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lucky cha cha cha!

Age. 26
Gender. Female
Location , NJ
School. Boston Univ
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P.S. The passwords to protected entries will always be "watermelon" as for 9/27/06. For all password protected entries before then, just ask me for it but most likely the password it "pleasedont".
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175th day of 2004
mwah~ i have become a cat ph334 m3~~~~~~

so anyway, we went to home depot again today....dang....we've been there everyday except father's day...and it was the bloomfield one too...for some reason, im more attracted to the clifton one....XD......

hm....just remembering stuff while i took a shower...but i remember why i didnt like becoming 5 years old....i remember when i was 4 there was a creepy show on after these baby shows on channel 5 (that's been fox 5, right? they don't show that show anymore) and i was always scared and ran away right after the last show....and i was scared about becoming 5 just because of a stupid show...lmao....XD

oh yea, we're going to arizona. as in alone just me and larry. i dunno when. sometime in june or july (cause bruce and anika have school in august....mwah, ours strats in september... :P)

that's it. bye bye for now. check out my AIM profile if i haven't blocked you, BTW (youre blocked if i dont know you...so only
alyssa, erika, ris, derek, "elephant" (bryan r), chelsea and the others....

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(Another) Survey
174th day of 2004
[my name is]: Trisha
[in the morning i am]: sleepy
[love is]: cute
[im afraid of]: you
[i dream about]: what i want

[seen ur crush naked]: nope
[cried when someone died]: i think
[drank alcohol]: nope
[lied]: who doesn't?
[coke or pepsi]: coke
[flowers or candy]: candy
[tall or short]: in between
[what do u notice first?]: looks
[last person u slow danced with]: i dont remember
[worst question to ask]: why?

[makes u laugh the most?]: you know who
[makes u smile?]: see above
[gives u a funny feeling when u see them?] my crush(es)
[has a crush on u?]: derek told me someone liked me once.....
[easier to talk to: boys or girls?]: depends

[sit on the internet all day waiting for someone special to i.m u?]: if im terribly bored
[save aol/aim conversations]: copy/paste onto blogs, yea
[save e-mails]: not really...(no one ever e-mails me)
[wish u were a member of the opposite sex]: nope
[cried because of someone saying something to u]: yep

[fallen for ur best friend]: my friends are all girls
[been rejected]: nope
[rejected someone]: nope
[used someone]: nope
[been cheated on]: nope
[done something u regret]: lots

[u talked to]: larry
[u hugged]: my mom i think
[u instant messaged]: "elephant"? yeah, him
[u laughed with]: um...larry? yea

[color ur hair]: i wish
[ever get off the computer]: obviously
[habla espanol]: i'm not fluent, but....hm...

[smoke]: nope
[could u live without the computer?]: nope
[how many peeps are on ur buddylist?]: 69
[whats ur favorite food?]: some kind of philipino foods...
[whats ur favorite fruit?]: banans or tomatoes (not in the same dish....)
[drink alcohol?]: nope
[like watching sunrises or sunsets]: sunrise...
[what hurts the most?]: emotional pain that makes you hurt yourself
[trust others way too easily?]: if i know them, yes

[i want]: to go on a REAL vacation
[i wish]: for money
[i love]: you
[i miss]: people IMing me...
[i fear]: stuff
[i hear]: my brother asking for price checks (for fun)
[i wonder]: what will happen in the future?
[how do u know its love?]: if you love each other....? yeah

(very similar to my last one....hm...)

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173th day of 2004
alyssa: rotfl... ris and a guy kissing
me: yeah
me: it was funny
me: they tried like 5 times and then started to make out
alyssa: *laughing so damn loud*

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Weird dream.....o.O
172th day of 2004
Lmao....i had a weird dream....

