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Updated 16 Feb 09

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There are now just a few thousand tigers left. Seven hundred mountain gorillas. A hundred Iberian lynx. Can we do anything to help them? Emine Saner looks at 10 animals we just have to save - and how you can get involved ....
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My Favourite Author ~ Lisa Jane Smith
Sunday. 3.29.09 12:06 pm
Dear Diary,

Reading never been my passion, in the past, if one book was handed towards me, I’ll immediately show the disgust face, because I just simply hate reading! [Of course the book I meant was novel either fiction or nonfiction]

But one fine day, my friend Renaye was all over this particular novel, Black Dawn by Lisa Jane Smith, she was telling me and other friends how well she wrote and pin pointed us to read a particular page number in the book because, she was excited over L.J.S writing skill of Prince Delos (the main character of the story) and Maggie (the female lead) kissing. As curious as I was, i started reading that particular page, and yes I still doubt it :P. but after reading it, it really catches my eyes and my soul to finish the book, to know the ending yet I just too lazy to hold on it.

SPM was over, and I still struggling to be patient towards books, imagine, I didn’t finish reading The Pearl (compulsory book in F5) yet I sit for my SPM lol. But later, i borrow Black Dawn from her to read during my holiday to KL and later Seremban.

The day I landed my feet on Seremban as a part-time nurse and Nanny at my uncle’s house. This was when I start flip through pages over pages of Black Dawn.

I started it slow at the night, as I only free then, and slowly the story line get into intense and I just wanted to finish it fast as I wanted to know what happen to Maggie’s brother and how the love between Prince Delos and Maggie as well as the Elder…. So within one night I finished another half of the book. The feeling was overjoyed and I wanted more, more of her book as I love her style of writing, yes I’m hunger for her books, her stories which were very rare to buy from bookstore, seriously her books were simply rare in the market for many years, until recently they reprinted it (3 in 1) for Night World series (RM29.90) and (2 in 1) for Vampire Diaries.

1 or 2 years ago, Renaye called, do I wanted Black Dawn (2nd hand), and immediately I said yes, since I only needed Black Dawn to complete my Night World Series. :D

It took me years to completely collect most of her books, although I’m still hunting for The Solstice and Heart of Valor and Of course now I’m still waiting for the New Night World series – The Strange Fate. Although it been years of waiting, but I know is worth the wait.

Anyway these are the L.J.Smith books I owned, and we (me and renaye jokingly saying we will installed sensor, alarm, unbreakable shield to keep our L.J.Smith’s books, because we simple adore it. :D

The Night World Series

The Vampire Diaries

The Forbidden Games

The Secret Circles :D

Dark Vision


About the author~ Quote from The Night World One – Secret Vampire

Lisa Jane Smith is the author of more than a dozen books for young adults, including The Vampire Diaries and the trilogies The Forbidden Game and Dark Visions. Since childhood she has been fascinated by the night and the way the ordinary world changes in moonlight. She lives in northern California, in a rambling house in a small town.

To read about her and her stories, you can visit her official site… which I always excited about.. lol :D

My favorite L.J.Smith books are (yes present tense since I still loving it) The secret circles series, Night World – Secret Vampire, The Chosen (haha cause I like John Quinn :P), and Soulmate (since it was my first bought L.J.Smith’s book ~ Lord Thierry~~~~~~), [SPOILER ALERT]The Forbidden Game Trilogies – which I refused to finish it after so many years (2 or 3 chapter left I think) because I don’t want Julian to die!!!!!! Haha but I know Renaye keep asking me to finish it and keep telling me he die he die :(.

But of course I loves all her books, all the stories she wrote except one… which I don’t really understand nor enjoy~~ haha Night World The Dark Angel… maybe I should just re read it… haha… and I think I’m gonna read Secret Vampire again….. Jamie and Poppy~~~~ they are cute couple, but Mary-Lynnette Carter and Ash Redfern is the cutest couple.

