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If only I had wings . . . by invisible @ NuTang.com
false alarm
Tuesday. 9.7.04 5:57 pm
well, were all ok and so is my house. nothings missing, and about 2 or 3 more branches fell and thats it! but in other places its a different story. I bet all of the men in my city are going mad because Hooters waz destroyed. In other news the news casters are trying to freak us out because there is a new hurricane far out named Ivan. Which its so far south I don't kno why they would wanna try and freak us out. I ended up staying with my Grandma instead of going to Tampa or my friendz house. we got some strong winds and heavy rains and thats about it. We have had power since before we came home and when got here I went to my rabbit first to give him some fresh air. But when I got the pet carrier outside I noticed there waz no movement. When I looked into the cage I noticed him laying there lifeless. Poor rabbit... I got him when I waz 8 years old and he lived for 6 long years. But life goes on. anywaz... I talked to Chris alot todaii, he seems pretty happy. Plus I heard Nicks voice for the first time. He speaks kinda soft but he pretty kool. Hes a funni guy and hes a fun and interesting person to talk to. well theres not a whole lot more to say so I'll write whenever PEACE

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another hurricane...
Thursday. 9.2.04 7:40 pm
Once again, we are being punished with another Hurricane. Hurricane Frances is twice the size Charley was, and my parents want to leave the city. Since our county waz hit the hardest by Charley, my mom doesn't wanna take any chances with Frances. My house is lifted off the ground for flooding reasons bcuz we have a creek in the backyard. The creek is already a few feet to high. Not only that, we have 6 trees in my backyard that have become weak due to Charley. Does this madness end? A lil joke going around it the initals of these two hurricanes are C and F. CF is the same initals for Central Florida. ha ha ha..... were skrewed... my mom has warned me to gather any belongings that are very important to me, just incase the house isn't here when we get back. We were suppose to go to the same friends house we went to for Charley, but my dad called and wants us to go somewhere safer like Tampa. Then we just got a call from a friend saying she waz going to Cleremont and wanted to kno if we want to come bcuz she found another spare room. In my opinion, I wanna go to my friends house. Basiclly on the news they stated, "If you wanna get back into your county, you won't be able to for about a week." a week? A WEEK!? Hell no! I wanna stay in my own county. If i die, oh well. lol Well im going to end it here. To anyone in Florida, good luck and God Bless. PEACE

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Hurricanes Charely
Thursday. 8.12.04 8:45 pm
August, Friday the 13th we were struck by a category 3 hurricane. Hurricane Charley. it waz freakin awsome! other than the destruction it waz cool! i went to a friends house bcuz mine isn't really stable. we were all up against the window watching fences and shingles fly by. when the winds died down i went out into hurricane Charley and saw the destruction. it waz horrible in an awsome way. so much more happened but i haven't made an entry in about 3 weeks. the first week without power or water we went to my Grandmas house. When skool started we still didn't have water or power so i spent the night at a friends house for a week. my friends mom is a teacher at my skool so i had a way to get there everydaii. there is so much more to say but i can't talk longer so PEACE

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I'd rather not say aloud...
Wednesday. 8.11.04 8:45 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Monday. 8.9.04 7:15 pm
Mr.s Beach assigns alotta h.w.! lol. of course me being the stupid person I am I left my Sciencebook at skool. ha ha! Chorus is going to be VERY ineresting this year.Were going to join with another Chior but for now where jus practicing alone. There are still only 3 altos! Gr... Skool is getting boring and more strict by the second. Hey thats skool tho for ya. Plus I have made one more new friend... I think lol. His name is Scott but wants me to call him Bob. ~>interesting<~ anywaz sumthing has come up and im not in the greatest mood right now. I will write it in the next entry which will have a password. I'll ttyl PEACE!

