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Thursday. 1.28.10 10:51 pm
here's a new video, of me playing and bfer singing a new song. enjoy. or don't. i don't care!

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Wednesday. 1.27.10 11:35 am
i've kind of gone into hate mode, for certain things that have happened in my life as of late.

1. i'm apparently not elligible for management training at my current job, says the higher-ups. i don't have a four year degree, and i've only been working at the bank for about three years. it's funny how all of my bosses, all the other maryland managers, and the regional president can reccomend you for a management training program, and because you don't look right on paper, they automatically disqualify you. i'm probably the MOST qualified person to get into the program in all of maryland, yet, they aren't going to let me do it, at least, not at this point, because i don't have a piece of paper from a college saying that i've taken pointless english and math classes and know how to use a fucking calculator and computer. they better give me SOMETHING, otherwise, the job hunt begins.

2. the current president decided it would be best if he automatically lowered the amount of tax that we have to pay on our wages. yay! higher pay each time. now, this is beneficial to most people, since a lot of people that do their taxes can claim themselves. however, in my situation, my father has asked to claim me on his taxes, so he could get a tax break. because of this, i owe the feds about 400 bucks and i owe maryland about 200. granted, my dad will reimburse me. that's not the point though. if i claimed myself as an independent, then i would only receive about 160 in returns, total, from the feds and maryland. that is messed up. seriously. if i knew this was gonna happen, i would've withheld way more tax at the beginning of 2009. fucking government. this is who you voted though, america. uncle sam has bent me over his knee and spanked me violently, while you all cheer him on. thanks a lot.

as if i already don't hate enough things, i'm going to start hating EVERYTHING. that way, i can't be disappointed by anything, because i will see every negative thing come my way, or at least anticipate it.

...that probably won't work. i like food too much. mmm, food.

...and nutang. i like nutang.

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Monday. 1.25.10 2:48 pm
believe it or not, banks are not trying to screw their customers out of their own money.

granted, banks DO make a shitload of money on overdraft fees, ATM fees, and such other services.

however, it is your own damn fault if you overdraw your account and get charged for it. if it ISN'T your fault, then it is probably the merchant's fault, or the store's fault, where ever you made the purchase that did you in. if it isn't THEIR fault, then the bank will fix it. but it's a very very very rare occasion where it isn't your fault, or the store's fault.

people need to stop complaining to their banks when they get charged out the ass. if you don't have money in your account, then don't spend it. that's the bottom line.

if you're courteous to the employees of a bank, and maybe even admit that it was your fault that you overdrew your account, maybe they can waive a few fees for you. all of those fees are reversable, it's just a matter of how you handle the situation.

if you're a dick about it, and try to blame the bank, and then try to say that all banks are trying to squeeze all the juice out of the customers' lemons, then you'll get the bird, and you'll get the door.

this type of courteousness shouldn't just apply to the bank you are a member of it. try practicing it every where you go. maybe we'd live in a better society if everyone would do that. if someone at a store or restaurant makes a mistake, and if they admit it, then be nice about it. if you catch it and they don't, then be nice about it. it's NOT too much to ask.

give it a shot.

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Wednesday. 1.20.10 12:56 pm
i went out to this thai restaurant last night, conveniently named "pad thai", and located in downtownish annapolis. the food was pretty awesome. i love thai food. mostly because i'm thai. it's what i grew up on.

there was a funny incident involving a homeless man that walked into the restaurant randomly. he began walking towards the kitchen, when one of the owners told him that he need to leave. the homeless man said "my buddy is back here, i need to talk to him." so the owner patted him and said, "no, you need to leave." the homeless man said "don't touch me." the owner said "if we're gonna do this, let's take it outside. they walked outside, but no fight ensued. the owner said "if you ever come back into my restaurant, i'll kill you." then the owner came back inside. the homeless man stuck his head back inside and said "what? you don't think i'll kill you? 'cause i will kill you." then he left.

it was kind of scary. you never know what a homeless man will do, since he's got nothing to lose. the owner (who i know personally) according to my family, would indeed kill the guy, given the opportunity.

i just kept searching around the table for some sort of weapon in the event that the guy came back. i could hit him with this wine bottle, or stab him with the silverware, or break a plate over his face...

fun stuff.

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Monday. 1.18.10 10:18 pm
the truth is, i'm not doing that great.

i put up this facade, as if to say, everything is perfectly fine.

really, though, this has been a pretty difficult experience for me. i've gone from being in a long term relationship to a mutual break up to the break up being my fault to not even speaking to my ex in the span of two weeks. i didn't know this was possible.

this isn't the way things were supposed to be. i thought she wanted to be friends. doesn't she see how unreasonable she is being? everyone else does, whether they tell her or not.

it doesn't make sense for my ex to control me after we break up. we had a "talk" about me hanging out with a certain someone, and she said that it wasn't a good idea (she has her own motives). i said "thank you for your concern" and went about doing my own thing anyway. i don't have to listen to what she tells me. she doesn't understand the relationship i have with this certain someone. my ex takes me for a far worse person than i really am.

i wish that that didn't bother me, but it does. i shouldn't care what my ex thinks. she says she wants to be friends, yet, she calls me crying and practically asking for help with dealing with our breakup. how fucked is that?

now, granted, it only happened the first week. after our "mutual" break up, it turned to it all being my fault, and now she doesn't want to even talk to me or be around me for... what now? i'm not sure. we aren't dating anymore, and she's the one who wants to be friends, since she's leaving for the marines in a few months.

is she just looking for an excuse not to talk to me? i think it's okay for exes to not want to talk to each other or see each other for a while. i'd take it as far to say that it's the standard. but there's no reason to be so fucking angry about it. if you need space, then you need space, and that's all there is to it.

i want to be friends, and be able to hang out, but she's not having it. apparently she doesn't have the ability to turn me into something i'm not. then again, i'm not the kind of person that would tell someone that i consider to be one of the closest people in my life to "get the fuck out of my house." that's what she turns me into.

she may or may not read this. i don't know if i care. i really wanted things to be cool. i tried so hard for that to happen, but she's throwing such a fucking fit over nothing.

the last time we talked, she barrated me about so many different things, i didn't know if i was arguing with my friend, or with my ex girlfriend. "what are you doing with her? i thought we talked about this." "you're going down a bad path." "so what, is she prettier than me or something?" "you never call me to hang out."

i'm sharing all of this with you, nutang, so i can get some help. what am i supposed to do now? just, nothing? i haven't the slightest idea. i really wanted the friendship thing to work out. i didn't want to lose her from my life. i thought she felt the same way, but it's becoming more and more apparent that that was a lie...

oh, and p.s. - would you say that it's appropriate to let someone of the opposite gender lay their head in your lap right in front of your significant other? i feel like this is a big issue, even if he IS "like family." especially when she wouldn't even let me put my arm around her.

whatevs. here's to moving on.


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Sunday. 1.17.10 1:29 pm
so bfer and i decided to sing a little song... you're welcome, in advance. enjoy.

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