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if you stick around, i'll sing you pretty sounds.

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sometimes randy and sporadicfunk and i draw pictures and we put the pictures on shirts and you have to buy them.

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Tuesday. 5.17.11 3:39 pm
I like drinking water.

Hey, so I'm in a band now. We'll see how that goes.

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Wednesday. 5.11.11 9:10 am
It's amazing how much one tiny little comment can piss you off beyond your imagination. Someone I used to consider a close friend recently insulted me, be it direct or not. I just feel like ripping her a new one about her lazy, jobless, alcoholic, irresponsible, apathetic self, but maybe I'm above that. But am I? After all, I'm posting this here, a public forum. Maybe she'll stumble across it and not throw what's left of her life away on insomnia and Patrón.

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Wednesday. 3.16.11 1:16 pm
I think I am going to get into molecular gastronomy. If you don't know what that is, click here.

Updates soon.

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Thursday. 3.3.11 8:30 pm
like the FCC, i consider every comment asking me to come back as eight bajillion people requesting it. so here i am. hi.

i recently bought a bass guitar with my tax return, just for funzies. no, i've never played it before, or even considered playing it. yes, i can play it. i'm not the best at it, but i'm picking it up rather quickly. i can play dance, dance by fall out boy, a few blink 182 songs, and the boss battle from final fantasy iv (influenced by scott pilgrim).

i wanted to learn how to play the bass because i wanted some diversity. i love playing the ukulele, but i wanted something more broad to play. bass goes with mostly everything; uke doesn't, necessarily.


i can't guarantee that i'm going to be a permanent fixture here again. i do miss you all though.

do you guys recommend anything that i should learn for the bass? or for the ukulele? i'm not great, but i will try anything.

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Wednesday. 3.2.11 10:34 am
...miss me? No? That's okay.

How are you all? I'm good. I got a new car. 2010 Nissan Sentra. It's perty nice.

I miss nutang immensely. However, I don't use my computer at home anymore. I miss blogging in general. I miss you all commenting on my life.

All in all, life is well. You all stay classy. Never leave this island.


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Monday. 12.13.10 9:41 am
christmas time is here. again.

there are a ton of presents in me and amy's room. we have pretty big families, so we have tons of money to spend on christmas.

i wish that we could just do like an awesome secret santa, where you buy the one person like five or six cool things. instead, i'm left buying 30 mediocre things. i guess that's okay. can't spend too much money on gifts anyway. i gotz billz to pay.

i recently started watching Studio 60 again. i never got a chance to finish the whole first season, so it's kind of cool to be able to finally do that. halfway through the season. there's also only one season, so i guess i'm halfway through the series.

we set up a tiny little tree in the apartment, with a few colored bulbs and some lights. it's probably one grade above charlie brown's tree. it's also fake though, so, *shrugs*.

gus and doc get along nicely. gus is getting big. doc is getting fat. that's okay.

i've started a tumblr. mostly because it's easier for me to blog from my phone using their app, as opposed to nuTang's nonexistent one. also, my tumblr'ing is basically one or two sentences per entry. i haven't hit my stride with it yet, but i will. it's basically my general commentary on news and pop culture. and there is one picture of gus. it's irrelevant to anything else i've ever put on there.

i'm looking forward to christmas...being over. i like the time after christmas, when there are 364 days until i'm required to look for old receipts so family members can return gifts i thought really hard about getting them.

happy holidays, everyone.

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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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