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Age. 34
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Ethnicity. A European Medley!
Location Radomyshl, Ukraine
School. Seattle Pacific Univ
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The Same as it Ever Was
Wednesday. 5.30.07 5:11 pm
It’s funny to me, that even though I’m supposed to be changing and maturing, I’m pretty much the same as I’ve always been.

I still act like a model citizen at work/school, and then goof off when my supervisors/teachers are gone (case in point, being on NuTang at work…hehe).

I still procrastinate and cram.

I still have a weak spot for food and drink.

I still fall for all my friends.

I still can’t make up my mind.

I still try to please everyone.

Aren't we supposed to get better with age?

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Wanna Know Something?
Wednesday. 5.23.07 12:47 am
I used to debate competatively.

No, I wasn't stunningly good (according to the judges, hee hee), but you learn a lot from being put through the old wringer. Forget what your mama told you and please benefit from the wisdom I have gathered.

1. Rapid-fire speech is a skill to be cultivated, not a habit to be overcome.But it's still important to annunciate and be clear.

2. The best defense is a good offense. Think three moves ahead, always.

3. The best offense is a good defense. Make that sucker look like an idiot, and you've got it made.

4. Tail sources. Where you get your information is everything.

5. A good suit and a sincere compliment don't make up for stupidity. But they sure do help if you've got all your other shit together.

6. Smile, Smile, Smile. Confidence doubles credibility. Fake it until you feel it.

7. There is no absolute truth. Both sides can be defended equally well.

I take #7 to heart, which is probably why I get in so much trouble. I will fight with anyone, anytime, over anything, and I will win... or at least get you into a confusing stalemate :).

So, try me sometime. Give me a case with an obvious solution. I guarantee to make your head spin.

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Mirrored Events
Saturday. 5.19.07 10:30 pm
So, two days in a row now I've gotten to get pretty. Last night was Ashton Ball at the W Hotel in Downtown Seattle. QUITE the posh locale, let me tell you. Too bad it was so damn hard to find. Yeah, I've lived in the Seattle area all my life, and I got lost (after circling the city for nigh on a half an hour looking for free parking-- just like a true Seattleite).

Anyway, the event itself was kind of dumb. I got to see some of my friends, sure, but none of my really good friends came... and it was just a touch awkward. Long story short, I came an hour late and I left an hour early. Still, I'm glad I went, if only to say that I did... and because I got to look gorgeous.

This afternoon was my oldest cousin Jeff's wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony, despite the kelly green bridesmaids' dresses. There was a pretty hilarious moment when the unity candle wouldn't light... we all like to pretend that means something.

I was getting pretty choked up (maybe just hormones n_n). This was like... the gateway marriage. He's cousin #1, and I'm cousin #5... which means I still have plenty of time before the pressure gets put on me, but it just made me feel kind of old.

That and, I just kept thinking about how different it's going to be at Reimer family Christmas this year. Somehow, he won't seem as young and fun from now on... he won't sit at the kids table anymore (ok... so I haven't been relegated to the kids table since I was eight... but you get my drift).

Oh, and I also kept thinking about how close I got to being the first cousin to get married. Yikes. Now I really want to get married so I can join the adult table too!

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The Best Dress Ever
Wednesday. 5.16.07 11:01 pm

So, this is my dress for Ashton Ball, the formal dance that my residence hall puts on. I am pretty much obsessed with it.

Yep, my Grandma bought it for me. She also bought me shoes, earrings, two bracelets, a bag, and a mani/pedi. I am so spoiled. But at least I am honest, right?

Oh my goodness! You know what I don't get? Why do I always get the surly manicurist? Have you experienced this phenomenon? All the other manicurists are talking up a storm with their clients... and mine just stares at my cuticles... which suck, by the way. I have never had nice cuticles. Now, I don't know if it's just because they don't speak much English, or if I'm just boring... but it's uncanny.

Anyway, now I actually need to make a plan... 'cause I don't know how I'm getting to the damn place... or who I'm going to hang with when I'm there. It's pretty much going to be like Pretty in Pink, when Molly Ringwald shows up at the prom all by herself. Except, there will be no Jon Cryer waiting for me in the lobby, or Andrew McCarthy pining from across the room. Haha if only life was like a big eighties teen movie... I'd be in heaven.

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One of my Favorite Songs
Monday. 5.14.07 11:24 pm
I was born in Dublin town where
There was not too much going on down for
Girls whose only hope was not to
Find a man who could piss in a pot so
Early I heard my first guitar and I
Knew I wanted to be a big star and I
Told my poor worried father said I
Ain't gonna go to school no more

Cuz see I wanna look cool and I wanna look good
With my hair slicked back and my black leather boots
Wanna stand up tall with my boobs upright
And feel real hot when the makeup's nice
Get sexy underneath them lights
Like I wanna fuck every man in sight
Baby come home with me tonight
Make you feel good make you feel all right

I'm going away to London
I got myself a big fat plan
I'm gonna be a singer in a rock 'n' roll band
I'm gonna change everything I can

Sorry to be disappointing
Wasn't born for no marrying
Wanna make my own living singing
Strong independent Pagan woman singing

And I feel real cool and I feel real good
Got my hair shaved off and my black thigh boots
I stand up tall with my pride upright
And I feel real hot when my makeup's nice
I get sexy underneath them lights
Like I wanna fuck every man in sight
Baby come home with me tonight
Make you feel good make you feel all right

I'm glad I came here to London
I've myself some big fat fun
And I have even made some mon'
I got the most angelic son
My baby daughter is golden
And I do what I like for fun
And I am happy in my prime
Daddy I'm fine
Daddy I'm fine
Daddy I'm fine
Daddy I'm fine
Daddy I love you

"Daddy I'm Fine"-- Sinead O'Connor, Faith and Courage

I tried to find you a Youtube video... but no dice.

Anyway, I feel like I have a similar conversation with my parents at least twice a week. No, I don't plan on running away to be a rockstar (I have no musical talent u_u), but I've been trying to convince them that I can handle myself since I was twelve.

The funny thing is, I find myself incapable of doing anything to overtly displease them. Sure, there's a lot of little things that I slip past them, but I've never made any life impacting decisions that they didn't want me to make. For instance, I wanted to get a tattoo down my spine for my eighteenth birthday, but they were against it. So, even though I'd been designing one for a year and a half, I still haven't gone through with it.

I didn't stay with the man I loved (who is now in Iraq, possibly dead), because I knew they didn't like him.

I'm not going to move off-campus next year, because I don't want them to stop supporting me.

How much longer am I going to put up with this? I feel awful selling myself short just so that I'll have security (financial and emotional), but I don't feel like I have a choice if I'm going to make it in this world. Why can't I just be like those crazy people who move half-way across the country with $75 and a dream?

I guess I just haven't found something important enough to leave my life behind for. What would do it for you?

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A Nice Little Break
Sunday. 5.13.07 6:27 pm

So, camping at Deception Pass State Park was pretty much amazing. It was nice to relax with other people, instead of just shutting everything out. We grilled, we roasted s'mores, walked on the beach, and sang lots of worship songs by the fire-- pretty much everything that's best about camping, minus the beer.

Matt, his g/f, and I only hung out for about an hour or so, which made things nice and not awkward. Actually, I didn't see much of Matt at all this weekend, despite him being around for four days. Pros and cons to that.

I went home last night so that I would be able to have Mother's Day lunch with my family at this crazy roadhouse my Grandma loves.

I finally rented Memento (sooooo good!).

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