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Thursday. 10.8.09 11:30 am
these are some of my favorite music lyrics.


"i'm ripe with things to say... the words rot and fall away."
-blink 182, "stay together for the kids"

"sometimes it just feels better to give in."
-taking back sunday, "my blue heaven"

"wear me like a locket around your throat. i'll weigh you down. i'll watch you choke."
-fall out boy, "nobody puts baby in the corner"

"at least we know that if we die, we lived with passion."
-cartel, "burn this city"

"don't you ever dream of some place better, or a life that's greater? don't you ever feel like you were destined for something bigger than your skin?"
-forgive durden, "the exit"

"we have tested the buoyancy of loyalty. you left our lungs for canteens. you left our ankles for anchors."
-the receiving end of sirens, "dead men tell no tales"

"through playful lips made of yarn, that fragile capricorn unraveled words like moths upon old scarves."
-panic! at the disco, "northern downpour"

"she's the symbol of resistance, and she's holding on my heart like a hand grenade."
-green day, "she's a rebel"

"we laughed our way down the beaches as we danced around the issues."
-mayday parade, "jamie all over"

"you'll wish you never met me. butterfly, float on by me."
-cauterize, "closer"

"i don't like these tiny portions with your artful abortions of sound, sealed with a kiss, slathered in the sauce sarcastic, so go choke on your irony."
-say anything, "futile"

"is that what you call tact? you're as subtle as a brick in the small of my back."
-brand new, "seventy times 7"

"now it's two a.m. and i'm picturing the way things used to be, but all i see is you looking at him like you used to look at me."
-madina lake, "true love"

"i'm just a guy that never tried. i'm just a stupid fuck with brilliant luck, and sometimes i a bright idea, so shower me in a chorus of compliments and verse i don't deserve. i might run, but i'll never hide."
-motion city soundtrack, "hangman"


all of these songs are a few years old now. it makes me wants to break out some of these CDs. if you don't know these songs, check 'em out; your'e guaranteed satisfaction, or i'll give you PPS, because i don't have much real money.

any suggestions to what i should be listening to?

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Wednesday. 10.7.09 1:57 pm
so we got audited at our bank today. all i can say is: trifles.

there are certain things that the system allows me to do, and that is why i do them. if they want me to do it a different way, then the system shouldn't allow me to do it the wrong way. it's probably like one line of code to correct what they want me to do. granted, i will start making changes so i am doing it correctly, but the fact is that it's not my fault that programming doesn't do their job right.

whatever. at least our auditor is a nice woman. i'd be pissed if someone was yelling at me for shit i shouldn't be responsible for. oh well.

overall, it went well. i think it's over. it might not be. if it's not, i'll let y'all know.

i left my lunch at home today. turkey sandwich, courtesy of my sis. damn shame i forgot it. i thought about it from the moment i woke up and then walked out the door without it.

so... now what do i do?

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Tuesday. 10.6.09 9:12 am
i didn't get off work till 5 yesterday. it doesn't seem like a big deal, but it is when you make plans, and you are scheduled until 4:15.

the good news is, i got sushi for dinner last night. it was my only meal of the day yesterday. oh, didn't i mention? i worked a 9 hour day and didn't get a lunch break.

well, today will be the same. no lunch break. i did, however, get breakfast today, so that's good. my goal to speed up my metabolism by eating each meal every day is failing, though. i just don't have time every day. if i lose another hour of sleep i'm gonna be dead by the time i get to work.

i guess i'm just frustrated. i'm always tired, always getting headaches, and i can't fix it. ugh.

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Monday. 10.5.09 12:50 pm
today, i have already had more customers at the bank than i had monday through saturday of last week.

of course, it happens on a day when the other customer service rep is on vacation, the assistant manager is out at another office training, and the manager is out at meetings.

so i'm *sings* alllllllll byyyyyyyyy myyyyyyyyyy seeee-eee-eeeelf. and my work is stacking up at a rate that could be considered exponential. ugh.

i'm also hungry. i don't get a lunch break today, because no one can cover for me.

i also don't get to see niki today.

i'm currently in hate mode.


on the plus side, me and b-fer are going to get sushi tonight, so we can eat dinner and watch how i met your mother and the big bang theory with kit y meggyo. woohoo!

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ye olde.
Saturday. 10.3.09 10:39 am
i'm excited to go to the renaissance festival this year. maryland throws the best renfests. in fact, i may just say md renfest ftw.

(not that i've ever been to another state's renfest.)

we are going to go during the scottish weekend (how fitting for me). it's still a few weeks away, and it can't come any sooner. i'm gonna get me ye olde everything on a stick.

i'm currently at work, and looking for excuses not to work. i really don't need any though.


the bank is empty right now.

what am i going to do this afternoon? hopefully clean my car. that's all i have on the agenda. i probably won't do it though. not until it smells like a foot. then i'll buy an air freshener. when the air freshener smells like a foot, then i might clean it.

well, here's to another weekend wasted flying faster than a virgin galactic space plane. cheers.

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machete. (part 2)
Friday. 10.2.09 10:49 am
so i ended up moving a lot of logs yesterday afternoon. yes, i used a machete to cut through the tall grass and weeds. it was kind of entertaining. i couldn't resist violently swinging that blade around like i was defending myself from an attacker. there were even a few time i sliced through a few things so fast that it did the stereotypical *whoosh* sound, with a delayed fall of the item. i don't know if i described that very well, but hopefully you know what i mean.

r.j. and i are in a heated NWF battle. it's actually not heated at all. we both assume we're gonna lose. the stakes are the minimum amounts, and the votes required are the minimum amounts, so it wouldn't surprise me if the battle swings either way.

today, when i get off (heh.) of work, i'm going to try to make some designs for clothing. i already have a few possibilities in mind which i have made sketches for, and also probably made a few copyright violations. oh well.

well, it's almost 11a.m. here, and i've got seven more hours of work, so here's to you, 'tangers.

now where's my uke...

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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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