(this is from the middle, i dont remember the begnning at all)
well, i remember this large, classroom type place really close to the highway and i remember that all the girls (except for me) were dressed in black dresses and the boys were dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans.....and at the far left hand corner were alyssa, krishan and jaclyn (XD)...alyssa had a tatoo on her arm that said "alyssa" and krishan was looking at this other boy like they were in love. o.O
well, anyway, next thing i remember was that we were in this mall where jackie chan was some kind of evil dictator and we were trying to get this large tub of garbage to the second floor but they said it was too heavy and just left us....anyway, i think we saw paris hilton and nicole richie there...they wanted to get their stuff upstairs too and then krishan took one of their hands (they were ugly in my dream, couldnt tell them apart) and kissed it and people unwilliangly came up to them and greeted them...lmao. then i remember walking on the upper layer looking at these things...like spare ribs or something? anyway, they said there was a "secret flavor" or something and then alyssa explained what it was: they made a secret flavor and since it got all over their clothes, they were dressed up in those strange outfits.
and then i remember being back in the strange classroom and krishan and that kid were timing how to kiss and then they were like making out and hid my laughter, but i seemed lke no one really cared...(the boy looked kinda lke elijah...lmao)
and next i remember going to this strange, very flat building for this competition or something and i remember having to call alyssa to come and jaclyn came ove with her mom in this cool car...lmao. i think it was like a brother chess thing or something.
then i wook up. o.O

wow. that was longer than i expected.
and anika, you're the reason that i didnt get to talk with any of my cousins! TT__TT

well, the only other thing i remember about today was going over to 'what's-their-names' (i think you spell it kristoffer and lester....not sure) anyway, i had to go over there and tell my aunt (who was visiting) to call my dad (for wood, i think) and no one was home. *phew*

ah well, long post. bye bye.

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SURVEY! again!
171th day of 2004

Full Name: trisha ________ (n/a..)

AKA: trish, hikari

Birthday: march 19

Birthplace: belleville, new jersey

Height: 59" (about 4' 11"?)

Siblings: larry

Pets: fishes...

Nationality: philipino

Eye Color: black-ish

Hair Color: VERY dark brown

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: not yet

Crush: only a few people know... ;-)

Color Of Your Room: white/pastel/brown

Hobbies: surfin the internet, reading, drawing, listening to music, chatting

Looks/Personality: personality (but its not like looks wont help ;-)

Tan or Fair: um...fair?

Punk or Preppie: neither....i think

Older/Younger: older

Smart/Dumb: in-between

Funny/Serious: funny

All I Need: internet, food, people

Im Afraid of: most insects, serious decisions, loud noises

I Dream About: people, what i want (not necessarily in the same dream)


What do you notice first? looks

Last Person You Slow Danced With: i dont remember

Worst Thing To Say: stupid, idiot, ugly...etc.


Makes You Laugh The Most? some people...u know who

Makes You Smile? u know who

Gives You A Funnie Feeling When You See Them? my crush....lmao

Has A Crush On You? i dont know

Easier To Talk To, Boys Or Gurls? most girls, depends on the boy


Sit All Day Waiting For Someone Special To I.M You? just im SmarterChild until someone IMs me, yea

Saved AOL/AIM Conversations? no point...other than putting it on my blog

Cried Because Of Someone Saying Something To You? all the time

Been In Love? nope

Pictured Your Crush Naked? no way

Actually Seen Your Crush Naked? NO!

Cried When Someone Died? a little bit

Drank Alcohol? i sipped some by accident.....

Fallen For You Best Friend? all of my friends are girls....o.O

Been Rejected? not that i know of

Rejected Someone? hm...no


You Talked To? my bro

On The Phone? when was the last time i was on the phone? hm....

Hugged? larry (half-heatedly for fun)

You Instant Messaged? alyssa

You Laughed With? larry


Color Your Hair? i wish (darn gray hairs....

Ever Get Off The Darn Computer? i wish i wouldn't ;-)


Obsessive? depends on what...

Could You Live Without The Computer? for a few days, yes

How Many Peeps Are On Your Buddylist? 67 XD

Whats Your Favorite Fruit? bananas (dont laugh...not THOSE bananas....lmao)

Trust Others Way Too Easilie? if i know them, yes

What Hurts The Most? Physical Pain Or Emotional Pain? physical, unless the emotional pain causes physical pain


Cuddle Or Make Out? i wouldnt know

Chocolate Milk Or Hot Chocolate? hot chocolate!

Short Or Tall? in-between

Tea/Coffee/Cappuccino? cappuccino...sometimes tea...

Sunnie Or Rannie? sunny all the time! (except if its really dry)

Winter, Summer, Fall, Or Spring? winter or spring....

Do You Like Rock, Punk, Rap, R&B, ALternative, Techno, Pop, Etc.? techno, alternative (i think)


Do You Have A LIKER? someone who likes me? no

What Is Their Name? hm..let me think....

What Is Your Favorite Thing To Do With That Special Someone? a date i gues....

