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RED JIM- Nathalie Jean-Bart- French-English
Moussa et David- Maurice Rajsfus
Zèbre- David B
Le chien à trois pattes- Farid Boudjellal
Dolphins playing with bubbles
Sunday. 1.20.08 3:40 pm

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Invisible ink blog
Saturday. 1.19.08 10:56 am
You can't see because it's invisible :) If it wasn't invisible, you would see it. How can you read something you can't see? Invisible books exist too: you don't have to be invisible to read them but, even if you were invisible, it wouldn't help. If you were invisible, you'd be blind. The world around you would be as invisible to you as you are to the world. There are transparent objects but they are still visible with a bit of effort: Vistalite drumkits are transparent but they are still visible. If you get colourful invisibility, it becomes visible. There are invisible colours but they are only invisible to us, not to other animals.

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RED JIM by Nathalie Jean-Bart 's first review
Monday. 1.14.08 3:26 pm


My children's book Red Jim has received its first review and a very positive one as well in the professional French magazine "L'Avis Des Bulles".

The review is quoted below (in French), to make it searchable (and findable by search engines)



ÉDITEUR Tartamudo




GENRE Conte moderne

ÂGE 7 ans et +

PUBLIC Grand public

PRIX 12 €

Harry et Henry sont deux chiens de garde aussi gras que stupides. Comme ces cabots s'ennuient, ils jouent avec les autres animaux: ils arrachent la queue des renards, le fond du pantalon du facteur etc.
Un jour où leur ennui était à son comble, un lapin se présente à eux, avec, dans les mains, une pancarte sur laquelle est marqué « Attrapez-moi !!». Les chiens courent donc après le gibier aux longues oreilles, et sont alors attirés dans une soucoupe volante, d'où semble venir le lapin. Ils se retrouvent dès lors prisonniers des "Lapins de l'espace", craints dans tout l'univers, même des fourmis géantes de Betelgeuse. Nos deux chiens, devant choisir comment être mangés, vont faire enlever Billy le chat, qui va alors, avec ruse, les tirer d'une bien mauvaise situation.

Ce livre est un véritable enchantement! Il est construit comme suit: du texte sur la page de gauche, des dessins sur la page de droite. L'histoire est très drôle, supportée par des dessins très expressifs qui font véritablement rire. Nathalie JEAN-BART joue avec maîtrise avec la typographie du texte, la mise en page des dessins et la couleur de ces derniers. L'auteur écrit aussi en deux langues; en effet sur une même page, le texte est rédigé en français et en anglais. Nathalie JEAN-BART étant française et habitant à Londres, une partie n'est pas la traduction de l'autre. Ainsi l'auteur glisse des jeux de mot dans les textes français qui ne peuvent apparaître dans le texte anglais, et vice versa. Lire le texte dans les deux langues n'apparaît plus fastidieux (enfin… ça l'est moins). Un livre divertissant, qui promet un bon moment de lecture!



And the approximative translation of the review in English, by yours truly :

Harry and Henry are two guard dogs as fat as they are stupid. But they are also very bored, so bored in fact, they only find some enjoyment by playing with other animals: they tear foxes' tails off and the bottom of the postman's trousers, etc.
One day, as the two dogs are bored to the extreme, a rabbit turns up in front of them, with a sign in his paws saying "Catch me!!". The dogs are only too happy to oblige and chase the rabbit, until they are all sucked up inside a flying saucer.
From now on, Harry and Henry are held prisoners by the Space Rabbits, feared across the all universe by everybody even the Giant Ants from Betelgeuse. The two dogs, forced to choose how they are going to be eaten, make the Space Rabbits kidnap Billy the cat, who will ultimately trick their way out of trouble.

This book is a pure delight! It is built as follow: the text is on the left page and the drawings on the right page. The story is very funny and supported by very expressive cartoons that cause genuine hilarity. Nathalie Jean-Bart shows skill in playing with the typography of the text, the layout and colours of the drawings. The author's also written the story in two languages: the text is shown in French and English on the same page. Nathalie is French and lives in London: some parts of the text aren't the literal translation of the others. The author inserts puns in the text in French that cannot appear in English and vice versa. Consequently, reading the text in both languages doesn't seem tedious anymore (at least, not as much...).
An entertaining book that promises enjoyable reading!



Don't forget to check the lens I wrote about RED JIM, for more information about the book itself, where to get it from, etc.

Thank you

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Van den vos Reynaerde (1943)
Friday. 1.11.08 4:54 pm

Van den vos Reynaerde was originally a Dutch medieval fable, composed in the 13th century.

A piece of anti-semitic children literature was named after it before being adapted into an animated movie.

Reynard the Fox and the Jew Animal

Since this AWN article was published, the rest of this film has been found in 2005.
Once restored, it was shown at an animation festival in Utrecht in 2006.

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Peak Oil - How Will You Ride the Slide?
Wednesday. 1.9.08 4:55 am

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Tuesday. 1.8.08 11:04 am

This is a collaboration between me and a mural artist, done some time ago now: he got in touch to use my children characters to decorate the walls of a therapy room, in a school in Manchester.

See the actual murals and the original characters here

A sample visible below.

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