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lucky cha cha cha!

Age. 25
Gender. Female
Location , NJ
School. Boston Univ
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Weird dream.....o.O
172th day of 2004
Lmao....i had a weird dream....

(this is from the middle, i dont remember the begnning at all)
well, i remember this large, classroom type place really close to the highway and i remember that all the girls (except for me) were dressed in black dresses and the boys were dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans.....and at the far left hand corner were alyssa, krishan and jaclyn (XD)...alyssa had a tatoo on her arm that said "alyssa" and krishan was looking at this other boy like they were in love. o.O
well, anyway, next thing i remember was that we were in this mall where jackie chan was some kind of evil dictator and we were trying to get this large tub of garbage to the second floor but they said it was too heavy and just left us....anyway, i think we saw paris hilton and nicole richie there...they wanted to get their stuff upstairs too and then krishan took one of their hands (they were ugly in my dream, couldnt tell them apart) and kissed it and people unwilliangly came up to them and greeted them...lmao. then i remember walking on the upper layer looking at these things...like spare ribs or something? anyway, they said there was a "secret flavor" or something and then alyssa explained what it was: they made a secret flavor and since it got all over their clothes, they were dressed up in those strange outfits.
and then i remember being back in the strange classroom and krishan and that kid were timing how to kiss and then they were like making out and hid my laughter, but i seemed lke no one really cared...(the boy looked kinda lke elijah...lmao)
and next i remember going to this strange, very flat building for this competition or something and i remember having to call alyssa to come and jaclyn came ove with her mom in this cool car...lmao. i think it was like a brother chess thing or something.
then i wook up. o.O

wow. that was longer than i expected.
and anika, you're the reason that i didnt get to talk with any of my cousins! TT__TT

well, the only other thing i remember about today was going over to 'what's-their-names' (i think you spell it kristoffer and lester....not sure) anyway, i had to go over there and tell my aunt (who was visiting) to call my dad (for wood, i think) and no one was home. *phew*

ah well, long post. bye bye.

That is a dream
worthy of being one of mine. Dreams are always confusing in a funny way. ^.^
» desertsnowstorm on 2004-06-21 04:18:22

wsop miss trisha `=D i see a ccs fanlisting. you're not a fan. I'M A FAN! an uberly 0BSESSED fan `=D
» ATEH CHELSEAA `=) ( on 2004-06-21 07:16:53

weird dreams! kakkakak! (^ 3 ^)-CHUUUU!
» ayumisaki on 2004-06-21 09:02:32



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