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Cute, Ubercute Cartoon Lions T-shirts, apparel, accessories and gift items- Cheerful Madness!! online shop
Tuesday. 3.31.09 6:02 pm
A few examples below. The products are customizable and the lions are visible on other products like apron, magnets, badges, mousepads, mugs, stickers, as well as clothing.

Discounts and special offers apply.

More cartoon lions
More lifeforms at
Cheerful Madness!! online shop

Cheerful Madness!! online shop UK

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Inflatable- Men in socks (vintage ads)
Tuesday. 3.31.09 4:48 pm
Incroyable mais vrai ... Cette publicité remonte aux années 70 mais je ne pense pas que cela constitue en soi une excuse ou une justification.

Nothing beat naked men wearing socks

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Japanese advert and Russian cigarettes
Monday. 3.30.09 2:13 pm
Japanese advert from the 70s

What Have You Been Smoking?


In the Soviet Union, cigarettes were plentiful and in great variety (you really need to have a smoke when you are having a drink.) The quality was terrible and the price was attractive (about 50 kopeks -- an equivalent of 40 cents per pack). Each large city had its own cigarette factory which produced several brands, and thus the smokes can serve as a very good review of the Soviet branding. Russia was also importing cigarettes in huge quantities from the sister socialist countries, such as Bulgaria (they were considered much cooler and were slightly more expensive, but still widely accessible, proving that planned economy could get something right after all, but only with a product which is very bad for you.) 

Images compiled by LiveJournal user [info]lukas_pro : 

More smokes after the jump 

(Here we must interrupt your list, to make a note of this last case, called Nasha Marka (Our Brand). Below is a quote from a famous novel. Anyone remembers which one? 


You'd like to smoke, I see?' the stranger addressed Homeless
unexpectedly. "Which kind do you prefer?'
'What, have you got several?' the poet, who had run out of cigarettes,
asked glumly.
'Which do you prefer?' the stranger repeated.
'Okay - Our Brand,' Homeless replied spitefully.
The unknown man immediately took a cigarette case from his pocket and
offered it to Homeless:
'Our Brand...'
Editor and poet were both struck, not so much by Our Brand precisely
turning up in the cigarette case, as by the cigarette case itself. It was of
huge size, made of pure gold, and, as it was opened, a diamond triangle
flashed white and blue fire on its lid. (Answer here


More cigarette cases to come soon. Also, we are compiling "Made in Russia" objects here. We've already got Morskoy Boi arcade game, Lomo camera, etc. Might turn into a book at some point. 

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Cute Cartoon Bears merchandise- Cheerful Madness!! online shop... and a Russian animation
Sunday. 3.29.09 4:16 pm
Дерево детства

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Lost Worlds
Friday. 3.27.09 10:29 am
The Lost World of Communism

It is a real pity the episodes aren't available on iplayer: if you've missed them on TV, you can't get a chance to watch them online. Or you may if you really look for an alternative.

Do Communists have better sex?
An interesting documentary including cute and funny animations, focusing on the different attitudes and approach to sex and relationships in the two Germanies, before the reunification. The first part (of 6) is linked below. It may not be safe for work.

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Mondes révolus
Thursday. 3.26.09 3:33 pm

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