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Sunday. 2.15.09 8:53 pm
Dear Diary,

Been busy recently, since friend come to visit from Australia... so lol im the tour guide again :P, so i dont have time to update.. so i thought why not i just post up another story of mine lol.. plzzzzzz dont puke.. i know is a bit.. too.. erm...

Well lets the story begin.........................

“I’m sorry Kitty, I need to go now” without looking back, Tiggy just walked out through the front door and slammed the door right in front of my face

“But…”, my voice trailed off without a trace and was over shocked with what Tiggy had done and I felled back to the blood red color sofa that once we get it to decorate our love nest; but now it turned out to be broken love nest.

I recalled, ever since that women appear, the incident had make my Tiggy turned into cold blooded monster, he no longer concern what and how I feel and worse there were no longer kisses, spooning, and even love making.

“What is going on? What should I do? Why Tiggy is treating me so coldly? Why? Who is that women? How dare she ruin my love life.” my mind started to wonder around ever since the “cold” Tiggy born. My tears started to stream down my eyes and betrayed me. I know how much I love Tiggy, and I’m sure he is my soul mate, but why our bond shaken because of one women; to be precise his ex girl friend?


“Oh my God, what is going on with you? You look horrible, it is worse than your bad hair day during the college year.” Eris with her usual self said something without taking other’s feeling into consideration.

“Well, I kinda felt betrayed and I’m totally lost of hope with…”, before I able to end the sentence, once gain my tears streamed and betrayed me.

“Aww… sweetie are you okay? What’s going on?”. Concerned tone.

I never remember or know that Eris would actually show her concern to anyone but here voice had comfort me and persuade me to tell her the whole story.

As I started the story, Eris feels for me, she felt sorry and being pissed towards how Tiggy treated me. After I ended the story, Eris gave a hand punch over her fist and swears that she going to beat Tiggy once she saw him for being disloyal to me.

Must be the help from the God, once she finished her sentence, she spotted Tiggy over the bar counter with his “EX-GIRL FRIEND”. what make her boiled was that the girl is lying next to Tiggy‘s left shoulder. Before I ever realize, I started crying again.

“Please Eris, don’t do something stupid”. still sobbing, and trying to stop Eris that started moving towards Tiggy and that shameless women.


Everyone at the bar was shouting and the situation gets un-controllable. Despite all the “hoo haa” cheering from the crowd, Eris continues to challenge Tiggy. Instead of punching, she slapped Tiggy and shouted “This is for you for making your lovely wife cry and waited for you all night long.”

“Please Eris, please stop… please…” Automatically, despite all the hatred and sadness causes by Tiggy, I moved forward to stop Eris from hurting him again.

But, Eris can’t control herself and instead of slapping Tiggy on his face, she slapped me. And I was in great shocked and disappointment, suddenly I fainted and collapsed on the floor because too much things happen within these few minutes.


“Where am I?”

“Kitty, you’re at the hospital, don’t you remember what happen?”
a familiar whisper, the lovely whisper that I been hunger for so long.

“What happen?”

“Eris accidentally slapped you and you collapsed and this shocked Eris and me.”

“Oh, poor Eris, is she okay? Where is she now?”

“She went home, I convinced her that you will be alright and you will be fully taken care of.”

“Go away…”, my voice weaken.

“Why Kitty?”

“You betrayed me, my love, my trust, my soul and… you….”

“Silly girl, I never do, I love you as always, and more each day, I never wanted to be apart from you but she needed me.”

“GO… GO TO YOUR EX, JUST GO…” I can feel that my anger had brought back my strength despite I’m just woke up.

“Kitty… please listens to me.”

“No… please go… please…”

“Kitty, please don’t be that mad, is not good for our baby.”


“Yes, silly girl, you are pregnant and you don’t even realize that.”

“Me? Pregnant? Oh great, I‘m gonna be single mum”.
I cried even louder now.

“Kitty, please listen. We are clean, you know me and Gabriel. We are just friend. Please don’t misunderstand.”

“But… she on your shoulder…”

“She is having relationship problem with her husband, and needed someone to talk to, so I offered to lend her my ears and shoulders whenever she needed it. It is not something that you imagine or think. ”

before I able to finish my sentence, Tiggy continue.

