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October 2022

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*Valley Girl impression* Ohmaaaah gaaawd!
Monday. 8.29.05 11:17 pm
We're getting another puppy, a 5 anna half month old blonde labrador we're naming Roxy. This is going to be her 4th home, she's never had any training, she's spent most of her time digging holes in the backyard, she's slightly skittish and possibly a nutcase...what are we thinking?

Well...Petey's (he's our old maltese X thing, with one eye) going to go live with one of my mum's colleague's, to make room for Roxy, cos there's no way we can have 4 dogs, 3 is too many. We have to take Roxy, cos otherwise she'd go to the pound and that's not an option. So mum's gonna train her, in a month or so she should be right. Atleast she's not old enough to have learned any really bad habits that can't be unlearned. We're hoping Cleo and her will play and entertain themselves, so they won't have time to dig holes...cos Cleo likes to dig them too :(

So in one week we'll have 2 bouncy, hyperactive puppy's in the house....whoopeee!

Uni's going ok...haha, i'm such a nerd. I seem to dominate all the class discussions and I totally rocked my Lodging management tutor, Leo, today. I seem to really like class discussions and spontaneous group presentations of ideas and such...however, I seem to be having trouble with the graded ones. As soon as I stand up infront of the class to perform a presentation, my heart starts beating fast, my hands go sweaty and it all of a sudden feels like th heat's been turned up to "extremely HOTT" . My face also goes red and my hands shake something chronic. Even if it's a group presentation...yet, somehow...if it's a spontaneous presentation, I'm fine, I actually enjoy it. My first spontaneous group presentation for my Managing People at Work class went really great, it was a "high distinction" pres. apparently...it was freaking ungraded though! Can anybody help me overcome my stage fright??? I'm also having trouble getting enthused over essay-writing. Frankly, it bores me to tears, I can't stand it. In the 3rd week of uni I had to write an essay outlining the history of Lodging Mnagement and it took me hours, cos it bored me so.

Brad and I were meant to talk tomorrow....but he sent me an email telling me he had too much work to do...meh...it's not like we're together or anything...we'll just talk the next day, maybe. Well, hopefully, cos it's his 23rd birthday...then my birthday on Friday, I'm turning 19, yaaay! I can't wait till I go to Kiola Beach on Thursday...I'm gonna have to take schoolwork, though, cos I have a load of work due the week after and I don't get back till Sunday, arrrgh!

Till next time, Kat.

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Friday. 8.26.05 11:19 am
Things with Brad and I might end up being ok. I know we're in the wrong place at the wrong time (literally) but when I talk to him, it feels...right...comfortable...but exciting, too. He called me yesterday before I went to work and we just talked for a little bit, maybe an hour and a half, which isn't long for us. We just talked about dumb stuff and teased each other and had fun, talked about music and flirted, it was nice.

I asked him if he thought things would work out for us, one day and he said he liked to think so...but how can we even know? Who knows what will happen today, next week, next month or next year? So we've agreed to just go with whatever feels right, just follow our heart and not our head and I think that might make things easier. Instead of analysing everything, I'll try to just relax and let go a little, maybe then things will start going the way I want them to. Maybe they won't...but if it feels right, then I'll go with it.

On a boring note, it's day 2 of my weekly 4 day weekend and I still have a shitload of work to do before I go away next weekend. Anyone wanna do it for me? All it involves is an annotated bibliography on employment stakeholders, study notes for my Management and Decision Making mid-semester exam, my Hotel Case Study, questions on my Lodging Management readings, my Consumer Behaviour homework, my consumer profile for Consumer Behaviour and note-taking on next weeks chapters for my four classes...that's all, really.

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Wednesday. 8.24.05 7:19 pm
I asked Brad to call me last night....we talked for 3 hours and we're right back where we were 3 or 4 months ago. Why, oh whyyyyyy????? I'm so stupid, I was totally getting over him...

Don't say you told me so, Cole.

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Too much to do!
Friday. 8.19.05 11:30 pm
I got my mini ipod on wednesday-Aus time, so, like tuesday night U.S. time (jealous?? :p) but I have soooo much schoolwork to do for uni, but I neeed to copy all off my music onto it, I can't relax until it's all on. But it takes foreverr, cos my comp is window's '98 so I can't use the itunes software....which means i have to use Ephpod or something. I don't know if copying music from cd's is easier using itunes, or whatever, but first I gotta rip my music off the cd, then convert the tracks into mp3's, then copy them onto my Ipod....for one cd it takes like an hour and a half Arrgh!

So question is, when am I gonna do all my uni work if my mind is preoccupied with this music stuff?? I'll pay someone to do it for me! Promise...

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*Hugs Ed*
Friday. 8.12.05 01:14am
Thank you, thank you, thank you. My NuTang no longer sucks, thanks to you.
You can expect payment within 2 days ;p

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:( I almost broke the baby...
Thursday. 8.11.05 7:21pm
twice! But all turned out ok and he's so adorable. I'm going to name my first born Jai (pronounced same way you would "chai"), if he's a boy, it's such a cool name.

RE: abortion debate currently being discussed in the Shoutoutbox: There is a time limit for abortion, for a reason. Up to the age of 2 or 3 months, the "baby" has no face, eyes, ears, nose, etc, no sensory organs whatsoever, it is actually viewed by some as being more a of a "parasite", just a lump of cells multiplying. There is the potential for a baby to be created, but up until 3 months it's not actually considered a foetus (could be earlier or later, not sure, i'm sure it's that time). Also, the majority of potential baby's don't even get the opportuny to become one, as the womb is quite a perilous place for foriegn objects, such as sperm. It secretes all sorts of nasty chemicals that kill the majority of the sperm before it even reaches the ovum. Would that make the average female body a murderer?

So before everyone gets onto their high horses and begin spouting shit such as "abortion is murder", take note of the facts. I, personally, would only abort if I were raped and got pregnant, or if it turned out that my life could be threatened by giving birth. I would NEVER abort the pregnancy if I was stupid enough to not use contraception, or if the contraception failed. If the contraception failed, then it was probably my own fault (I don't get why people don't use multiple contraception, they're not fool proof!). So....yeah.

All are welcome to give their own opinion, I don't mind, I like a good debate.

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