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my interview...
Thursday. 3.15.07 10:58 am
so my interview went well yesterday... i signed some paper that is gonna let them do a background check, and in a few days someone is supposed to get back to me... i guess we'll see.

oh man, even the SRA guy emailed me back. he said in a few weeks, the search to fill the position will re-ensue. he also said that he'll make sure that i resurface in the search. that's kinda cool. took him long enough to get back to me though.

i watched the new LOST last night. it was kind of disappointing, because nothing was really answered. also, i don't care that claire is jack's half sister. i just want to know what the hell is going on. strapping a note to a bird was stupid too. niki brought up the fact that it could just plop down in the water, and thus ruin the note. foolish island dwellers.

all in all, job stuff is going well, i think. tv is subpar as always, except for scrubs, which i am looking forward to tonight. woohoo!

i'm also looking forward to friday night. it's gonna be a blasty blast.

currently listening to: it's warmer in the basement by cobra starship


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watched domino.
Tuesday. 3.13.07 10:50 pm
watched domino tonight. the movie was pretty kick ass. confusing, but awesome nonetheless.

kit and i went up to UMBC today to play some smash brothers. i know it seems far just for a game, but what else is there to do? it was fun. won some, lost some. definitely an experience worth repeating.

um. *shrugs*

oh, i have a job interview tomorrow. everyone wish me luck. it's at a bank. i hope i get the job. i'll let everyone know how it goes.

k bye.

currently listening to: pace yourself remix by the higher and patrick stump


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i live in a house.
Wednesday. 3.7.07 12:31 am
no, i may not be in the best place in my life right now. i'm jobless, and i'm out of school. but i hope that i soon get into a better position... i'm still waiting to hear again from the SRA. i really want that job.

however, i still have aspects of my life that are righteous. awesome friends, awesome girlfriend.

i am happy.

i will be happier once i get this job, though; i want to move out and work full time. this is only possible with money. who'd'a thunk it. money runs the world.

i live in a house, but i fear i have no home...


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that's all.
Tuesday. 3.6.07 1:35 am
i watched clay pigeons today.

you may or may not know what that is; it's a dark comedy about a string of murders that happen around a small town... it stars joaquinn phoenix and vince vaughn.

it was pretty good, but very, very, very weird. it's definitely worth seeing, though. check it out.

tonight, how i met your mother was a repeat; i was pretty aggrivated about that. so brett and i just smashed around for a few hours.

that's all for now.

oh wait. has anyone ever played comix zone before? it's this old game, and it's on the virtual console for the wii now, and i'm trying to convince brett to download it. let me know if you've played it.

currently listening to: beelzeboss by tenacious d


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smokin' aces.
Thursday. 3.1.07 2:01 am
smokin' aces was fucking fantastic. that's all there is to it.

i've said it before, and i'll say it again.

jeremy piven is the man.

currently listening to: (ghost) riders in the sky by johnny cash


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you know what?
Wednesday. 2.28.07 12:08 am
you know what? fuck it.

i try really hard to keep my mouth shut when the general behaviors of some people just piss me off on a regular basis, but i'm gonna clear my throat for this one. my head can only hold so much, so this has to get out.

what does friendship mean? doesn't it mean talking out problems with others, helping others through tough situations, and always being there for someone? i thought it did.

this one's for you, mike.

you know who your friends are, right? i'd like to think that i'm one of your best friends, and i don't want that to change, but i'm really getting sick of hearing about how shitty your days are just because you don't have a girlfriend. i hope you remember who was there for you through your rough patches. certainly not some other girl. i was there, and all your other friends were there. so, were times that we all spent together just horrible, horrible days for you? i get a fucked up vibe every time i read about how you're feeling empty inside. i'm still here, we're all still here. could you at least try to have a good day hanging out with your friends? i always thought we had good times, but then you always seem to write about how down you're feeling. are we not doing our jobs are friends? i try talking to you about your rough situations, and i feel like i'm helping, but i guess you don't see it that way. is it always going to be up to some girl to help you feel better about yourself? you've got plenty of friends who love you to death and would take up for you any time you wanted. are we instantly going to be tossed aside? i feel this way, and it seems like you feel that you will only be happy if you are with someone. if that makes you happy, then fine. at least pretend that we warm you up just that little, itty bit inside. just a bit. i've tried so hard to keep your feelings uplifted, especially after your last break up...

i don't even feel like writing about this anymore. jesus christ..

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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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