“I always love you Kitty, past, now and future, forever my love towards you will never end. Please trust me Kitty, and now you have my baby, am proud of you Kitty, please… don’t be sad, I love you, and I always do.”

After all the explanation Tiggy made to me and with the present of Gabriel to my ward room, had make all the situation clear, no more misunderstanding, instead Gabriel gave a heavy punch over Tiggy because of all his behavior that causes all the misunderstanding.

Before heading out, Gabriel gave me a huge hug, and she left us alone again in the ward room.

“So Kitty, will you forgive me?”


“But… Why?”

“I want a hug and a kiss”

“I love you Kitty.”
Tiggy gave me a big long hug and a soft and lovely kiss that touches my ears and whispered.

“I love you too, Tiggy.” I whispered.

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
Proposal - Story
Tuesday. 2.17.09 3:58 am
Dear Diary,
I know, i just no in the mood of blogging.. so bare w my stories i wrote

Lets the story begin....

It been weeks I’m living alone, eating alone and sleeping alone, my sense of loneliness had accumulated till the extent that I no longer able to survive the loneliness anymore, I wanted to see him, touch him, feel him besides me, his love, his kisses, his hugs that make me miss it every single second, but I still have to wait, I know the moment will come soon but the waiting make me gone insane, I told myself I no longer able to wait, but I had promise him that I’ll wait and be a good girl.

One week later

I pulled myself up from the bed, and quickly I rushed for morning shower but I nearly tripped because of my clumsiness. I had my shower done in 5 minutes that include hair washing, teeth brushing and doing all the necessary stuffs. I was shocked with my swift action as well.

I grabbed a slice of plain bread and stuck it into my mouth, I rushed down to the staircase and grab my car key and ready to go, but once I reached for the door, I can’t believe what my own eyes are seeing.

“Oh my god, oh my god, are you for real?” my voice is still shaking while trying to question him.

Instead of answering my question, he just makes himself pass through the door and settle himself on the red sofa that placed near the piano.

I shut the door tight and run towards him and give him a big hug and kisses on his both cheeks.

“Tiggy! But… how? Er… Why?” My mind is full of thousand of questions on how he arrives earlier than he suppose to.

Instead of answering my question, he hugs me and gave me a slow and loving kiss on my forehead. “Silly girl, I told you to wait and I do tell you that I’m coming home today, and where are you going? You are wearing something extremely sexy … elegant today.”

“Silly Tiggy, I was thinking of giving you surprise at the airport, and you arrive before I able to step out from the house.”

“Oh Kitty, you are so sweet, but don’t I told you not to do so?”

“Tiggy, I said it is a surprise”

“Okay, Okay, don’t be mad at me, come here Kitty.”

I walked near to his side without questioning his action, he hug me close to his chest and plant a kiss over my hair. The usual scent that flows between him makes me tingles and wanted the moment to last forever. Instead he pushed me away and stares at my face with his serious expression.

I gulped and my heart start beating fast, my imagination gone wild and negative and I don’t know what is going on. And suddenly he kneels in front of me, and he allows his hand to flow back to his pocket. I peep and saw a small little cute love designer box. He opened the box and I saw a diamond ring, not a normal diamond ring but the ring that he once promise to get for me, that he designed by himself and he promise that it will be the only one in the world and crafted with our name.

He let out his breath and his cheek blush. “Kitty, will you marry me?”.

I was stunned by the question, because I never expect this to come so fast, never come into my mind that his going to propose to me after his business trip to South Africa. I stand stilled and don’t know how to react, my tears of joys streamed down to my cheeks.

I knotted and he slides the ring to my finger and it fit perfectly. And I rushed to him and planted my face over his chase and said thousand times of “I Love You”.

He carries me up to our room and whispered.

“I love you too, Kitty”.

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
Majo (witch) Short story v1
Monday. 11.12.07 10:32 am

~{!0~}Oh my god, here she come again, lets go.~{!1~} urged Celly.

