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Thursday. 8.8.13 5:26 pm
the inspection went well.

we filled out some loan docs last night, and are going to fedex them out tonight.

we're almost homeowners! as long as something doesn't go incredibly and horribly wrong.

which it won't.


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round 2
Wednesday. 7.31.13 5:53 pm
i guess this is round 2.

we have found another place that we really love, and they've even accepted our offer as of today.

now we just have to get past the inspection and appraisal. come on people!!!

my mom's in town for the next two days. so that's cool. we ate grilled cheese together yesterday for dinner.

the quality of my sleep is low. why am i tired so god damn always?

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Friday. 7.19.13 8:43 pm
it's been a rough few weeks.

our contract fell through on the house because the seller refused to make any repairs, so we are going to fire our realtor tomorrow.

my uncle passed away this week. he didn't deserve to go. no "god's plan" bullshit. not that i had any faith before, but any flicker is now burnt out.

i don't know what to do about much of anything anymore.

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Tuesday. 6.25.13 6:33 pm
our inspection didn't go so great for the home.

so... we hope that the seller will fix some of the problems, including the roof, the A/C, and the water heater.

if they say they won't fix anything, then we're back to square one.


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our offer.
Tuesday. 6.11.13 2:23 pm
Guys they accepted our offer guys.


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late night entry.
Sunday. 6.9.13 1:09 am
time for a late night entry.

it's 1:10 am in baltimore, maryland. i'm awake for some reason.

i worked this morning. then i went and had dinner with my dad. we happened to meet a city councilwoman in the sushi restaurant, and we taught her how to use chopsticks, and my dad volunteered to cook some food for the homeless. that was more than i expected to happen, which was just eat delicious food. incidentally, we did.

then, i hung out with b-fer and we tried to figure out what song to do a video for next. it finally hit us: *$(&#&$ is going to be our next song. oh, i'm not telling.

we might not ever do it, but we have determined that it's what we want to do.

and now it's 1:12 am in baltimore, maryland. i have finished my third beer, and am watching the food network.

bets on when i'll fall asleep?

goodnight, nuMigos.


p.s. no word on our third offer. they counter offered, and we counter offered, so we are just waiting now. :(

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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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