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Age. 46
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. Nikkei (日系)
Location Yulin, Guangxi, China
School. Univ of Alberta
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The Potters Without Borders Spanish site
Sunday. 8.2.09 10:31 pm
The Potters Without Borders Spanish site is up at http://www.potterswithoutborders.com/es

Now in five official languages I think the French site really out performs them all in keyword search engine optimization because I see a huge amout of traffic comming from the French speaking African countries. Well the multilingual content is only meant for one purpose as landing pages to get the attention of foriegn language speakers to come further and see what we do.

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chinese etymology
Thursday. 7.16.09 7:09 am
If you are crazy of linguist as I am then you might be interested in Chinese etymology
chineseetymology.org http://www.chineseetymology.org
I finally found the site where I can search for the 解字, old kanji used for inkan (personal stamps). The best thing is it is all for free. Now I have to get my inkan made again.

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Is there workers compensation for getting sick?
Wednesday. 7.8.09 8:52 pm
If the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University is closed because of 4 cases of H1N1 influenza and students are not allowed to go to school or work part time, what about the safety of staff and faculty at school? Does their health and safety count? The closure doesn't seem to be in effect for staff and faculty because they have to goto work. The school as openly admitted that if one student was confirmed infected then most likely many more students have it not just the four confirmed because influenza tends to rest dormant in the body for at least a week. If other students have it then university staff and faculty may also have it. If faculty and staff have to work during the closure the influenza is dormant in staff and faculty currently working so in a week when the students come back to classes all the staff and faculty will be all on sick leave. Can making one work during the closure be considered a danger to ones health working in an infected area? Can staff and faculty demand workers compensation? On another related note, students are handed out free masks in residence but what about the staff and faculty? Students are more imporant than staff and faculty? I would like to know what are the legal implications of this is. Something to think about.

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More Swine flu
Tuesday. 7.7.09 8:24 am
Two more cases of the swine flu have been discovered right at work. Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. Today I went to work as usual and thought why are there no students on the bus? The buses are usually packed in the morning. Arrived at work and found the notice on my desk saying the university was closed from today July 7 until July 14 because a third student at APU was found to have the swine flu.

I am beginning to think that this swine, pig, new influenza thing is one big consumer scam put on by the media in these poor economic times to get people to buy more masks to be eventually thrown into the landfill and/or burned to pollute the land, water and air. People SLOW down and enjoy life. The job is not the number one priority in life.

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