~{!0~}Yeah lets go, before she start bitching those people that avoided her for some reasons.~{!1~}

~{!0~}Hey, where are you girls going?~{!1~} asked Mila with her usual fake voice that seeking for sympathy.

~{!0~}No where, just hanging out elsewhere rather than staying here.~{!1~} Celly answered coldly.

~{!0~}Can I join?~{!1~} as usual Mila trying to be helpless and pitiful to make Celly allowing her to join the group.

~{!0~}NO you can~{!/~}t, we do not want the same things happen again, thanks to you, all of our friends had make a distance, what do you want? Do you plan to destroy me and Celly friendship? Dream on girl, we learn our mistake.~{!1~}

~{!0~}But~{!-~} I~{!-~} I didn~{!/~}t mean to~{!-!1~} Mila voice cracked but her inner voice is repeating ~{!0~}ya gonna watch out, I~{!/~}m going to bitch about you, and yes posting all the nasty pictures we took together~{!-~} (hey reader, not the porn nasty pictures, lol)

Few days later, at the school corridor, everyone is gathering around the bulletin board. I and Celly squeezed through the crowd and of all sudden, our jaw dropped. And within second, Celly burst into tears and followed by me. The crowd was laughing at us and some were busy bitching about the bulletin information posted by anonymous.

Ever since the picture were posted, people are avoiding us, they were afraid that we (me and Celly) might influence them to join this weird group despite people do not realize that the pictures where poorly edited by Mila. We do not wanted to accused Mila, but of course we know it was her doing, because this was not the 1st time she mistreat us, instead she been trying to break me and Celly friendship.

She was wrong, the more she trying to nastily disturb our friendship, the better our friendship had grown and this make her mad, furious and revengeful.

On one of the afternoon, after class, Celly were waiting for me to join her for lunch, hence she was waiting at the bench behind the library (it always our favorite place to hang out) and suddenly Mila approach her.

~{!0~}Er.. Good afternoon Celly, where is your friend?~{!1~} as her usual self, Mila just wont give up snatching others best friends because she is self centered or mostly because she is the only child in the family, everyone must go along her way, if not she will be very revengeful and nasty in making everything go on her way.

Celly trying to ignore her by looking away and pretend Mila is talking to the air.

~{!0~}Celly, cant we be friend? I know I was mean putting up the edited picture at the bulletin, but it were you girls forcing me to do so, I just wanted to be nice, I wanted to hang out with you girls, you know I just don~{!/~}t like being alone, and I~{!/~}m bored with my current friends, I think you girls are cool, so I wanted to.. You know join you girls, hang out together, movies, stay over~{!-~} etc..~{!1~}

Again, Celly tried to ignore Mila by humming her favorite song but all of sudden, she felt someone approaching her in lightning speed and shake her both shoulder. And within a second, she realise that Mila was standing in front of her, shaking her shoulder faster and harder. She was yelling at her, but she do not understand what Mila was trying to say.

~{!0~}You jerk, I~{!/~}m trying to be nice, and this is what I got? Look, is either you be my friend or your friend will be in big trouble. You see, I got your so called best friend, if you don~{!/~}t do what I asked you to do, and I don~{!/~}t mind ending her life. Hhahahah~{!-~} haha~{!-~}.~{!1~}

~{!0~}What had you done? Where is Quinny? What are you trying to do?~{!1~}

~{!0~}Well, I wont hurt her if you follow my instruction for a month~{!-~} you know be my best friend and pretend that you no longer a good friend of Quinny.~{!1~}

~{!0~}NO, I will never betray her, I will never, give Quinny back you witch, what do you want from me????~{!1~}

~{!0~}[Ah Ha, how did she know I~{!/~}m a witch??] As I told you, follow my instruction and she will be flee, you do not know what I capable of, you do not know what my background was~{!-~}.~{!1~}

And goes Celly fainted on the floor~{!-~} and who knows what happen in the next 1 month~{!-~} what will be the faith of Celly and her best pal Quinny???? No one know~{!-~} even me myself do not know~{!-~} :P

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
A Love Story
Tuesday. 2.10.09 9:52 pm
Dear Diary,

Since Valentine is around the corner... "yawn.. boring" this is a love story that i wrote like years ago... sorry for the weird grammar u might see later.. but i do hope u enjoy it... :D muahaha..

