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if you stick around, i'll sing you pretty sounds.

smudge clothing company.
sometimes randy and sporadicfunk and i draw pictures and we put the pictures on shirts and you have to buy them.

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i'd rather not sleep...
Thursday. 8.24.06 10:18 pm
the days are getting shorter. it kind of sucks. i feel like i don't make the most of my days as it is, but now, the sun wants to be all "fuck you, go to bed earlier." fuck that. i'd rather not sleep than not get to do anything exciting every day.

...i'm fucking bored.

if you've ever got something to do, just call me. i'm up for it. no matter what.


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let's pretend...
Thursday. 8.24.06 5:59 am
i am definitely not one to sound cliche, but some cases just straight up call for it. you know what? forget it. i'm gonna surpass the entire cliche thing, and instead come up with a "hypothetical" situation. so for all intensive purposes, let's pretend, for a brief moment, that there's a girl.

now, let's pretend you're into this girl. you can't help it. she just has that effect on you, and probably on others. further, let's pretend that you both take things a step further with lowered inhibitions. hmm...

if i was in said situation, looking back, i would say it was pretty fucking dumb on my part... i guess you don't have as much control over your decisions in a situation like that. and, since both parties were drunk, how is it possible to tell how each of them is really feeling? sure, you could talk about it. or, you could pretend to talk about it, just to clear it up quickly.

i, personally, probably, wouldn't have been able to say what i really wanted to say in a situation like that... i wouldn't be one to take things past friendship, even for a brief moment, if i wasn't interested... but hell, that's just me.

i'm not sure if i need people's opinions on this... i've probably already thought too much into it, 'cause that's just the way i am...

...just a hypothetical anyway.


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so i started this blog...
Wednesday. 8.23.06 6:52 pm
i feel like i'm off the spectrum with a lot of people i used to be close with, and that's exactly where i don't want to be, so i started this blog in order to keep people up to date with what's been going on in my life, or in my head, or whatever. i hope you find it entertaining. sorry if you don't. i'm still gonna update this thing as often as i can.

if you don't know me as well as you'd like, well, here are some random things that i'll just spew in your face like involuntary projectile sprite after a well timed joke...

so most of my friends call me sank, deriving from my last name. it's nice to have a nickname. i don't think about it much, but i enjoy having one. it's like another alias by itself. sank is like, "fuck yeah!" while scott is like "...(*whispers* fuck yeah.)" if you know what i mean.

i'm twenty years old. and though i did technically exist in the 80s, i totally disregard music from that era. justly or not, that's your decision. i listen to punk, indie, alternative rock, emo, screamo, and, aw fuck it, sometimes i go a little hardcore. anything that sounds good. i'm open to suggestions.

i work for a team of engineers and contractors, for a company that is going to go unnamed for the time being, due to certain people's inability to control their idiocy. i'm an intern right now, and i don't plan to work for the same company as a career. i'm no engineer. *snickers* okay, the name is kind of funny.

i've got awesome friends. i couldn't possibly ask for anything more from them. we always enjoy life, and find humor in the little things. though we disrespect each other constantly, racially, religiously, figuratively, and physically, we mean little or no harm. love you guys.

that's a bit of a background on me. perhaps at a soon date i will write about what's been happening in my life more recently... i guess you'll just have to stay tuned...


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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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