!!!!) anyway.. just some pictures taken during the lunch... i never see this b4 because everytime we went for dinner, and was too dark for me to see or snap pictures...

Cleaning and packing shells... (lala in hokkien)

Land that make of shells~


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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
Qing Ming Jie - Grave Sweeping Festival
Sunday. 4.5.09 10:25 pm
Dear Diary,

On the 5th of April, Sunday, I went to my dad's hometown for chinese tradition, Qing Ming a.k.a. Grave Sweeping...

Is good tho to go, is sort of like family reunion with my father's side....

But they were damn funny, people Qing Ming at early in the morning when the ohisama (sun) still sleeping, but we Qing Ming when they sun high up the sky... @@"' so the result... hot !!!!

Dad asked me to bring camera along... haha... to see if i able to snap picture of my dead grandpa / grandma... @@'' of course i dont see them la...but try to look for it if u happen to see it.. haha picture below...

The view of Graveyard @@''

Things for the dead

Roast Pig chopped chopped

Anyway.... Qing Ming always remind me of one chinese saying that i learned in high school....

Thats the saying.. or more to a chinese poem ~
The translation here

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
My self Create so called Fairy Tales Part 1
Friday. 4.3.09 5:29 am
Dear Diary,

Just my full of grammar and spelling error self create story.... haha... @@''

Let's the story begin......

Once upon a time, there was a planet by the name of Jupy, lived a huge castle where the King and Queen were expecting a baby girl that believed to possessed a magical power that one day she will be the heir to the castle. Her destiny was determined far before she was born, because the castle’s shaman had predicted and drafts a life long journey for her where she will marry the prince of the neighbouring planet in order to successfully inherit the throne.

At the 21st Day of 741 Jupy Year, the castle is surrounded by the rhyme of laughter, joy, and happiness because it is a special day for the King, Queen and Jupyian as they are waiting for the Princess Jupy into the world. As the rhyme of pain travelled through the Queen’s chamber, Jupyian prays for blessing and good health for the Queen. Hours and hours of waiting, had come to an end when an infant’s cries broke the rhyme of pain. Soon, the whole Jupy is covered with joy, happiness, laughter and the cries.

However, no one realize besides Princess Jupy there is another infant beneath Jupy is crying his lung out, surrounded by darkness and his death mother.
Once Princess Jupy is born, the King and Queen present their daughter with two lovely guardians by the name Alexandria and Juty where their duties are to protect the princess and be her friends.

Years passes by, Princess Jupy grow up into a young lady, where now she needed to attend the school of spell before she can successfully inherit the throne.

The first day of school, she is accompanied by guardians as Princess Jupy is shy in nature. As soon as the spell classes start, Princess Jupy seems to forget all the shyness, she is actively participating in the spells experiment and quickly she gains the love of the Spell Binder and her classmates.

As day passes by, Princess Jupy seems eager to go to the school, because to her, going to school is a way to gain to new experiences and making new friends.

One day, the Summons of the school escape from the spells ring, causes destruction around the school, some senior students and the Spell Binders are injure trying to stop the Summons from luring into the city. No one seems to able to stop the Summons, some students are trying to escape to the underground, except Princess Jupy, she confronted the Summons and managed to tame the Summons. Everyone was amazed by her ability and soon had become the school’s idol.

One day, while Princess Jupy was in the school compound practicing a fire spell with her friend, she was interrupted by a young handsome Prince that trying to attract her attention by burning the Princess’ hair.

Fears and angers build among the Princess’ friends and they tried to protect the princess and ready to fight but was cut off when Princess laughter broke the tension.

“I’m fine, is just my hair got a little bit burned, but I’m absolutely fine.”

“Are you sure? He is trying to hurt you.”
The crowd asked.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Princess Jupy jumps up from her sit and moved forward to the young handsome Prince.

“Princess…..” The crowd was worried.

“Hello, do I know you? Why did you burn my hair? Or are you having trouble to control your fire spell? I can teach you, and we can learn together.”

“Yeah, Princess Jupy is the nicest person in the planet, so don’t you dare to lay a finger on her!” the crowd was showing anger towards the Young Handsome Prince.

