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tattoo. (pt 2)
Monday. 1.11.10 3:05 pm
here is another sketch-ish thing for my possible tattoo. this one was all computer generated, but i like it.

enjoy? i don't know.

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Friday. 1.8.10 10:08 am
so, droid. yeah, i know, some people say that those phones are a waste of money, and that a phone should just be a phone. however, when i see my two siblings and my mother and all kinds of other people with those cools apps and junk, i can't help but want one. so i'm fucking doing it. in fact, i already bought it.

free two day shipping ftw.

sidenote, going to see sherlock holmes tonight with niki. i guess we'll see how that goes.

let's hear more about the break up, what happened?

oh, i'm glad you asked. well, what i thought was a mutual breakup is slooooowly turning into me wanting to break off the relationship solely. which is fine, because i still stand by my position. i'm no flippity-flopper. and i know that by standing by my position, i'm making the best decision, because i don't want to screw things up further than they may already be. i'm sure this blog is helping.

*holds up sarcasm sign*

i really want friendship to work out. it's the only outcome that i can see being a possible success, at this point. i'll leave it at that, as i don't really want to think too much about things right now.

the end!

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tattoo. (pt 1)
Wednesday. 1.6.10 3:32 pm
i've been trying to come up with a concept for a tattoo for a long time, and i think i've come up with what's right for me. i want it to be a smiley face being gripped by a hand, and i want it done very sketch...ily. i'm posting my preliminary drawing of it. here ya go:

what do you think?

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Tuesday. 1.5.10 12:12 pm
it's weird being in a relationship in the morning, and out of one in the evening. especially when you've been in that relationship for three years.

niki and i had some problems, but who doesn't? it all comes down to what you want to do with your lives, and when plans interfere with each other, some times it just doesn't work out.


it sucks, but, what CAN ya do? (said in leonidas' voice)

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Thursday. 12.31.09 1:03 pm
happy new year wishes from me to you, everyone.

there's a party tonight for the new year. not sure why we celebrate. it's just changing the way that i write the date for 365 days, give or take. i'm sure that january and february, i will be cursing the skies because i will continue to write "2009" instead of "2010."

i like celebrating though, just in general, so i'm happy about it.

what will be call this coming year? i mean, for the past ten years, we've been able to just say "oh-X". i'm sure a lot of people will call it "oh-ten" which will be aggrivating. in fact, whoever calls it "oh-ten" will get ten punches in the face from me, and after each one, i will say the appropriate year: oh-one, oh-two, etc.

i will end it will a solid "ten!" then i will say "looking forward to eleven" which simultaneously flipping them off with each of my middle fingers, to form a makeshift eleven.

i think this plan is sufficient. now i just need someone to call it "oh-ten."

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Tuesday. 12.29.09 10:32 am
do you ever wish you could rewind like, two years?

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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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