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First real daii of skool...
Thursday. 8.5.04 8:34 pm
Wow! High skool is... a lot different! I get a locker, sweet! and I can walk on the grass! and I can hug my friends without getting yelled at! but if i'm late to class... im skrewed. I have been reunited with many old friends from Middle skool and Elementary skool. anywaz... This morning didn't go so well. 1st period chorus is the Choraliers which is the all womens chior where the students that didn't audition go. I auditioned and made the Osceola Singers Avanced Chorus. My schedule had a lil mix up and put me in Choraliers but then changed it at the last second, and switched my 2nd block with 1st. So instead of going to English, I went to Chorus. then instead of going to Chorus, I went to english. But My Chorus teacher is great! We might have an audition in Chicago! but its an over $600 trip. ~>ouch<~ plush a dress thats around $50 and a t-shirt around $15. Thank god we can do fundraisers!My English teacher is pretty fun. He's fasinated by technology.and were doing the Great Mail Race and we can get extra credit! ~ My Science teacher... I'm gonna have to get use to him... a lot. He gave us a 6 page Syllabus and if out work is not percise and perfect... your skrewed. ~>major ouch<~ and he lectures and goes on and on and ON! plus he is the last portable in the corner of skool campus. Lucky for me and my class mates, when the lunch bell rings we have to walk to the other corner of campus to the lunch room. By that time the lunch lines are out the door and we must wait to get our food. About 4 minutes after we got our food the bell rang. so we must eat and walk through everyone to get to the other corner of skool. after that class I have algrebra. Mrs. R is AWSOME! shes so much fun and everyone in the class has a good sense of humor. Unfortunatly were taking a placment test to see what level of math everyone is on. since I already took algrebra 1 last year Im probably gonna got a high class. well I could write much more but have to go. Luv Ya! ~>Bryi<~

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20$ bill
Sunday. 8.1.04 11:21 pm
My family De Leon Springs todaii. although it rained a lil, we still had a great time. The Spring waz 72 degrees and 30 ft deep for diving and stuff like that. Before swimming, we ate at a resturant where you make your own pankakes. There waz a griddle in the table and everything. on the side I got peanut butter, and my sister got bluberries. After eating we all swam for a while and went kayaking. When we all jumped back in the pool my dad brought one pair of Goggles and a snorkle. of course we all wanted to see the springs at once so we took turns. right when my mom asked me to give her the goggles I noticed something anout 10 feet down on the bottom, it seemed to be a piece of paper. Looking a bit closer I found it waz money! By this point my mom is yelling at me to give her the Goggles. I told her to wait because i see a dollar bill or possible a 5 on the bottom, but she continued yelling saying "Give me the Goggles! let me see!" as a got closer and closer to my amazment it waz a 20 dollar bill! Me being the stupid person I am a screaming out "theres a 20 on the bottom!" Kyle couldn't get over where I waz fast enough and my mom jus looked at me confused. In the end Kyle waz able to get to the bottom and retrieve the 20. And that jus about wraps up the story cuz I gtg. PEACE

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Back to skool
Saturday. 7.31.04 9:25 pm
todaii waz the Freshmen orientation. it waz ok... i only met 2 teachers though but oh well. I all so figured out a buncha guys that a new a while back are goin there. ~>there scared of me hehe<~ I hung out Mike and made a new friend. I met my science teacher Mr. Beach. hes.... kool? and... WHAT THE HELL!? why the hell are my ex'z suddenly talking to me??? Patrick jus called me ~>creepy<~ anywaz where waz i? ah yes, Mr. Beach. He REALLY likes football, planes and world war 2. My math teacher, Mrs. R, is awsome though! she is a fun teacher and I acctually am looking forward to math this year.when it waz over we all got bright yellow t-shirts they want us to wear on the first day and it said "look out OHS! Here we come class of 2008~". In my opinion thats saying "HEY! imma freshmen! come pick on me!!!" lol
After it waz really over my dad, sister, and i ate at Sonny's. Tomorrow I am Going to De Leon Springs with my family. I can't wait!!! swimming in 73 degree water ~>doesn't sound cold but in 98 degree weather, its freezing<~ its gonna be great!! well i gtg bcuz i gotta wake up early. ttyl ~>BRYI<~

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