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Friday. 6.25.04 12:59 am
Hunger... it's an interesting thing... It takes on many forms, some more painful than the others. Me? I only experience some of them luckily. Hunger can be a good thing, or a bad thing. Hunger can eat away your access fat, and it can also eat away your muscles (starting with the smallest ones). One must be careful when dealing with hunger.

Well one thing hunger can cause are hunger pains. I have never had hunger pains, so I really don't know what they are like. According to Ashley, they are pritty bad. I'm glad I never experience these.

Another thing that I have found that hunger can cause, is a very cold feeling in your stomach... I get this quite often when I am hungry actually. It's not a good feeling by any means. No matter where you are, or what you are doing, you feel cold.

Hunger can also make you shake... and kinda feel light and wierd. This is another one that I get often. Your hands shake, and when you get really hungry, your arms and legs shake. This isn't really that bad... unless you are doing something that requires a steady hand.

One thing I have noticed after being hungry for a while, you stop being hungry... or at least... your hunger becomes milder. I don't know the reasoning behind this, but it is true. Kinda wierd... but it's a good thing... because you are less hungry.

So why am I saying all this? Well I haven't eaten in 3 days... I just had some ramen... and it's probobly the last thing I'll get to eat for a few more days... My parents shut off my food money... so I have absolutely no food... Kinda funny... The ramen filled me up pritty well... usually I can eat a ton of those packages... I think my stomach shrunk...

Oh yeah... and it makes you kinda tired...

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Mocking Bird Tragedy
Tuesday. 6.22.04 1:53 am
I just had dinner with some of my relatives at James Coney Island. We where on our way back home, and some riced out Subaru pulled up next to me. There were cars infront of us, so there wasn't going to be any racing. Besides, I don't race anyone, it's obnoxious. I was hoping this guy was mature and wasn't going to drive like an ass to try and get me to race him (which woulda been pointless anyways because of the cars in front of us).

Well turns out he was very immautre. He would fall back a little bit then floor it until he was almost touching the bumper of the car in front of him. What an obnoxious human being. I know, that if I was driving any other car than a Mustang, this wouldn't have happened. So anyways, he started to fall back a little again, and floored it once more. This time, disaster struck. A mocking bird flying very low flew out in front of him... The results... he was unable to stop in time, the bird was mutilated under both tires on the right side... The poor thing flopped around for a second before dieing completely...

Wow... if this jerk wasn't so bussy trying to intimidate me just because I drive a Mustang, this never would have happened. I keep thinking how pointless this all was. What was he trying to prove? There wasn't even room to race, and I wouldn't have raced him anyways... Now that poor bird is dead... Also... I think... maybe if I had a different car, this wouldn't have happened...

poor little birdy

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I Don't See What All They Hype Is About
Saturday. 6.19.04 3:02 am
Ok, so I saw Harry Potter... errr whichever one is in the theatres right now; not sure which one that is. To be honest, I was prepared for the worst when I went to see this movie. I knew it would be geared towards children, so I wasn't to excited about going... In fact, I really didn't want to go at all.

Well, it wasn't all that bad actually... I mean it wasn't that good, but it wasn't bad either. I was right about it being a bit childish... that was expected. I guess that would have to be my main complaint. You know... the typical kids get into trouble adventure... witht he typical kid stuff... lame...

I guess what was entertaining was the atmosphere of the movie... I'm a pritty big fan of unrealistic stuff, so I found it interesting. There was alot of creative stuff, that just seemed to create a good mood for the movie. Overall, I found the setting to be well done.

So anyways, it wasn't a movie I am going to go see again, or buy the dvd or anything. However, Harry Potter had it's highlights... Although the story and characters were far too immature for my taste... oh well... At least it wasn't too bad.

yarrr magic spells

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Wednesday. 6.16.04 12:59 am
Ahhh yes, a new dog. At least I hope we are keeping him, he's a great dog. People say he is either a Weimaraner or a Pointer. I'm really not sure which one he is... I know he is one huge 3 month old puppy though. Not only that, he is chocolate brown and has huge floppy ears and giant paws. He is very rough when he playes to, I have cuts all over to prove it...

So anyways, where did I get him you ask? Well, it turns out a vette found him and was going to give him to the pound... Well a person that works for the vette decided to take him home. Well it turns out they couldn't keep him so they tried to find a home. Well my mom is friends with the girl's mother and my mom found a home for him with our nieghbors. Well our nieghbors ended up being a little to old to be able to handle a crazy dog like him. So they gave him back, and the people that we got him from originally didn't want him back either. Thus we are stuck with him, and couldn't be happier about it.

So yeah, I'm kinda peroccupied with playing with him and what not. I love big dogs, especially crazy ones that wrestle with you and bite you. Right now he is sleeping on my bed and I can't wake him up though... My mom says he has to sleep in my room anyways... Oh well, I guess that's a good thing... until he gets really big...

Henry is one crazy dog

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Peaceful Burning Truck
Tuesday. 6.15.04 1:38 am
It was a peaceful day, about 4:00 in the afternoon. I was just driving to Ashley's house, enjoying the good weather. The windows where down, the air wasn't too hot, I was listening to music... All was right in the world. I turned into the street I usually take as a detour to get to Ashley's house and it was quiet and peacful. The only people that were outside, where working in their yards, and just generaly having a peacful day. When I was getting towards the end of the subdevision, I looked down the street on the left... I almost couldn't believe what I saw.

There was a blazing infirno, a truck completely engolfed in flames. It wasn't just your average flames coming from under the hood. The entire front half of the truck was on fire. The flames were very high, there were spitting and cracking sounds. Debris flew from the truck as it spat and crackled... chunks of metal clanked on the ground as they popped off of the truck. Their gerauge was being singed by the flames as well, the majority of the gerauge door was black from the flames. Strange... it was such a peaceful day.

Anyways, dont think I just left, without getting help or anything. One of the nieghbors had just saw it and was on his way over with his cell phone in hand. Of course when he walked by me I had to be an idiot and say "hey that truck is on fire". As if he couldn't clearly see this with his own eyes. I guess I was just a little destracted by the fire, so I couldn't think of something inteligent or worth while to say. Anyways, I left, never heard any fire trucks or anything... I hope they put the fire out and everything is ok though.

Other than that, everything was peaceful

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Monday. 6.14.04 1:56 pm
So yeah, new look, new attitude, same old bullshit. That pritty much summs up my nu-tang. So even though it looks drastically different, I'm still gunna be writing the same old stupid crap. So don't panic, it's all good.

So what's changed... well The background changed colour alot, it used to be different shades of blue leaves on a black background... Now it's a dull mix of warm colours... kinda interesting... looks more like a wallpaper now. As for the module background, that is a picture of the head of one of my guitars (yes, it's the Washburn Culprit). The nublog entry is a picture of part of the body of the guitar. It shows part of the scratch plate on it. Also, the title chantged in the same way that the background did... Anyways, new colors, new pics... I hope you all enjoy...

Oh, and I made Ashley a pink leaves background as she requested, go check it out

WTF have I done!?

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