L.J.Smith’s books had played important roles in my life. Well after reading her books, I started to love reading, and I started to read other authors, like R.L. Stine, Deborah Wright [to have a good laugh], Melissa Nathan and other (fiction). Later my passion towards kids had make me started reading nonfiction books about abuse, survival and others, like Torey Hayden, Dave Pelzer , Joe Peters(is in my facebook friendlist:D) and others.

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A book you must read
Friday. 8.3.07 3:49 pm
Dear Diary,

What i been up to ever seen i started my 3 months holiday was gaming, and reading (to catch up the time that i had lost in space during my schooling that packed with assignment, tests, exams, presentation within 14 weeks).

As you can see at my reading list, i started it off good, and i continued to make my reading list long enough to reach the bottom, my goal is 12 books this year but i might read more than that, well it depends on how fast i want to read and how addicted towards the gaming. However my achievement so far was good since i'm reading 8 and the half book (since i drop one book full of erotica scene, which is a no no to me).

I seldom make book reviews, or i dont bother to do book reviews because i do not know how to cut it short, simple and nice to attract a potential reader. However, today i plan to write a book review, a book that make me think over again what i really want in my life. Often i said i wanted a twin but things r different now... i think...

The book that i said you must read [i mean for my opinion] or i rather said books by this author = Torey Hayden is eyes catching, heart touching and real to the extend of i dont know but i highly recommended to mum or dad out there.

Here very 1st book that i read Twilight Children had make my tears drop and my mind flow. And to say, childhood is very important to a children as well as parents are important in shaping the child in the future
[i might be wrong since im not a mum yet but i do face the childhood situation that affected me very much today]

In this book, it talk about 3 particular people, a nine years old girl = Cassandra that was abducted by her own dad and was sexually abuse during the abduction period. She suffered a lot and this make me think that her own dad abducted her because of revenge towards his ex-wife, divorce dont really do good to kids when the parents cant handle it properly. Her story was sad, very sad indeed.

2nd was 4 years old boy = Drake that suspected to have elective mutism which mean refuse to talk or rather only talk to certain person. his pushy grand-dad =Mason make things difficult for the little boy, as well as to his own son = Skip that tried to commit suicide due to the pressure placed by his father. Due to the bossy grand-dad, it nearly causes Drake to own a handicap. hence, is bad to put too much pressure on the kids because it might causes negative effect that do more harm than good .
[of course im not a parent yet, but too much pressure is no good, my dad used to put pressure on my study, thats y im having horrible stress when im in university although he no longer bothers about my results, but this pressure had been planted in my mind, had create a mentaly effect to me.]

3rd was an old lady that suffered from stroke and refuse to talk either because of stroke effect of just plainly refuse to talk. Her son said she was difficult, and rather live with animals than resolving around the human. She live alone with 17 of her cats but when the stroke strike her, she was hospitalized and her cats were put to sleep.

Overall, i like the book very much, and i had already bought another 2 books by Torey Hayden, and i'm going to start tomorrow with One Child which the 1st chapter of first few line make me refuse to put the book back to the shelf. Of course we might have different taste, but yes indeed this book is highly recommended by me to those who wanted to read about children psychology in story style.

Below is the synopsis of the book:

While working in the children's psychiatric ward of a large hospital, Torey was introduced to severn-year-old Cassandra, a child who had been kidnapped by her father and was found dirty, starving and picking through rubbish bins to survive. She refused to speak, so Torey could only imagine what she had been through. Drake, by contrast, was a charismatic four-year-old who managed to participate fully in his pre-school class without uttering a single word. Last, there was Gerda, eight-to, who had suffred a massive stroke and was unwilling to engage in conversation with anyone. Although Toreey had never worked with adults, she agreed to help when all other efforts had failed.