“Ha Ha.... Silent... Oh Princess.... you don’t know me? You must be kidding me. I am your future H-U-S-B-A-N-D.” The Young Handsome Prince was laughing.

“Husband? I didn’t know that I have a husband, did you mistaken me to other person?”

“Of course not, when you were born, the Shaman had decided based on the legend that you will be my bride, so that you can inherit the throne or your planet will destroy.”

“Legend? Shaman? Destroy? What are you trying to tell me?”

“You will be my wife, and from today onwards, you will listen to me, and follow as what I said.”

“No I won’t.”

“Yes you will.”

Before the argument gets intense, Alexandria rushed quickly over to Princess Jupy and cut off the conversation between the young handsome Prince.

On the way back to the castle, both Princess Jupy and Alexandria reminds silent, but thousands and millions of questions runs through princess’ brain but never seems to find an answer.

As they reach the castle, Princess Jupy rushes off to meet the King and Queen to demand for answers.

“Welcome home my princess, how’s your school? Did you manage to control your fire spell?” as the king welcome his princess with his opened arms, but only to realize princess is showing her tantrum.

“What’s wrong princess? Something happened in school?” as the Queen turned concern and trying to figure out what had causes her princess’ anger that rarely shown after she went to school.

“I have a husband? Pre-arrange marriage? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“We decided to tell you on your next coming birthday, Princess, this is your destiny, you and only you can inherit my throne, and only Nelson the Prince of Nepy will help you in the succession of this, if not….”

“If not? If not what? I need to know, I have the right to know…. Please father….”

“If not the planet will destroy.” As the castle Elder Shaman walked into the conversation.

“Why, why me?”

“This is your destiny, you can’t fight it, I had lived my entire life waiting for you to born to this world, to successfully stop the Legendary Sorceress’ Curse and end the suffering of Jupyian.” Said the angry Elder.


As quickly as Princess Jupy manages, she rushed out from the castle, leaving everyone and everything behind. Only allowing the flows of wind and the inner voice of her brain leads her through the road. Hours of running paid off when Princess Jupy founds an empty land covered with greenie grass and the scent of fresh greenie grass calm her down. She landed her two knees over the grass and soon she dozed off to sleep due to the tiredness of running.

While she was asleep, a dark figure surrounded her and covered her with total darkness... princess can’t breathe nor move........ and she was struggling..... both physical and her inner soul..........

To be continued ... @@''

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
Thursday. 4.2.09 9:26 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
I Oppose Tiger Park in Penang
Thursday. 4.2.09 1:24 am
Dear Diary,

Picture Taken by Dr. Ch'ng (my uncle!) this tiger is Captive tiger at Kedah.

It might or might not be a hot topic now (since the politic news r overwhelmed in the newspaper) about Penang CM proposed of building a tiger park on 40ha of hilly terrain, Relau Penang.

This proposed idea had received both positive and negative replies from the public. Of course the negative replies weight heavier than the positive one.
I as the topic mention strongly oppose the idea of having a Tiger Park in Penang, because I don’t think is practical to put the tigers in captive when they are suppose to remain in the wild.

Of course I could not provide scientific argument however; the Tiger Park does bring some bad impression and interpretation for me. Few months ago, I read of the Tiger Temple in Thailand, which at the surface we saw the monk were providing home to the tigers that were saved from poachers, but in reality

CWI's Chief Executive Dr Barbara Maas says, "The Temple's popularity is based around claims that its tigers were rescued from poachers and move freely and peacefully amongst the temple's monks, who are actively engaged in conservation work. But this utopian façade hides a sinister reality of unbridled violence and illegal trafficking of tigers between Thailand and Laos." Quote from Illegal Tiger Trade, Cruelty and Human Health Hazards at Famous Tourist Destination

For More Read Here

Black Market Tigers Linked to Thai Temple, Report Says by National Geography

Besides this, it would be scary to see the story repeated itself, the cost to maintain an adult tiger is high, what if the income from the public visit do not exceeded the expected income? How will they solve the problem? The tigers couldn’t let hungry for too long, as the suggested tiger park will be located near to highly populated. I know it will be highly monitored by the professional, but what if the tiger got loose, tiger and human conflict might occur. If the tiger happened to attack some human, what will be the faith of the poor tiger?

