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update update update
Saturday. 8.16.08 8:26 pm
okkay so i went to manchester last night (i drove woot woot go me!!!)

and cass was there and omg he started singing /sighs

ok this guy has like an awesome voice and plays guitar anddd piano :D

yep yep and i had a fun time there

got home at like 11 30

which was a little late but the rents didnt mind


shopping tomorrow with shan and tyler and lauren :]

should be fun i need some new school close and fun stuff


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hey hey hey ppls i passed my driving test :D
Thursday. 8.14.08 11:24 pm
first time too lol woot woot go me!!!!!!

lol went over to jays house and cass was ther :[ lots of mixed emotions

i can drive by myself now!!!!!!!!!!!! yays

im going to work in the morning :] and im driving there

lol got lost going to jays house....... should have take me 10 minutes took me an hour and a half :[

im terrible with directions!!!!!!!

thinking about getting a tom tom thing or something


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everybody wish me good luck!!!!
Wednesday. 8.13.08 11:38 pm
hehe im going tomorrow morning for my driving test :D

i really want to pass my first time but if i dont ill get it the next time :]

Going shopping with my brother his g/f and her younger sister on sunday.

oh and i think my self confidence has taken a major hit.
I mean is there something wrong with me?

and i keep listening to songs that make me sad. mostly because they are about love/relationships lol and it makes me kinda wellllllll companionship-sick


i just want the little things. and someone i know will be there for me emotionally.

too much to ask for?

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update on situation
Monday. 8.11.08 12:03 am

me and cass

well just didnt work lol

it wasnt mutual and i still think we would be good together /shrugs

hes going after a druggy sex-aholic

so yeah...........................

talk to martin and we are friends :D wich i am very happy with

oh and i invited his g/f to come over to a movie night with everyone :]

umm water rafting tomorrow maybe

oh and my moms fiances son is here staying with us..... he is 19 but he look 13 and hes getting along great with my younger brother so yeah thats cool

going on a walk with my ex boyfriend/really good friend jay tomorrow

i really think i need someone to talk to and i think he would be a good person to do just that.

been practicing parallel parking and i think im getting better lol havent hit anything yet :p

mom says ill find someone lol i just hope its before prom this year ^-^

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Saturday. 8.9.08 6:59 pm
i am having alot of trouble with boys and im really upset so im doing a chart thingy

ok so before i begin i had a sucky day and im not doing so good sooooo please excuse the negative ranting.

ok so lets start with


confused the hell out of me and even tho he had a girlfriend flirted with me. we got into a major fight he told me not to call him till i was ready to except that him and his g/f were staying together. they broke up like two weeks after our fight. and to my knouledge are still broken up. i havent talked to him in two months and i just now texted him saying hi. he texted me back hi how are u. i texted i f-ing miss you. and i havent gotten a text back -_-

ok next we have


really cute but confusing as hell i dont even know if he likes me even tho i really think he is sweet and nice and an awesome person. plus he flirts with alot of girls and was going to date this girl and then she didnt want to date him. so even if i did date him i would always feel like he chose someone else over me.


really sweet but not my type. hes kinda geeky and hes a great friend but i just dont see him like that at all. and he keeps flirting with me and it needs to stop. but the problem is i kinda like the attention :[ im horrible


ok so i almost dated this guy like 2 years ago and he was going to my fellowship and then he left for the army or watever. hes a very manipulative guy and he plays games and hurts ppl. I thought he was in NY living with his dad but no hes living here. i just bumped into him on my way out of work and he was all "yeah ive been going to this youth group" and its one of my best friends youth groups and cass goes there!!!! i dont want him around my loved one around my friends and around the ppl i love. i dont want them to have to deal with his crap!!! and yeah i know ppl can change but BULL to that!!! I want him in NY far away from me and i dont ever want to see him or speak to him again!


ok my rant is done

:[ if anybody can tell me the right direction to go in please please please help

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mmmmmmmmmorning /yawns
Sunday. 8.3.08 10:33 am
mall today :] shopping woohoo

gotta practice my parallel parking lol does anyone have any tips that can help?

ummmm driving test wednesday for my restricted license woot woot

ill be able to drive to school this year :D

annnnddddd carowinds (pretty much a six flags) on monday wich im praying i dont get sunburned lol that would really suck .

later <3

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