Enjoy reading, if u really plan to read :D

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Monday. 3.3.08 3:42 am
Dear Diary,

i was suppose to update a blog entry yesterday but since there is an ATTACK again.. so today i wanted to update it... but i had forgotten what i wanted to write.. @@''

oh on the 27 Feb, MPH book sales n u get extra 5% for the 1st 3 days... be of course the kiasu type sure be the 1st to go kaypo at the store...

so what i managed to get were only 2 books... .the 1st one was RLSTINE Perfect Date cause is thin n fast.. i been not reading for months.. so what to do...

then later... i cant resist buying this book "Tell me why, Mummy" the boy in the pic was partially looking at me with the pity eyes... so when i past through... omg i cant resist..... so ended up i bought the book


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Cry Silent Tears.. A heartbreaking survival story.. by Joe Peters.. Reviews
Monday. 4.21.08 8:14 am
Dear Diary,

OMG, this book is eyes opener.... showing u the darkest secret of society, the stupidity of human being, the cruelty of own parent... the cruelty of one adult towards an innocent child... pedophile ring in the society that one might not realise...

no one listen, no one believe.. yet he have the courage to run away.. Started his new life.. and blessed with beautiful wife and children...

this shows that, it is so important to always listen to child, and not suspecting them, child dont lie, but adults do.....

if we pay attention to what the child said, you might catch the hint, they dont say it straight, their strange behavior always come from a result of smth... plz if u have kids, do love them, do cherish them.. do listen to them .....

VERY WELL DONE BOOK... But lots of things left hanging.... which hopefully will continue in book too..... *applause towards his courage*

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A Child Called "It" and The Lost Boy - Review
Monday. 5.19.08 12:03 am
Dear Diary,

I do realize these books existence for many years yet I do not know why it stop be from buying these books until few months back, the book store was having some sales... 2 books for 1 book price... so immediately I grab two of the books... and store it into my mini library...

The Book started with Dave being rescued from the hand of his mother and flee from the abusive environment that he had been experience for many years.

Dave came from a very happy family; where the father and mother r so loving... however, a sudden change of his mother attitude had directly send him to another world that only darkness, abusive and lots of torturing that occurred....

I finished this book within a day... and so do my tears flow for a day... it was such a mix emotional book.... I was so mad and just do not believe my eyes, how on earth a mother can treat her son like that...

continuous of beating, punching, starving her son, and worse stabbing ... had steal my tears again and again... what’s most heartbreaking was.... the father was helpless in saving his son.... by letting the mother do all the dirty work....

This book is about how Little Dave fight to survive his mother's abuse... and how his positive thought that keep him alive and be a remarkable person in this world...

The continuous book of A Child Called "It' ... yet another heart touching book that took away 2 days of my tears to finish the book....

just cant imagine how one mother trying to ruin a child's life although he no longer in the care of his mother... why must she be so cruel towards her on flesh and blood...

he had fought through his life as a foster child, try to be accepted by the society... but during that era, people tend to have prejudice eyes towards the foster child... which causes the foster child to have difficulty to adapt to the society but this never stop David....

I'm so happy ... that David is now a respectable man... that live in the respectable world.... where he have found what he love.... and he uses his past to be strong and be the man that well respected by those that know him...

Oh before forget, the power and love of foster parents sometimes r greater than blood relation.... imagine... the unconditional love the foster parents shower the foster child... should gain salute for us the society...


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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
Breaking Dawn is coming to town
Tuesday. 7.29.08 9:15 am
Dear Diary,

Quick update, now staying at my brother house since he is honeymooning at Japan (JEALOUS) he sms and told me the unagi (my fav) and takoyaki is oishii... lol feel like kicking his butt...

next been to bookstore yesterday, lots of advertisement on Stephanie Meyer last book, Breaking Dawn which will be out on this 4 August.... cant wait... left my number to MPH, hope they will call me once the book is available in store.... of course buy at MPH ma, cause got 20% discount... *Grin*... hardcover :D

oh... by the way, staying at my brother home, gave me side income, of course not by jagaing the rumah, but by doing his business... yay to me....

oh ohhhhhhh went to do my very 1st manicure and pedicure.... muahahahahhaha feel like a Queen... :D painted my toe nails dark brown blinking color, and my nail in light blinking purple... hahahahaha :P

ok off me go to shower... :P

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
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