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"Some books leave us free and some books make us free."
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hiyas beautiful people
Wednesday. 4.23.08 11:49 pm
hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

ok so alot has happend XD and most of it is good..

1 This week we (sophmores) start our HSAP testing (test u must take to graduate) anyhow so i go to this new class room and there are some ppls i know some i kinda dont and i sit down next to this girl who im friends with. Well anyway i was kinda bummed that i didnt have anyone really interesting in my class when all of a sudden (doo doo DOO) stevie walks in haha it was very interesting because he took one look at me and said oh no. yep hes a mean person. but that made my whole HSAP testing alot easier and more fun

2 i took my driving test today to pass my drivers ed class. i accidently hit the wooden post things they use when u parallel park woops but i didnt get in trouble or points taken off since parallel parking was like an extra thing. but i passed that with a 94 woot woot.

3 My mom called a realator yesterday and shes viewing the house tomorrow to sell it and she says she wants to sell by june XD. that makes me so happy we could be in florida by my junior year.

4 some likes my music (thanks katie) mwhahahahahaha :]

okay dokie ppls nighto and everyone have an amazing thursday......... i will write again tomorrow about what im doing during the weekend.... o and i look forward to reading all of your amazing blogs!!

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dum dum dum da du dum da du dum
Sunday. 4.20.08 10:47 pm
mwhahah i just watched stars wars (imput dork snort here). Of course i love star wars i am a geek but yeah.

my day went well rather boring and all..... im going to charlestown this weekend woot woot it should be fun its a gorgeous place... when i get back i will post all the lovely pics on here (if i dont forget my camera).

i realized today how cool people on nutang were.. i really start to appreciate all of you especially after i get off of myspace and there are all those weird crazy "i hate the world and myspace rules my life and temper" people. o and i officially decided that i will NOT date a guy that wears more make up than me :p.

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lovely saturday
Saturday. 4.19.08 12:38 pm
i love sleeping in!!!!!!!!

mmmhmmm so its weekend wich is very nice because i needed a break!

i turned in my first application yesterday (i really need a job for gas money). It was very exciting. o and i am not the newest person on nutang anymore woot woot lolz im a regular pro by now :p maybe not a pro yet but im getting there.

It nice and sunny outside wich is a blessing! it was 81 degrees yesterday it felt soooo good to go out side in a short sleeve t-shirt.


HELLO SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday. 4.14.08 11:28 pm
blurpa (randomness)

well hello all

my day is boring. first day back from spring break and it kinda sucked. slept through all of 4th block wich was nice. going to bed here pretty darn soon.

Dont cha just hate it when the guy you like completely ignores you!


ok going to bed :] night nutangers sleep well

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sappy movies
Saturday. 4.12.08 12:15 am
So i just got finished watching king kong for the third time i believe. And of course i cried again at the end, like i always do. Im such a sap when it comes to sad movies. See my problem is i always put myself in the lead female characters "shoes" and i always end up crying.

The notebook i cried like a baby. Titanic i cried through the entire second half of that movie. Tristen and isolde cried so hard i got the hiccups. We are marshal, i cried alot.

I cry harder when its a sad book. Especially if it has a happy ending lol

yep im just a sap.

Welp in other news i have two more days left in my spring vacation woot (not). O well i suppose it must end sometime. Summer is just around the corner though.

O and the weirdest thing my dog doesnt like dog bones. But she likes to hide them in my bed. But she wont eat them and she wont take them outside. And if i find them in my bed she has to rehide them all over again. Most the time in a pile of clean clothes on the bottom of my closet lol. heres a pic of her.


i blame any stupidity or bad behavior she has completely on stevie. . he dropped her on her head when she was a baby hehe jk

hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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Thursday. 4.10.08 11:29 pm
mmm good day today. really nice weather. i was happy i was able to drive with the convertable top down in my car. Dad left yesterday, he only came down to visist for three days. He said during the summer when we go up to NY he will take us into the city to see a play in the city :D it will be fun.

gotten a little further into wuthering heights and its gotten a bit more interesting. I cant believe how fast my spring break is going by. Monday and im back to school woopee (not).

o well enjoy it while you can ^-^

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