"Why are you crying, Kitty?" His voice tried to be as comfort as possible.

I turned and face his worrying face "You are sick, your heart is weak and I'm so worry yet I can't do anything, I'm hopeless in this situation Tiggy"

"Silly girl, how many times do I need to tell you that I'll be alright?"
My tears rolled down from my eyes faster than I ever imagine it would now.

"You always said you gonna be alright, but yet you refused to go to the hospital" with the sobbing.

He quickly walked near me, moving out his hand and hug me around my waist, I can feel his body warm around me, and he whispered something near my right ear and ended with a light kiss.

"So Tiggy, you promise that you are going to the hospital????" My tears suddenly stop rolling, a joy of excitement had generated within me.

"Yes Kitty" he went back to his original coolness again.


At the hospital, the strong scents of medicine make me feel dizzy but I told myself that I must be strong to accompany Tiggy, to take care of Tiggy if he is sick.


I waited outside the couch while Tiggy is inside the doctor's room. My mind wonders around in both positive and negative ways. Like, how I met Tiggy, and how we ended up a couple and later a life long partner. Of course I do believe that Tiggy is my soul mate, and I always will.

My mind wondered to the negative thought, is more to the nightmare for me, "what if Tiggy is sick, what if he.... CUT IT OFF". My mind wondered to somewhere else, the feeling for me now while waiting for him as if years had passes by although i merely seated for 5 minutes.

A clinched of doorknob had cut my imagination from going too wild and total lost of control. I saw Tiggy walking out with a grin on his face. I quickly walk near him and before I manage to open my mouth and start asking, he cut me off "Kitty, see I told you I'm alright".

"Huh? But your heart hurt, you hardly sleep at night and now the doctor ..." I was a bit disappointed with the news not because I wanted my Tiggy to suffer is just that I feel that I kinda silly of having all the negative thought and of course another part of me is so excited and glad that Tiggy is alright.

We had our diner out at the restaurant that we frequent and headed home.

Once we reach home, I headed to the door, to unlock it and without any warning, I was lifted up by Tiggy and again he is whispering something at my ear and I blush.

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
1st Meet -Story
Thursday. 2.19.09 1:16 am

I’m having blogger’s block so, another story of Tiggy & Kitty, hope you will like it… :D

Lets the story begin……
My tears flow over to my cheek, because it will be another month before I able to meet him again. I know, I promised Tiggy to be a good girl, not to cry, but the pain, the loneliness when he is away to work, is unbearable.

I walked to the airport’s car park, to search for my car; it took me 10 minutes to locate it. I slammed the door shut and sit in the car for a min, thinking how clumsy I am.

“Oh gosh, what is wrong with me? I promised Tiggy I won’t be sad, this is not the first time we are apart, and is just a freaking one month, I have to be strong….”

When I reached home, I rested myself on the red sofa we always chilled at, our love seat. I saw a stack of photo on the table. I scanned through the old photos, and felt how silly I was when I first met Tiggy.

My memories, is like a VCR, rewinding back to the past, showing me all the loving and bitter sweet scene me and Tiggy went through.

3 Years ago

I landed into the foreign land of Czech Republic, knowing no one except myself, a map and a handbook to speak simple West Slavic. Walking into the city, Prague was indeed a place for me to have occasion cultural shock. To me, everyone does look strange, although I had been exposed to the foreigner and culture over the cable TV, but having myself to stand next to them, were totally new experiences.

I enrolled myself in Charles University at Prague, during the first week of orientation; we were introduced and showed around the university. As for the second week before the class start, we were free to do anything including visiting the city or sleeping in the campus 24/7.

One week after the tiring orientation, I went roaming alone to the city, to get used to the new culture that I will live in for another 2 years before I headed home. Occasionally stop by to take pictures of the landscape and tall buildings were the things I enjoyed doing, besides sipping a cup of hot Mocha at the nearby café.

