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Thursday. 7.15.10 12:16 pm
Dearest NuTangers,

Please excuse my inactivity. Work blocking this site has been really sucky. I haven't read any blogs lately, and my phone automatically capitalizes everything I type.

I have been busy with apartment stuff as of late, which is why I barely get on here in the afternoon hours.

I will amend this. Rent, water, and power can wait.

I will be back to my regular self soon.


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Monday. 6.28.10 12:06 pm
not yet, not yet, not yet... please not yet...

that's when the alarm went off. ahh, mondays.

i'm not sure why mondays are harder to wake up for. i wake up as early as i need to for work every day. i guess the thought of having to get out of bed, get dressed up, and drive 20 minutes to listen to old people complain all day is just painful.

ughhh... fifteen more minutes...

nope. sorry. it's time to wake up.

i usually get up, dressed, and am out the door in about ten minutes. i guess i should wake up earlier. oh well.

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Thursday. 6.24.10 9:11 am
last night i made hawaiian quesadillas. now, if you're from hawaii, then i'm sorry if this upsets you. i've never been there, but i only use flavors used in dishes that normally have "hawaiian" placed before their name, say, if they were on a restaurant menu.

these quesadillas had teriyaki-marinated chicken, pineapple, bacon, and, of course, cheese.

they were delicious. i shall be making them again.

tonight, coincidentally, i'm going to make hawaiian burgers, which are pretty much the same ingredients, only on a hamburger instead of stuffed inside a tortilla. delicious.

btw i make my own teriyaki sauce. none of that premade stuff.

i also picked the pineapple off my pineapple tree, and plucked the feathers off the chicken i ended. jk.

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Tuesday. 6.22.10 11:12 am
the main thing i don't like about being a CSR is that i have to handle a lot of the advanced problems that happen here. the fact that i am handling advanced problems isn't my main FPO (factor of pissed-offness), but the fact that i am pretty much the only one that does it is a bit upsetting. i mean, it doesn't make any sense that there are three CSRs working at the branch, and if there are three big problems, they all come to me at the same time instead of being spread among all of us.

shouldn't the guy taking care of advanced problems get a bigger paycheck? just saying.

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nutang sonnet.
Friday. 6.18.10 11:09 am
at the quick request of zanzibar, i wrote a little nutang sonnet.

I wait until the clock strikes half-past eight,
To sit myself upon my little nest,
Of wood, and pens, and coins, and paperweights,
Awaiting all the sinners and the blessed.
But lo! What lurks beyond the distant coast?
My eyes gaze out from my building’s glass doors.
Behind the sea, an island, Dave did boast.
So I, and others, swim to meet its shores.
I rub my face, removing salt and sand,
To meet the sun and the fresh coconuts.
And then it happened, as I went to stand,
Baboons emerged from their large grassy huts.
They took our hands in hopes that they could show,
How to learn to know what there is to know.

it's alright. now it's your turn to write a sonnet about nutang. how did you end up here?

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cable guy.
Friday. 6.18.10 9:01 am
good news everyone! (in professor farnsworth's voice)

i get to leave work at 1:30 today. the bad news is that i have to go home and wait for the cable guy to show up at the apartment. i'm assuming that since he can come anywhere between 2PM and 5PM, that he will undoubtedly show up at 2PM or 5PM.

so, if i'm a minute late, i'll come home to a note saying "hey, where the hell were ya? -d" and, well, i'm not gonna leave early, so i guess that's it. i just can't be late.

however, it would suck if he showed up right at 5PM, because that means i took half a vacation day for nada

the real question is, what am i going to do at the apartment this afternoon by myself? i guess i could watch a few movies...

oh, and if you're disappointed because there was no reference to The Cable Guy starring jim carrey and matthew broderick, then don't fret. here's the sweet spot, right here:

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