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Tuesday. 1.23.07 12:50 pm
I was out yesterday because I was so depressed. I was suppose to be in hawaii with my family. They called me to tell me that they missed me there and I was the only one in the family that didnt make it. I was trying to hide the fact that I was crying. So I said, Fuck work for a day because I need to cry this one out.

I ended up working for one hour at home just so that I would not have so much work to do when I get back. I get back today and people want to know why my office hours changed. It changed becuase they fired the person that was helping me. I cannot keep those hours and do the work of two people. This place is KILLING ME! I make sacrifices and work from home and now this. Oh it gets better! An old student worker of mine that I sold my sidekick 2 to that never paid me came in yesterday to talk to my boss complaining about the scholarship she put on the system and has not heard anything. I communicated with this person and even moved her file ahead of a pile of students in line ahead of her. She was here in front of me when I processed her file. Then she has her nerve to complain to my boss about me not processing her scholarship on time. WTF!!!


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If you give your boss a BRAIN...
Friday. 2.23.07 10:17 pm
Have any of you read the book, "If you give a pig a pancake" or the book "if you give a mouse a cookie"? Well, they are the same principle and that is what I want to blog about today.

My boss is soooo stupid. This is the reason why I HATE my job. She gives me MORE work when I ask for help and just does not make logical decisions. She creates more work for everyone involved. Just today she asked me to open my office when I am scheduled to be closed. She said because it is close to the deadline that I need to keep my office open. Well all the applications are ONLINE why would anyone be walking in the door on a day that we are ALWAYS scheduled to be closed?????? "IF YOU GIVE YOUR BOSS A BRAIN"

Then she comes parading into my office with 5 students telling me, with this huge smile on her face, Kahea, I brought you some students to apply for scholarships.. (ok, I am helping one student on the computer and one on the phone, I cant talk to you right now) I said, "ok, I will be right there, when I am done on the phone."

She then tells these rowdy student, "would you like a donut? We have donuts next door." Well, these donuts were purchased by some of us as a TREAT to all the office workers. It was a perk or benefit for the workers not for her to give away at her liberty. She didnt even buy them.

She then comes back with these donuts that she did not buy and says, "here you go, a donut AND a scholarship" Huh? You dont get a donut for applying for a scholarship. What about the 1200 other people that applied? You got a donut for them too??!! "IF YOU GIVE YOUR BOSS A BRAIN"

On top of that, one of the students came back and said, "Can I have another donut" You see what I mean.... "If you give a mouse a cookie"???

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I think I am finally over the shock
Sunday. 4.6.08 10:29 pm
Saturday morning I was going to drop off my son at his fathers place. On my way there at 8:15 am, I see my downstairs neighbors and their little baby. They were so happy that he is now beginning to walk. I really dont know the people in my building. I try to keep to myself. I know everyone by face but I dont go out of my way to know everyone. Anyhow this guy coming in to the building wanted to pass by me and therefore I looked up from the baby on the floor to move to the side. Just then the passerby says, "Hi and my name". I said, Hello.

TO MY SHOCK the passerby was my boss. I dont like my boss, the male one, very much. I was so happy to move from under his nose over to another part of the campus and now the faucker LIVES in my building. I escaped him at work and now he is where I LIVE AND BREATHE!!! I cant get over it.

It is now sunday.... I spoke to my neighbor and co-worker and she told me not to worry about it and just ignore him. I think I can do that. I think I am kind of over the shock.

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