I walked along Vltava River at Prague enjoying the view of river; suddenly I sensed someone was following me. Well my dad always reminds me to be extra careful while I’m at foreign land. So I fasten my steps to the crowd, wish that I could lose him on the way, but the stalker also fasten his steps. When I reached the large crowd, I no longer sense him following me. Of course I was afraid, so I cancel my night trip and headed back to the campus.

As the bus stopped at the campus, I again sensed that someone is following me, as I hurry myself off the bus, I heard the same footsteps again, which this show that he been following me and now to my campus.

“OMG, I don’t want to die in the foreign land, there must have something I can do to protect myself.” As my mind struggle to think of a way to flee myself, I fasten my steps to the girls’ hostel. I know I’ll be saved once I reach that area, because boys are forbidden in that area.

Suddenly, I heard him shouting at me. “NO, PLEASE WAIT, I’M NOT GONNA HARM YOU, SO PLEASE STOP”.

I stopped; I know this is the most stupid thing I ever done in my life, who knows what might happen to me, maybe in 2 seconds, I might become a corpse. This moment was the sweetest moment in my life, where I met him or the first time.

“Ah, you stop, Persephone.”

“How did you know my name?”

“This is because you dropped your student ID.”

“How? I mean where?”

“Well, I was in the same bus as you, when I saw your ID dropped on the bus, I wanted to give it back to you, but it seems that you are avoiding me.”

“Avoiding you? Oh, I’m so sorry, is kinda creepy to feels someone following me, you know I’m new here, safety always come to my mind than anything else.”

“Ha Ha Ha, you are sure one of a kind.”

“One of a kind????”

“Never Mind, I am Markey, a year 2 student studying business.”

“I’m Persephone, a noob studying business too. So you are my senior.”

“I’m not that old.”

I giggle over the joke he said, and he return a lovely smile to me. He returned my student ID and offer himself as a tour guide to show me around Prague, quickly I accepted his invitation because he don’t look like a real stalker.

As time passes by, with his continuous effort to win my heart, I finally gave in after the 6 months of hi trying, he did lots of silly things to make me laugh, and he always by my side whenever I feel homesick or lonely.

My tears start rolling over my cheek again, as the memories slowly come back to present, I’m glad that I didn’t whack him during our first met, if not I’ll be regretting now. I feels that the reason got us together must be my silliness.

Suddenly, the phone rang; I quickly grab the phone handle that less than 5 inch away from me.

“Hello Kitty, SURPRISE… oh Kitty, I Love you.

“Tiggyyyy…. I Love you too...”

“Are you crying? Remember what you had promised me before I headed to France?”

“I’m not crying, I just… Oh Tiggy, I miss you so so much...”

“Aww Kitty, I miss you too, but I have to go now, meeting in 5 minutes, just wanted to call and tell you I’m ok and misses you.”

“Aww Tiggy, you are so sweet, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
My self Create so called Fairy Tales Part 1
Friday. 4.3.09 5:29 am
Dear Diary,

Just my full of grammar and spelling error self create story.... haha... @@''

Let's the story begin......

Once upon a time, there was a planet by the name of Jupy, lived a huge castle where the King and Queen were expecting a baby girl that believed to possessed a magical power that one day she will be the heir to the castle. Her destiny was determined far before she was born, because the castle’s shaman had predicted and drafts a life long journey for her where she will marry the prince of the neighbouring planet in order to successfully inherit the throne.

At the 21st Day of 741 Jupy Year, the castle is surrounded by the rhyme of laughter, joy, and happiness because it is a special day for the King, Queen and Jupyian as they are waiting for the Princess Jupy into the world. As the rhyme of pain travelled through the Queen’s chamber, Jupyian prays for blessing and good health for the Queen. Hours and hours of waiting, had come to an end when an infant’s cries broke the rhyme of pain. Soon, the whole Jupy is covered with joy, happiness, laughter and the cries.

However, no one realize besides Princess Jupy there is another infant beneath Jupy is crying his lung out, surrounded by darkness and his death mother.
Once Princess Jupy is born, the King and Queen present their daughter with two lovely guardians by the name Alexandria and Juty where their duties are to protect the princess and be her friends.

