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Well, would you look at that.
Thursday, August 14, 2008
I made my first dollar today at NuTang! I'm also breaking into the Top 25 Most Popular Members! I'm also stroking my massive ego! I'm a jerk, aren't I?! Sorry, I'm just excited. I have never got so many hits on a site before in my life. Thank you to everyone who made this possible. You all rock my proverbial socks. Gah, I'm such a newb.

Anyway, I've changed some photos (as you probably saw when you clicked on the Home button) and added some more profile info so you can get to know me a little better. Add me to MSN if you're feeling adventurous! Sign the guestbook as well (I'm looking at you, Facebook people!).

Tomorrow is another day. Work starts at 10 and goes on until 7. Today I was working in Men's. Men fall into two categories when it comes to shopping. There are those that know what they want and go for it. Then there are those that have no idea what they're looking for and they need someone to help them out. A man came into the store today falling into the latter category. He picked out most of the clothes himself, but he had no idea what he was looking for size or fit wise. I taught him about the different styles and fits we have at BR and what would be best for him and why. When I was through with him, he had a new wardrobe for Fall. Mission accomplished. I love dressing up people. Looking good is feeling good.

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Weather, Children, Music
Wednesday, August 13, 2008
I moved my vocal lesson to next Monday because I need some time to sit around and actually practice piano, vocals and japanese. I don't have to work until 6 and it's starting to rain. I think the world wants me to practice too. The thunder seems to agree with that statement. The sky is light grey yet I can hear thunder out... I haven't seen that happen in a long time. It better not turn green.

My Parental Unit #2 asked me if I could go next door and baby-sit while the neighbor got her car fixed. Why not? How hard could it be to baby sit 2 hyperactive little girls? It was not hard at all. We looked through books about Sesame Street and color and I read them a part of the Cinderella story. Then we went to the toy room and they showed me all of their toys. Plastic food, soccer ball, plastic cosmetics, a barbie tent, Backpack from Dora The Explorer. and an electronic book that teaches you how to say the alphabet when you put your finger on a letter. Later on my neighbor stopped by and told me that the girls wanted their Mom to go to the car place again to get her car fixed so we could go play. Awwww, how cute.

I recorded a song this morning on my guitar. It's another cover (an original song is coming soon, promise) called Blackwinged Bird by Emm Gryner. You can listen to all of my previous songs by clicking the All Songs button in the Latest Song module.

I think the weather has gone schizophrenic. It was raining a few minutes ago but now it's sunny. Make up your mind! I've made up mine: I'm going to practice piano.

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Breaking Ground
Tuesday, August 12, 2008
I don't know if there's some event going on in Toronto this week, but there was a lot of British people in the store throughout the day. Maybe it's just a good time to visit? Shopping at Banana Republic in London is more expensive than shopping here because the Pound is so high.

Speaking of expensive things, my hours at Coach are set and are very crazy. I'm working 8-5 every weekday with training in the evening on two days. The store opens on Friday. I'm so excited to start work there! Purses, messenger bags, trenches, wallets, hand bags, scarves, shoes... New merchandise and I can't use any of it because I'm a man (except for the messenger bags and wallets... but I already have those)! That'll curb my spending habit for sure.

There's a beautiful sunset happening right now. I can actually see it because my Paternal Unit has taken down the sun room. We're under construction in our backyard. The new pool is going in tomorrow apparently. Here are some pictures of the work in progress.

I've posted lyrics to one of my songs called Dancing Without Clothes. The title came from when I was in Katimavik. It was one of those things where someone says something and then you say, "That would make a good song title!" That's what happened. There will be music to accompany that soon. I'm trying to get a hold of a friend who does some really dope electronic beats. Maybe it'll be a collaboration.

As of today, Tuesday August 12th 2008, I am officially moved to NuTang and I will no longer post on Wordpress. If you wish to check out my archives, you may do so at any time by clicking on Archives in my Links list. Don't get me wrong, Wordpress is a great blogging site, but NuTang suits my needs better. Where else can you have all of these great side modules, the ability to completely customize your website, be welcomed by a friendly and interesting community, and have baboons at your service? Nowhere.

To end this post, I present to you a new song! Another cover. It's Angela Aki's Love Is Over Now. My vocals start out a little shaky, but they get better. Hope I did the song justice.

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Green Light
Monday, August 11, 2008
Itís official. Iím going to be working at Coach next Monday. Iím excited! How it all came about was a little stressful though. I started work today at 12, but before I left I got a text from Chad saying that he needs a decision from me today (I was planning on making a decision today anyway). So I went about my work day thinking about which job I want (my original plan was to work at BR in downtown TO and then work Coach on weekends, but it is a conflict of interest since BR sells handbags and messenger bags). I talked with a friend of mine who stopped in to exchange some stuff and we had a lovely lunch outside and discussed the pros and cons of each job. Talking with her really made me realize how much I enjoy working at BR but also how much of a poor college student I am. Iím sure Coach will be a fantastic place to work at as well.

At 6, I talked with my general manager about my dilemma and ended up handing in my resignation on good terms. All that is left now is to work my remaining shifts until next Monday and then I am free to work at Coach. To top it off, we had Californiaís Sandwiches for dinner. So good.

I tried to record some vocals today but it didnít work out. I do have a piano track laid down for once song though. I also have a reggae version of Corinne Bailey Raeís Like A Star that I may put up at some point. It needs some tweaking before I release it to the internets. Stay tuned!

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Becoming Pretty
Sunday, August 10, 2008
I've made the move from Wordpress to here because I like the idea of having a website that can hold my songs, a blog and whatever else I want on here. Plus I can customize way more stuff on this than I can anywhere else (for free!).

It isn't much to look at yet, but I hope to have this space fully functional this week. In the mean time, I'll continue to update my Wordpress until I'm all set here.

Check back soon, and check back often!

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