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Wednesday. 8.24.11 11:38 am
Maybe if your husband isn't the doormat that he is then I'd be able to disappear from work anytime and for however long I want. Unfortunately, he is one, therefore I'm not working for my father's company, ergo, what you suggested was utterly ludicrous!

Over and over again I was told that I have to stop being so skeptical, condescending and pessimistic towards the human race. Guess what? Everyday, I see things that I definitely do not agree with and everyday it grows on me how ridiculous, selfish and simply idiotic. Would showing some curtesy kill you? Would being less selfish kill you? Would critically evaluate yourself and think things through before you make some grand statement cause you money? The answer is all "NO" yet people still do it.

It's not that I like to see the negative part of everyone (by the way, I was told that that won't go away), it's just that show me proof everyday that there is something good in people instead of the occasional glimpse of humanity. "I used to see the glass as half full, until someone drilled a fucking hole at the bottom of the glass", someone made this statement sometime ago and I still remember it because I can relate to how true it is.

So just because there are liberties that you can easily take; life is much easier for you; you seem to be rewarded for your every drop of sweat, it doesn't mean that it is so for everyone else. Just because some others lament about how hard life is for them, it doesn't mean that they are ungrateful or jealous of someone else's life. It may simply be that their lives are truly harder than yours and that they have to fight for every single luxury in their lives and yet success is not as easily obtained.

No one wants to be sad or angry or depressed. They just want what that is rightfully theirs even for one tiny bit, to help to get through the day. Some people just don't see that and don't realise that, in fact, they take advantage of people around them to their own benefits and then criticise others for voicing out their dissatisfaction.

Think before you speak because I won't ask you to put yourselves in others' shoes because it would've happened already if you can do that.

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Monday. 7.25.11 1:06 pm
I am surprised that he knows what Dyslexia is. A lot of people in this country have no idea what it is, what it actually is and how common it can be. I'm surprised that he didn't ask me what it is instead reconfirmed if I have it. Interesting...

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Wednesday. 7.6.11 3:00 am
I may be undecided on a great many things but when it comes to you, I am quite sure that I want none of you in my life. This is different from the usual friends of mine who disappear for a while and then come back, talking to me like they never went away. Why? well, because you is one hell of a mother fucking douchebag of a friend, you jerk-ass! Seriously, every single time your barely legals ignore you, you come running back to me. For someone who goes running back to someone else, you are bloody fucking demanding too. Who the hell do you think you are? My brother? My best friend? My boyfriend? This is totally a one sided thing. I never regarded you as my best friend nor have I ever thought that you are of boyfriend material. Moreover, I may not mind small sized guys but even i think that you are short because I don't think you are that much taller than me. For someone older than me, you are incredibly immature too.

Why is it that the guys that are thrown my way are douchebags and jerkazoids? Don't I have enough of them in my life as it is?

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Tuesday. 6.28.11 7:37 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Thursday. 6.16.11 1:42 am
I'm hoping that telling my future employers that I am mildly dyslexic won't affect my changes of getting the job.... I'm going to watch Paranormal Activity 2 now because.... I need to distract myself

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Song & Sneezes
Sunday. 6.5.11 2:26 am
The song's being replayed quite often this weekend... if each time I hear that song represents each time you think of me, then I'm perfectly satisfied =)

Anyway, I've been sneezing a lot. At least once a day and I don't know why... I don't think I'm allergic to anything other than dust and I don't think it's because this house is dustier now since I do sneeze in campus and in the car too! *shrugs*

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