Years passes by, Princess Jupy grow up into a young lady, where now she needed to attend the school of spell before she can successfully inherit the throne.

The first day of school, she is accompanied by guardians as Princess Jupy is shy in nature. As soon as the spell classes start, Princess Jupy seems to forget all the shyness, she is actively participating in the spells experiment and quickly she gains the love of the Spell Binder and her classmates.

As day passes by, Princess Jupy seems eager to go to the school, because to her, going to school is a way to gain to new experiences and making new friends.

One day, the Summons of the school escape from the spells ring, causes destruction around the school, some senior students and the Spell Binders are injure trying to stop the Summons from luring into the city. No one seems to able to stop the Summons, some students are trying to escape to the underground, except Princess Jupy, she confronted the Summons and managed to tame the Summons. Everyone was amazed by her ability and soon had become the school’s idol.

One day, while Princess Jupy was in the school compound practicing a fire spell with her friend, she was interrupted by a young handsome Prince that trying to attract her attention by burning the Princess’ hair.

Fears and angers build among the Princess’ friends and they tried to protect the princess and ready to fight but was cut off when Princess laughter broke the tension.

“I’m fine, is just my hair got a little bit burned, but I’m absolutely fine.”

“Are you sure? He is trying to hurt you.”
The crowd asked.

“Yes, I’m sure.” Princess Jupy jumps up from her sit and moved forward to the young handsome Prince.

“Princess…..” The crowd was worried.

“Hello, do I know you? Why did you burn my hair? Or are you having trouble to control your fire spell? I can teach you, and we can learn together.”

“Yeah, Princess Jupy is the nicest person in the planet, so don’t you dare to lay a finger on her!” the crowd was showing anger towards the Young Handsome Prince.

“Ha Ha.... Silent... Oh Princess.... you don’t know me? You must be kidding me. I am your future H-U-S-B-A-N-D.” The Young Handsome Prince was laughing.

“Husband? I didn’t know that I have a husband, did you mistaken me to other person?”

“Of course not, when you were born, the Shaman had decided based on the legend that you will be my bride, so that you can inherit the throne or your planet will destroy.”

“Legend? Shaman? Destroy? What are you trying to tell me?”

“You will be my wife, and from today onwards, you will listen to me, and follow as what I said.”

“No I won’t.”

“Yes you will.”

Before the argument gets intense, Alexandria rushed quickly over to Princess Jupy and cut off the conversation between the young handsome Prince.

On the way back to the castle, both Princess Jupy and Alexandria reminds silent, but thousands and millions of questions runs through princess’ brain but never seems to find an answer.

As they reach the castle, Princess Jupy rushes off to meet the King and Queen to demand for answers.

“Welcome home my princess, how’s your school? Did you manage to control your fire spell?” as the king welcome his princess with his opened arms, but only to realize princess is showing her tantrum.

“What’s wrong princess? Something happened in school?” as the Queen turned concern and trying to figure out what had causes her princess’ anger that rarely shown after she went to school.

“I have a husband? Pre-arrange marriage? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“We decided to tell you on your next coming birthday, Princess, this is your destiny, you and only you can inherit my throne, and only Nelson the Prince of Nepy will help you in the succession of this, if not….”

“If not? If not what? I need to know, I have the right to know…. Please father….”

“If not the planet will destroy.” As the castle Elder Shaman walked into the conversation.

“Why, why me?”

“This is your destiny, you can’t fight it, I had lived my entire life waiting for you to born to this world, to successfully stop the Legendary Sorceress’ Curse and end the suffering of Jupyian.” Said the angry Elder.


As quickly as Princess Jupy manages, she rushed out from the castle, leaving everyone and everything behind. Only allowing the flows of wind and the inner voice of her brain leads her through the road. Hours of running paid off when Princess Jupy founds an empty land covered with greenie grass and the scent of fresh greenie grass calm her down. She landed her two knees over the grass and soon she dozed off to sleep due to the tiredness of running.

While she was asleep, a dark figure surrounded her and covered her with total darkness... princess can’t breathe nor move........ and she was struggling..... both physical and her inner soul..........

To be continued ... @@''

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