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sometimes randy and sporadicfunk and i draw pictures and we put the pictures on shirts and you have to buy them.

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Friday. 2.15.13 10:43 am

So happy it's Friday. I have to work half a day tomorrow, but oh well.

Long weekend! Weeeeeeeeeeee

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Tuesday. 2.12.13 5:28 pm
on the 12th day of nutang, my weblog gave to me,

twelve new subscribers,
eleven pps's,
ten 'tangers posting,
nine lurkers lurking,
eight baboons processing,
seven guestbook entries,
six friends a-chatting,
four forum posts,
three comments,
two templates,
and an island of sand and palm trees!


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Monday. 2.11.13 2:27 pm


sorry i forgot the 10th.

insanity, second stage, started for me on saturday. it's like i never worked out before in my life.

that movie Beautiful Creatures looks awful.

that's all.

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Saturday. 2.9.13 9:27 am
welcome to the 9th. i forgot to do an entry yesterday, but while i was at work, i was considering doing an entry the whole time. so that counts. especially because this site is blocked at my work.

at Amelie's request, i am going to explain my concept for a robot card game.

there's no easy way to explain. the point will be to build robots using cards with different parts (legs, arms, scrap metal, motherboard, head), and then use the robots you build to fight other robots and become robot champ.

it'll make more sense in the near future. i am in the very preliminary planning stages, and thusly don't have much more information.

i'll share some drawings as i go, and i am more than happy to take suggestions for names of robots, that i will then draw.

good bye!

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Thursday. 2.7.13 5:29 pm
it's the 7th!

i'm drawing robots for a game i want to develop.

and now i'm stopping to play call of duty.

i took off exercising yesterday. today i'm going to get back into it. fun.

k bye.

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Wednesday. 2.6.13 7:26 pm
it's the 6th!

i think i sprained my wrist. i even bought a $25 wrist brace this morning because it was hurting so bad.

i'm going to go cook dinner now.

this totally counts as my full entry for the day.

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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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