What One Quality Do You Like Best In The Opposite Sex? personality, looks, intelligence

Who You Go To For Advice The Most? friends mostly

Skinniest? ciara...? or jessica or erika...? i dunno

Loudest? caitlin or courtni

Craziest? caitlin...lmao

Funniest? hm...all of us! (but i had the strange mind first!)

Smartest? me~

Best Looking? hm...u know who

Shortest? bryan p! lmao


Color? light blue-violet/P>

Subject? math or spelling

Ocean Or Pool? pool

Laugh Or Cry? laugh

Shower or Baths? showers usually

Food? pasta or filipino foods

Board Game? life...its the only one i have...lol

All Time Song? addicted to you - utada hikaru

Holiday? my birthday or christmas...

Movie Star? not into movies...

Tv Show? whose line is it anyway?

Cologne? i dont wear it....too young XD

Activity? surfing the web if that counts....


Do You Like School? when im not learning, yeah

Do You Like To Dance? if no one wants to dance either, then yeah (electric slide...lmao)


Showerd? at midnight last night XD

Running? um...today? yeah

Worked Out? i dont really "work out", per se....

Talked On The Phone? i dont remember......nanay's b-day? yeah...

Wished You Were Somebodie Else? all the time


Last Time You Went To The Doctor? sometime before my b-day...

Do You Have A Credit Card? i wish

Do You Consider Yourself a "nice" person? quiet....same thing...

Last Book? harry potter and the goblet of fire (didnt finish it..just for school)

Brand Shampoo? head and shoulders (i have dandruff...lmao)

Are You Stressed Out? sometimes

Do You Believe In Angels? GOOD angels, yes

Do You Think Your Spoiled? i just pout and sometimes they give me what i want...does that count?

Number of Piercings? ears...

School? usually a waste of time, except you see your friends there

favorite Dessert? ICE CREAM! yeah

Big House Or Decked Out Apartment? if the apartment's big and decked out, then yeah, apartment (big houses are cool too i guess)

Cell Phone Service? my parents use at&t, but i dont have one. i'll probably use that too

Give or Receive? receive XD (i dont have a lot to give)


I Want.... money

I Wish.... for money

I Love.... my family

I Miss.... being on the west coast

I Fear.... scary things

I Hear.... music

I Wonder.... who likes me?

How Do You KNow Its Love.... when two people start to like each other, i guess

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Super Duper Love Days ~ Lyrics
171th day of 2004
Mokuyoubi no yo-jikan-me madogiwa wa watashi dake no tokutou-seki
Jugyou ja narawanai kamoku
It's the fourth hour of Thursday
My very own seat is by a window
I'm doing a study I won't learn from

Donna ni ooku no hito no naka kara demo
Isshun dake de anata no sugata chanto mitsukeru
It doesn’t matter how many people there are
Just for one second I was able to see you

Itsu ka super duper love love days hajimaru
Nokosazu tabete sodatete ikou kono kimochi
Anata ni tsutaeru yuuki honto wa mada nai kuse ni
Koko de me ga atchaeba ii na
Nante sukoshi negatta
When are super duper love love days going to start?
Eat, every bite and grow this feeling
The feelings that I want to tell you
Really, I still don’t have the courage to say a thing
Right now here if our eyes can meet it would be good
Just what I was wishing for.

Itsu mo mimamotte kureru kono sora no
Aosa ni yatto kizuita you na ki ga suru
Every time that this sky protects us
I just finally realised it’s blueness.

Harikiri-sugite pinto ga bokechatta shashin-mitai
Chika-sugite mienai mono ga ippai
I got so excited that the focus went blury
Like a picture real close
There is a lot of things ya can’t see

Itsu ka super duper love love days hajimaru
Nokosazu tabete sodatete ikou kono kimochi
Dare ni mo zettai mane no dekinai koto da to omou
Sekai de hajimete no koi wo shite iru yo
Sugoku anata ni
When are super duper love love days going to start?
Eat, every bite and grow this feeling
I think noone can ever copy the world’s first love towards you.

Itsu ka super duper love love days hajimaru
Nokosazu tabete sodatete ikou kono kimochi
Anata ni tsutaeru yuuki honto wa mada nai kuse ni
Koko de me ga atchaeba ii na
Nante sukoshi negatta
When are super duper love love days going to start?
Eat, every bite and grow this feeling
The feelings that I want to tell you
Really, I still don’t have the courage to say a thing
Right now here if our eyes can meet it would be good
Just what I was wishing for.

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