The tiger temple used to be a place for “saved tigers” but soon it turned into breeding centre, will The proposed tiger park in Penang, remains as its objective or it soon turned into breeding centre? Where all tigers in future will be in captive. Remember, only 40 ha is allocated. And Penang is such a small island to release tiger into wild. (there is no history of tigers population in Penang.)

Worse, will the nightmare occur in the proposed park? What is the future of the tiger if insufficient fund occur? Will the tiger park turned into tiger farm? Or will it involved in illegal trafficking? Remember years ago they have this huge activities of posting our portrait to CITIES to urge China’s government to continue the banned of tiger farming? News shown that, at the Tiger Farm in China, they served the big cat’s meat although it was banned. I just hope this won’t happen if Tiger Park is to impose in Penang.

Been to any zoo in Malaysia???? I been to Taiping Zoo which was disappointing with the poor management (but it was years ago), been to Zoo Negara too but I can’t make any comment because it was heavy rain once we step in and have a round on the trailer. But I been to Zoo Melaka twice, although I’m excited to see tigers in the zoo but, I nearly cried when I see their territory, is relatively small for 2 tigers, and some 3. But I do know if the tigers were not sent to Zoo Melaka, their fate will end once they were capture…. (Sad to say, the zoo in Malaysia are poorly managed) Will the Proposed Tiger Park well maintain in the future? is still a mystery...

Taken by Me, at Zoo Melaka... poor tiger... he is stressed out!

But in conclution, i still strongly oppose to the idea of having Tiger Park in Penang.

Anyway this is just a piece of my mind... and if you don't agree with me, i would loves to apologize here.. and thank you for reading.!

News Related to Penang Tiger Park (not in order)


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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
Hide Your Eyes by Alison Gaylin - Mi Opinion
Tuesday. 3.31.09 9:44 pm
Dear Diary,

Quote From the Side
Hide Your Eyes by Alison Gaylin

Samatha Leiffer has had enough trouble in her life. So why does it still insist on following her around? Accidentally witnessing two people dump an ominous-looking chest into the Hudson, Samantha has a horrible, stomach-churning feeling about its contents. Not one to let a murder pass by unsolved, Samantha sets out to get to the bottom of the mystery, aided by the very hot and hardline homicide detective, John Krull. It's not long before Sam finds herself looking for some very dark scary figures in New York, who as it happens, just might be looking for her too...

Not my cup of tea....[doesn't mean is not urs :D] is just way too confusing for me with the dialogue and sudden changed of scene....

and i only started to understand the story after chap 3. (erm according to some other reviews, it was way to British Style.)

Although the words used were simple but i find it very confusing again the setting.

Too much of "F" letter words and i think the story abit rush.. But it never stop me from imagine how she describe once i get hold of her story.... there was one scene that make my hair goes up ~~ lol (Peter and Yale)

The story was okay and of course the detective part was nice as in figuring out who is the serial killer. although for me is kind of confusing, i finish 3/4 of the book in one day, up till midnight just to know who is the killer.

As for the story involving dolls, really creep me out, and gave me nightmares...

Learned new term of intaglio - concave (a doll's maker terms) (italian word) which was the most creepy part~

Spoiler Alert
Samatha Leiffer is a pre school teacher and also work at theater, she is very superstitious about things that happen.

She doesnt like cops but ended up dating one who is trying to protect her from the serial killer.

During Valentine day, she was tired with the club activities, and walked alone to the construction area at the nearby River, which then she witness a crime scene taken place. She saw 1 man with mirror contact lense and a woman shivering with cold and tears well up her eyes throwing a shiny blue container into the river.

According to the story, Samatha Leiffer stays alone with a weird neighbour below, whenever she wore boots and walked around the house, the neighbour will start banging the ceiling as a protest, which ended up by threatening Samatha Leiffer that she will call the cops if she keep wearing her boots. Sad to say, the neighbour died because the serial killer was in Samatha Leiffer's house and she mistaken the Serial Killer as Emma.

Yale and Peter have a fun relationship, and yes they do develop to wonderful couple although there were some fighting and misunderstanding going on.. I think both of them were cute.

Some left suspended, since i dont know who shot the dentist (her friend's fiance)....

The serial killer is so obsess with doll making!!!!!!

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
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